With obesity, intestinal bacteria transplantation will help.from a healthy person

Update: February 2019

This is the optimistic statement made by Professor Simon
Carding from the Institute of Food Research and Medical School
Norwich at the University of East Anglia, Program Manager
health and food safety.

The specialist has long been promoting his understanding of how
affect the inhabitants of the intestine in the body and health. According to
author, the microflora that colonizes the intestine (and there are more bacteria than
cells that make up our body), has an effect on:

  • human eating behavior
  • health condition and susceptibility to various diseases
    (obesity, gastrointestinal inflammation, food allergies, depression, autism,
    Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and multiple

The professor offers a unique method of prevention and treatment.
these diseases – the transplant of microorganisms from one, healthy
man to another. Even with a modern, high level of development
Medicine is still perceived as fiction.

After all, it turns out that it will be possible to lose weight without changing the food
diet, not doing sports, but just transplanting your bacteria
from another person who is not obese.

To begin experimental research in this
areas, the microflora survival problem should be solved and
successful reproduction in new conditions, outside the host’s body.
Also, the professor speaks of the need to properly “feed”
beneficial bacteria and form optimal conditions for them. it
means that the donor person will have to adhere to a certain
lifestyle and nutrition, which will select a doctor.

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