Worms and cancer: is there a relationship?

Update: February 2019

The causes of colorectal cancer today are superb

  • smoking,
  • a diet that irritates or injures the mucous,
  • genetic predisposition
  • diverticular disease.

For such statistically significant causes of infection
worms are not even striking. But is she harmless? After all
injuries of the intestinal mucosa – an absolute risk factor for development
oncology. Do worms not injure our intestines?

  • Round whipworm worms immerse the head end into the wall
    intestines, causing micro bleeding and inflammation, and flukes and
    do stick to its wall.
  • Pinworm larvae stick to the transverse colon wall
  • Roundworms in the larvae stage penetrate through the intestinal walls into
    blood flow.
  • Trichinella females give birth to hundreds in the intestinal epithelium.
    larvae, which are then fixed in the muscles.
  • A wide tapeworm sticks to the small intestine, irritates the nerve
    endings, sucks in vitamin B12, impairs the organ wall, causes
    her ulcerations.
  • Opistorhi (cat fluke) through the intestine with blood flow
    entered into the biliary tract.

Common features

Both worm infestation and colorectal cancer have a lot in common.
A person with these diseases:

  • Often loses appetite, loses weight or does not gain weight.
  • Feels unmotivated fatigue, does not sleep well, quickly
    out of power.
  • Prone to dyspnea with mild exertion.
  • It has a pale, often yellowish skin.
  • Suffering from abdominal pain, bloating, unstable stool
    (constipation or diarrhea).
  • May notice in the feces mucus and streaks of blood.
  • More often reacts to food or household allergens.
  • It has pain in the muscles, joints or bones of the legs.

When worms cause cancer

Cat fluke

The direct association of opisthorchiasis caused by feline
fluke and liver cancer (hepatocellular cancer). Helminth so
way living in the gastrointestinal tract, which invariably its
presence expands bile ducts, contributes to the entry in them
bacterial infection.

  • In chronic course, helminthiasis develops either
    chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver, which may be masks
    the initial stages of liver cancer (hepatocarcinomas).
  • Jaundice, mild bruising of the skin, weakness,
    malaise, dull pain in right hypochondrium, nausea, decrease
    memory does not always lead to the correct diagnostic
  • Depression, emotional imbalance, reduced
    performance along with intestinal complaints often lead to
    the fact that the patient is put irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer
    detected too late.

Small tapeworm echinococcus

He carries on his head end the suckers and hooks with which
clings to the intestinal wall. The same device is equipped with a larva,
hatching from human-swallowed eggs. Can contaminate
each is enough:

  • drink contaminated water
  • collect and eat unwashed berries,
  • pat the polluted dog and do not handle the hands.

Through the intestines into the blood, and from there to the liver or lungs – such
the path makes the larva. It then forms in the affected organ.
cyst – liquid education with a shell. After that delete
parasite can only be surgically.

Safe worms?

Despite the fact that the proven connection between bowel cancer
and helminth infections have not yet been identified, the prevention of infection and
treatment in case of infection from worms are required. No one
the famous worm, parasitic in man, can not be considered peaceful
a neighbor.

These are dangerous aggressors who not only use resources.
our bodies, but disrupt the normal metabolism, absorption,
synthesis of vitamins, neuromuscular transmission, tissue supply
with oxygen. Also the waste products of worms are the most powerful.
allergens, under the action of which any food, drugs,
plants and animals can begin to cause severe types
allergic reactions.

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