With endoscopic surgery, palpation will becarry a special capsule

Update: February 2019

Today, laparoscopic surgery is acquired by all
more popular because they have undeniable advantages
being a minimally invasive surgical treatment methods of various
diseases. (see. Laparoscopy of ovarian cysts, uterine laparoscopy
tubes, laparoscopy of the gallbladder). However, in endoscopic
operations there is an undoubted drawback – the operating surgeon is not
has the ability to conduct a thorough palpation examination
investigated tissues. To solve a similar problem, scientists were able to
create a touch miniature capsule.

When, with open surgery, surgeons are able to see
tissues, and rely on their tactile sensation, it is much easier for them
determine the location, for example, blood vessels, borders
tumors and other anatomical tissues and structures. However, with
endoscopic, laparoscopic operations cannot be investigated
organ manual palpation because surgeons work
special tools through microdata, small


 Замена пальпации приэндоскопических операциях капсулой

To return to minimally invasive surgery, the possibilities and
benefits of palpation, engineers and doctors from the university
Vanderbilt created a wireless capsule with a pressure sensor. This
unique capsule when administered by clamping into the operating room
wound, allows the operating surgeon to explore the desired area, with
using pressure applied to it.

Such an electronic capsule, when in contact with a tissue, will
send tactile information to the computer monitor,
inaccessible during the inspection – the boundaries of anatomical structures, their
localization, tissue density, location, etc.

The capsule has a wireless transmitter, a pressure sensor,
магнитного поля, акселерометр, батарейку и имеет длину всего
2.4 inches, width 0.6 d. Moreover, in the near future, scientists
they also plan to make a compound with a glove capsule,
equipped with sensors. This essentially returns the surgeon’s hands and that’s it.
feeling as if they were palpating tissue on their own.

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