Woman’s refusal to smoke, even duringpregnancy can reduce childhood morbidity andmortality

Update: February 2019

The habit of smoking from the mother when carrying a child increases
risk of developing infectious diseases in children. And amazed
both the respiratory system and other organs of the growing organism,
increasing the risk of hospitalization and death.

This conclusion was made by researchers of the American Academy
Pediatrics, presenting the results at the National Conference in

Article “The effect of smoking during pregnancy on the nursery
заболеваемость и mortality от инфекционных заболеваний», изданная
earlier in the journal Pediatric Infectious Diseases, 
described hospitalization protocols and posthumous certificates 50
thousand babies born in washington state between 1987 and
2004 years.

The study was based on an analysis of infant deaths from
infectious diseases of the respiratory and other body systems.
Babies born to smokers had a 50% greater risk of death.
from various infectious diseases than children of non-smoking mothers,
and also it is established that the risk of development increases by 65%
bronchial asthma in a child in the future.

Курение и беременность несовместимы�“We have long known that
дети, рожденные женщинами, злоупотреблявшими курением во время
pregnancy, are at high risk of developing serious
medical complications due to:

  • low birth weight (see malnutrition in children)
  • early delivery
  • insufficient development of the lungs

the author of the research, the doctor of medical sciences, Abigail reports
Halperin. �”Although respiratory tract infections are considered as
the main cause of illness of newborns, often
endangered their lives, this study demonstrates that children
suffering from smoking in utero, have a high risk
morbidity and death from a much wider range of infections,
both respiratory and other organs. “

Исследования продемонстрировали относительную независимость
from body weight at birth and gestational age. �”In this way,
even full-term, normal-weight babies remain in the high group
risk of morbidity and death from various infections if their mothers
smoked during pregnancy, ”says Dr. Halperin.

The results of the study showed that smoking during pregnancy
causes serious harm to the child’s IMMUNE system, changing the structure
DNA, causing a general decrease in immunity, not only damages
respiratory system. And it is clear that a child with impaired
mechanisms of natural defense of the body in the future has a high
the risk of not only developing any infectious diseases, but also

Also in the course of the study it turned out that the mother’s refusal
smoking during pregnancy reduces the risk of infections for her children.
Encouraging expectant mothers to abandon the habit or at least
to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day will help
significantly reduce the risk of developing morbidity and death for their

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