Why today 1 out of 68 American children is sickautism? According to forecasts, in 10 years every 2 children in the USA will haveautism

Update: February 2019

Dr. Stephanie Seneff – Massachusetts Researcher
Institute of Technology at the presentation of his research
made an amazing statement. The study was aimed at
study of the effect of herbicides on human health. �”Today
day the situation is such that by 2025 in the US
каждый 2 ребенок будет болен autismом в той или иной форме» —
says Dr. Seneff.

Extensive use of Roundup (herbicide, active ingredient
glyphosphate) during planting leads to what happens
its accumulation in products, in particular, in corn. Then 
кукурузный сироп добавляется во все промышленные изделия из
wheat flour, they sweeten water, candy and other products. Those
products that the population of the country eats every day in large
quantity. That is, toxic substances come in daily
the organism of both children and adults, and not only with corn

Dr. Seneff is studying the side effects.
drugs, dietary supplements, food additives, the effects of toxins
environment to health, she is the author of many articles in
medical journals on the subject of diseases and modern
medicines. And in this study, she draws a parallel between
ростом числа больных autismом американских детей и использованием
glyphosate when planting. And today it has been proven that children
с autismом есть биомаркеры, свидетельствующие о чрезмерном
the accumulation of harmful minerals and glyphosate as a result
toxic effect of herbicide.


На сегодняшний день в США статистика autismа показывает
the horrendous growth trend of this incurable disease: in 1975
year the number of autistic children was 1: 5000, today it is 1: 68.
Moreover, the active use of glyphosate began in 1990 and its
the application not only does not decrease, but increases.

There are still debates about the toxic effects of herbicide from
Rounda’s weeds and its impact on the development of obesity and celiac disease
population. Dr. Seneff also states that intolerance
Gluten is also a consequence of active use in agriculture.
Roundup housekeeping (see symptoms of celiac disease).

Unlike Europeans, the US population has a glyphosate content of
urine is 10 times higher, which is why American children are so
подвержены autismу, целиакии (см. список безглютеновых продуктов).
Результаты исследований и прогноз роста числа больных autismом
should encourage the US government to take measures to limit
use of herbicides and a comprehensive study of their influence on
nation health and environmental implications of their use in

As for Russia, we should make similar conclusions.
Сегодня и в нашей стране увеличивается число больных autismом
children, the number of people with gluten intolerance increases,
allergic reactions (children with asthma), just not
accurate statistics and no research is conducted and no
parallels are held.

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