Why you do not need to protect children from gadgets


  1. Parents’ position regarding parenting
  2. Realities of the modern world
  3. Cons of information accessibility
  4. Benefits of accessing information to children
  5. Who influences the life of your child – you or gadgets

It is believed that children under 12-13 years old should be protected from gadgets. Adherents of this point of view are convinced: while the child is not ripe for close communication with electronic means of communication, you need help him protect himself from computer equipment, cell phones and smartphones, from the Internet, etc.

Why you do not need to protect children from gadgetsBut let’s Let’s see if gadgets in and of themselves are really dangerous. To start we’ll determine that we will call children between the ages of 2-3 and children 12-13 years old. Today, kids are still under 2 years old with gadgets are not interested by definition, but those who have already overcome 12-13 year old barrier, adults.

Do not mix social topics with gadgets. networks – it itself is quite voluminous. Damage from social networks a lot, there is a benefit. Keeping your own blog (this view activity develops mental abilities, develops intellectually).

Parents’ position regarding parenting

Each parent has the right to choose what methods to bring up their children. Some try to take a children’s schedule from morning to evening, to awaken independence in the child, so that he always “at work” and he had no chance to be distracted by an outsider.

Others, on the contrary, by all means try to facilitate the child’s life, and then the little man covers his head wave of total parental care.

Some completely trust the child to be in a contradictory difficult to control information field. Others are strict opponents of television, the world wide web and even the good old radio.

But no matter how hard we try to establish our own rules of life child within the family and within society, from the real reality is impossible to hide.

Realities of the modern world

The era of high technology has come, and today without electronics we not imagine ourselves for a minute. Payment terminals, smartphones and phones, skype, tablet or laptop – as without all this to do? Even game consoles are considered by many rather as a method of quick rest, rather than as harmful and senseless occupation.


Moreover, to get a good job, just you must be able to handle office equipment, as well as with popular means of communication. If you don’t know how, your problems (says so labor market, because without the ability to use electronics to almost 3/4 vacancies are closed).

Cons of information accessibility

Why you do not need to protect children from gadgetsThe fact that Today, children are exposed to the whole abyss of information, among which there is a very a lot of “garbage” and frankly decomposing content – it does not matter. And so why.

The fact is that no ban will help if a teenager curious. He will still find a way to penetrate the network or into TV (not at home, so visiting friends).

But the confidential communication of parents with children and frank conversations about “what is good and what is bad” act Failsafe with a positive effect. Therefore fear accessibility info streams through gadgets makes absolutely no sense.

Benefits of accessing information to children

Now think about how useful those storerooms of knowledge are, who open their doors to a curious child through gadgets. Today, when every day there are hundreds businesses and thousands of sites, popularity has grown incredibly specialties in the field of IT-technologies (programmers, SEO-optimizers, internet marketers).

Learn all these professions in the system programs of universities expensive and long. And on the Internet you can easily find a lot useful information – from html, php and css lessons to techniques building financial groups and monetization, developing your own business.

Close your child Internet access, and he will be doomed to the miserable existence in the world of rustling pages of paper books where nothing changes.

Who influences the life of your child – you or gadgets

We can say with confidence: in the struggle for influence on their own children are won by one who is a child’s friend. Become this friend hold hands with the child, and then gadgets will remain be content with just a role, albeit a useful one, but still all just a tool. Always remember that not a single ban has brought real good. As you know, the forbidden fruit is sweet.

If you are afraid of an uncontrolled stream of bad information (erotic spam, yellow press, etc.), then do not worry – everything your time. Children quickly become saturated with this nonsense and lose to it any interest, switching to truly developing knowledge.

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