Working mother and breastfeeding:useful tips

Not каждая женщина имеет возможность находиться в
maternity leave put three years, someone has to go
to work much earlier, leaving the baby with the grandmother or nanny. how
In this case, facilitate separation for the baby?


If mom had to go to work before the end of the decree, and
most of the day children spend with their grandmother or nanny, then on weekends
you should pay maximum attention to the baby. Forget the weekend about
all other matters. You must compensate for the separation of the child. how это
do? Just be with him every minute, take him more
arms and hug if he’s still breastfed then let’s
chest on demand, and do not limit the time
feedings. In a word, dedicate your whole child to yourself.

If before almost the whole life of a woman was devoted
arrangement of life and parenting, today this trend
far in the past. But despite the fact that most women
seek to go to work after maternity leave, and sometimes
before, the answers to many organizational questions they have and
not. how правильно поступить? After all, I do not want to lose myself as
high-class specialist, and do not want to cheat your baby
attention, depriving him of happy childhood hours.

Get rid of guilt

Женщины, которые в скором времени после рождения baby
returning to work, feeling guilty for allegedly
лишили своего baby материнской любви и заботы. Besides
maternal self-digging, this feeling reinforces the environment,
which quite often looks at with disapproval
�”Mother cuckoo”.

Но вы должны усвоить главное: оттого, что вы
you will feel guilty, it will not be better for anyone. therefore
it is much better to reflect on the difficulties with which you
will have to face, and choose paths for and permissions.

Not переживайте, что все маленькие достижения вашего baby
will pass by you. Of course, the baby can say the first word or
take the first steps at the moment when you will not be near. but
исследования доказывают, что для baby крайне важно
demonstrate his new skill to mom, and only after that he
he himself recognizes. You will always be the main person for the baby in
life, even though you will be absent for
some time in the afternoon.

Work is not a barrier to breastfeeding

Going to work does not mean that you have to turn off
lactation. After all, you can transfer the kid to mixed
regimen or express milk in advance so that at the right time
relatives or nanny who will look after the child,
able to feed them to the crumb.

Of course, it is recommended to resort to mixed feeding
only in the most extreme cases. Today’s infant formula,
undoubtedly better than the mean variety that stood
on the shelves during our childhood. But you can’t guarantee
that the tiny baby’s body will respond normally to
proposed food. It is known that the first time after the introduction
artificial mixtures, the baby can begin colic and constipation. Yes and
should it be said that mother’s milk with all its
nutritional components and antibodies is the best nutrition
for the baby.

how правильно уходить на работу?

The mood of the toddler and how he will experience separation from
mom depends a lot on how competently mom is
organizes separation. Это не должно стать стрессом для baby.
First, before you leave, you must fully satisfy all
baby needs To do this, it is worth it in advance.
going to work, because the baby can suddenly be asked to
pens or ask for a chest. Secondly, do not leave abruptly, do not
скрывайтесь за дверью в присутствии baby.


When you leave, you can leave your things in the baby’s crib, they
keep your personal smell and will remind the crumbs of your beloved mother.
A working mother will have to adjust the working day regime under
baby needs, for example, to come home for feeding. First,
why give up – long business trips, especially
if the child has not yet reached the age of one. Child psychologists
they say that the presence of a mother is extremely important for a child under one year old.
normal development. If you leave for a long time, it will
feel both moral and physical depression, and after 21
day will come the state of deprivation.

Deprivation – insufficient satisfaction of the main
needs, the child is under severe stress. how следствие – он
gets a deep psychological trauma that resists

Mom and baby: not one

The younger the child, the harder he experiences separation from you, and
only after a year does he gradually become aware of himself as
full-fledged, individual. From this period he can
to become attached to other family members or to a nanny. If you soon
to go to work, in advance, try to improve relations
baby with the man who will be nursed with him.

BUT чтобы новый человек не заменил в сердце baby
beloved mom so that he feels that mom still needs,
It is necessary to spend time immediately after work exclusively with the child.
Set aside all business until the child is fully enjoyed.
your society, and he himself will not be ready to get off the pens.

Breast pump – the best assistant working mother

Decant, and then at the right time to feed the baby with milk from
Bottles – a fairly simple process in our time. Earlier
pumping was accompanied by a number of certain inconveniences.
Expressed milk was nowhere to store, so it quickly disappeared.
And breastpumps were very dysfunctional and demanded a lot
of time.

Today’s breast pumps and storage and handling systems
Breast milk is a real technological breakthrough and salvation
for working moms.

Sterile containers for collecting breast milk allow
long enough to keep them in the freezer (how to store
expressed milk). Containers are conveniently attached to the breast pump, and
can then be used directly for feeding if
put a pacifier on them. Therefore, feeding baby expressed milk is not
turns into a long and painful procedure.

Modern breastpumps allow not to become attached to feeding
only at home. Some systems have bundled
a small and comfortable cooler bag that perfectly solves
the issue of transportation of expressed milk.

molokootsos i stcezhivanie

Today on the market are manual and electronic
breast pumps that allow you to decay as quickly as possible and
comfortable Equipped with special massage surfaces, they
имитируют настоящее сосание baby, массажируя область вокруг
nipple and increasing the flow of milk. In addition, manual breast pumps do not
are tied to batteries or electricity, which makes them very

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: рейтинг ТОП-10 молокоотсосов

Electronic breast pumps will appeal to those moms who
strive to try the newest and most advanced technologies. Here
and electronic memory, and personal rhythm of decanting, and the possibility
rhythm changes to ensure maximum comfort, and the most
the main thing is the possibility of switching to manual mode for simple and
easy use.

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: как выбрать молокоотсос
(и учимся сцеживать грудь)

The main thing is not the time spent together, but its quality.

Another fear of working moms is the fear that
the child will not develop so fast. That being at home mom
could give him more time and engage in his upbringing.
But we all know perfectly well that the main thing is not quantity, but
quality, and this phrase can be attributed to almost any aspect
our life. The development of relationships and mutual understanding between
mother and child are much more important than the number of hours per day
which you give to each other. The baby should feel your connection
know about your love and care. And who will teach him to read, count
and write – mom, dad or kindergarten teacher,
completely irrelevant by and large.

10 rules for working moms

  1. Whatever the problems at work, your thoughts should
    rest from them. Correctly prioritize! Despite
    that you went to work ahead of time, the child, as before,
    remains in the first place.
  2. Those hours that you manage to devote to a child should be
    interesting, intense, to cause genuine emotions in the baby.
    It’s important not the amount of time you can give your baby, but
    the way you spend this time.
  3. If possible, try not to take work at home, do not answer
    weekend work calls. Evening time, weekends and
    holidays are the time of the baby and your family, work and so
    уделяете довольно много of time. Spend maximum with children
    free time, participate in their life, be interested in them
  4. It’s hard for a working mother to find an extra minute to talk to
    a child, but when is it time to cook, clean and wash? Not
    It is worth to load three roles at once: mothers, mistresses and family breadwinner.
    If you do not have time all at once, ask for help from loved ones, let the husband
    will wash the dishes, and grandmother will iron the laundry. If they are not ready to take
    part of the household responsibilities for yourself, is to hire
  5. To-do list is a great way to not forget anything.
    important, do not be lazy to make it up.
  6. На время, когда вы уходите на работу, организуйте для baby
    interesting activities, the game time flies by.
  7. Let your family have several traditions or rituals,
    which you will perform at the same time, regardless of
  8. If the children are older, you can show them my mother’s workplace,
    to tell what important task she performs when leaving home.
  9. To ease the life of a working mom will help modern technology:
    vacuum cleaner, multivark, bread machine, etc.
  10. Notсмотря на загруженность, у мамы должно оставаться время и на
    yourself: reading books or going to a friend – will give strength and raise

So that your return to work does not affect
your baby, first of all you must yourself feel that everything
doing right should feel confident that you can
deal with all the difficulties that will stand in your way. BUT
Crumbs will not upset your absences at all during the day if
will be surrounded by people who will give him attention and

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