Write and your wounds will heal faster.

Update: February 2019

Experiments of a group of scientists representing Auckland
University, an interesting pattern was established. If a
a person who has had a tissue biopsy will write his
thoughts about past life experiences on paper, then his
the wound will heal faster. The university published this news on
your official website.

Researchers did not accidentally take up the analysis of such an unusual
phenomena. The fact is that the biopsy itself is painful.
procedure, especially if performed with a pinch technique (for
tissue picker used forceps). It is after plucked fence
wounds do not heal for a long time. It is very important to find a way to speed them up.
healing. And today the University of Auckland joined the search,
drawing attention to the mental sphere of man.


For the experiment to study the effect of expressive writing (with
full immersion of the writer in the process and with deep experience
emotions) on paper were selected 122 subjects aged 18-55 years.
Further, the total number of participants was randomly divided into four

  1. Those who deal with this type of letter before the biopsy procedure.
  2. Writing about their experiences and stress after taking a biopsy
  3. 3 and 4 groups wrote ordinary texts about any
    before the biopsy and after it

It was extremely important that the subjects from groups 1 and 2 were
frank and sincerely experienced written in the depths of the soul,
�”Opened” in the letter. A chip biopsy was made on purpose.
trained dermatologists on the inside of the shoulder. Forceps Diameter
amounted to 4 millimeters.

After ten days, the first results appeared.

  • 52% of the participants included in subgroup 1 were absent
    signs of biopsy wounds on the shoulder.
  • Complete healing of wounds was achieved in 27% of people out of 2
  • In subgroup 3, only 15% of the subjects had no traces.
  • 23% of participants in the 4th group also recovered from the biopsy.

Such bright results can be considered significant for clinical
doctors practice. They argue that the presentation of their strengths
experiences with writing on paper before getting
injury significantly accelerates wound healing. But on this scientists are not
want to stop. They plan to study a similar effect on
хронические wounds.

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