Women – cleaners at risk to bring theirclimax

Update: February 2019

US researchers found that overly clean women
paying special attention to their appearance, abusing
decorative cosmetics are at greater risk of onset
раннего climaxа. Since household chemicals, cosmetics, products
personal hygiene today are “worst friends”
female half of humanity. (see harmful substances in

Experts conducted a study aimed at clarifying
causes of early menopause, which involved 1,500
women. The state of health, lifestyle,
habits of this group of study participants whose average age
amounted to 61 years. Ранний climax наблюдался у тех женщин,

  • abused personal care products
  • abused makeup
  • abused using household chemicals because too
    diligently and often cleaned and tidied the house (see the influence
    household chemicals for health)

All participants were tested for urine and blood.
111 chemical compounds that affect the functioning
reproductive and endocrine systems. As a result, it is established that
ladies who have been found to have a high concentration:

  • phthalate
  • polychlorinated biphenyls
  • furans
  • pesticides

на 2-4 года сталкивались с climaxом раньше, чем женщины при
normal performance of these analyzes. Such harmful compounds
Included in:

  • makeup products
  • nail polishes
  • toilet soap
  • perfume deodorants
  • hair styling products

Scientists advise to keep functions as long as possible.
ovaries to be more restrained in using cosmetics not
abuse personal hygiene products, do not use in everyday life
aggressive concentrated household chemicals
(chlorine-containing detergents, laundry detergents with a large
the number of anionic surfactants, etc., see how to make safe cleaning

Today, a growing number of women whose premenopause begins at
38-40 years of age. Известно, что ранний climax у женщин
adversely affects not only reproductive function
organism, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases,
osteoporosis and other diseases.

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