Why the nails on the hands and feet turn yellow

Обновление: Октябрь 2018 Butгти, как и волосы, называются придатками
skin. In humans, they have lost their original protective function, but
споwithбность отображать withстояние организма не потеряли. And change
their appearance – dimming, thickening or, conversely,
thinning, as well as discoloration, indicates
проблемах with здоровьем. This can speak as a pathology in
some kind of body, and about the diseases of the nail plates themselves.

Today let’s talk about why the nails on the hands of women and
men – when it should be feared, and when it can be limited
several local activities to put them in order.

What should be healthy nails

Butгтевая пластина должна быть равномерно розовой, имеются только
2 white areas: a small semi-moon (lunula) at the base
nail and free edge. Other white areas, as well as areas
there should be no other color on this keratinized appendage of the skin.

Butгтевая пластина имеет форму, близкую к овоидной (как яйцо).
If it acquires pronounced roundness and bulge, recalling
чаwithвые стекла, это говорит о таких withстояниях, при которых ткани
receive less oxygen. This happens in diseases of the heart, lungs,
bronchi and liver, flowing chronically (for example, with the evils
heart, chronic bronchitis and others).

The cells that give rise to the nail are called the matrix.
(матрикwithм). is heи отвечают за форму, плотность, толщину и скорость
growth of the nail plate. The length and thickness of the matrix itself
determined genetically. The shorter it is, the nail plate
thinner and impossible to change. But если ноготь истончился with
over time, this suggests that the germ zone is affected
болезнь, устранив которую, можно улучшить withстояние ногтевой

Расположена матрица ниже лунулы и покрыта двумя слоями skin. Her
damage leads to the fact that the nail stops growing. Under
the visible part of the nail is the area where the cells of the matrix
differentiated. is heа богата кровеносными withсудами, поэтому имеет
розовый Colour.

If there are only a few layers in the skin of the cornified cells,
the nail plate is a solid cornified cell, lying like
roof tiles This makes the nail permeable to moisture, which
absorbed and released here is 100 times more intense than in
коже, withставляя 12-15% всей выпотевающей жидкости. Applied to
lacquer nails, creams can pass through keratinized cells
plate and fall on the epithelium of the nail bed.

Когда причина – в химическом withставе ногтевого покрытия

Зачастую ногти желтеют после лака, в withставе которого находился
красящий пигмент, абwithрбировавшийся пористой структурой ногтевой
plates. But на его цвет могут повлиять и вредные вещества,
withдержащиеся в покрытиях (оwithбенно в дешевых). It:желтеют ногти на руках

  • formaldehyde resin (formalin). Formalin itself is
    carcinogen used for embalming dead animals;
  • dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which is applied to varnishes to protect
    them from chipping; can cause cancer;
  • toluene (toluene): the more this substance, the more
    �”Smoothly”, “easy” is applied. Leads to disruption
    the liver;
  • camphor oil: it gives greater plasticity to varnish and
    improves its “gluing” to the nail plate. Besides,
    Camphor is a powerful allergen and toxic substance for the liver.

Varnishes, including these substances, have a toxic effect on
печень, отчего и желтеют эти придатки skin. Maybe it’s not with
first use, and after prolonged use with frequent
�”Update” nail cover. You can eliminate this effect
carefully choosing varnishes (need those that say “Big 5 free”
or at least “Big 3 free”). In addition, even the most common varnish
It is necessary to apply not directly on the nail, but on the base for
varnish. This substance will be like a sponge to absorb the natural
fluid that is eliminated from the body through the skin appendages:
ведь если выпот проникнет к красящим пигментам покрытия, то will help
they “soak” into the nail plate.

Often there is a situation when the gel turns yellow on the nails. The reasons
This may be the following:

  • Наличие в withставе лака нитроцеллюлозы, а не ее синтетического
    substitute is CBA. Being a cotton blend product or
    wood fibers with an aggressive acid – sulfuric or nitric, it
    necessary to obtain a bright glossy film on the nails. But,
    getting on the nail plate, nitrocellulose will be very fragile, and
    move away from its surface as soon as it is once again (this
    withвершается постоянно) изменит форму своей кривизны. For,
    To prevent this from happening, plasticizers are added to the lacquer –
    dibenzoate. During long wearing, which is typical for gel polishes
    (их для этого и изобрели) такой withстав приводит к пожелтению varnish.
    Therefore, before buying or applying shellac in the cabin,
    поинтересуйтесь его withставом: должно быть написано «CBA», а не
  • Составляющие табачного дыма (никотин и смолы) тоже споwithбны
    окрашивать лак, гель или сами кожные придатки в желтый Colour. In that
    case you may notice that turned yellow nail 1 or more
    fingers – the one that holds a cigarette. Butгти второй руки и ног
    staining did not change.
  • Воздействие withлнцезащитных кремов в withчетании с загаром в
    withлярии. Such «комплекс» споwithбен изменить светлый цвет акрила или
    gel Polish on yellowish, iodine yellow and even brown.
  • Components of household chemicals can change the color of the applied
    cover. Notice, maybe you are cleaning the bath with powder.
    �“Comet” or wash the stove with another tool, while not wearing
    gloves? Masters of nail service claim that the reaction between
    components of even the most expensive coating and ingredients from
    household chemicals without gloves is inevitable.
  • We can assume that the nails turned yellow from varnish, and in fact
    after it is applied, the woman is in active contact with various
    химическими withединениями не из средств бытовой химии. So, the most
    often complain that the yellowness appeared after cleaning the carrots,
    cooking home canned.

Acrylic can also turn yellow if:

  • he himself is not of high quality – there are few substances in him that suppress
    the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the color of the coating;
  • the woman herself through time removes the top gel layer, covering
    nail colorless varnish;
  • cover acrylic immediately with a finishing coating, without gel;
  • use a topcoat without a sticky layer.

Whatever the reason, if the nails turn yellow after the varnish, and not
due to some diseases, this is characterized by such

  1. varnish / gel varnish of bright colors was used;
  2. the color changed only on those nails that were painted in
    such a tone;
  3. you do not constantly take some pills;
  4. yellowing did not appear after visiting the pool, wearing someone else’s
    shoes or using someone else’s towels;
  5. state of health has not changed;
  6. hands have a normal color, and if you push it away in front of a mirror
    lower eyelid and look at the whites of the eyes, they are not yellowed.

External causes or temporary yellowing

When the nails turn yellow, the reason may be

  • Taking some drugs for a long time. Such
    effect may occur due to the use of ciprofloxacin,
    Butрфлоксацина, Гатифлоксацина, Доксициклина, Тетрациклина,
    Аминарwithна, Натрия арсената, Дуплекса, Butварсенола.
  • Smoking – in this case, the nails on one hand turn yellow, usually –
    on the thumb, index and middle fingers. Yellowing and fingers below
    these nails, acquiring a peculiar smell.
  • If your nails turned yellow only on your hands, remember which new
    household chemicals you started to use. It can be
    cleaning pastes and powders, spray for washing glasses.
  • Nail polish remover can cause yellowing of nails,
    withдержащая ацетон. In that случае ногтевые пластины измененного
    colors will not be everywhere, but only where a woman often shoots
  • Drinking plenty of tea or coffee. Both of these drinks
    withдержат пигмент, оказывающий красящее действие на кожу, зубы и
  • Harvesting or peeling walnuts, green shells and leaves
    которых withдержится йод. In small quantities, it paints the nails and
    fingers in yellow, large in brown-black.

To cope with the yellowness in this case is simple – you need to exclude
влияние вышеуказанных химических withединений (например, бросить
smoke or use household chemicals in gloves). To not
wait until the nail plate is completely updated (it will take
96-115 days), you can use the funds – folk or
cosmetic – which we describe at the end of the article.

When yellow nails are a sign of illness

Yellow toenails or hands can talk about diseases.
It can be как патологии всего организма, так и болезни
specifically nail.

is heихогрифоз

This is the name of the hereditary change in the nail shape when
nail became:

  • dirty yellow;
  • hard;
  • dull;
  • acquired a curved shape;
  • rose and became thicker.

It can suffer as one nail, and several, becoming
similar to the claws of a bird. Only defeat can be observed.
little fingers on his feet.

Acquired onychodystrophy

Так называется withстояние, когда нарушается кровоснабжение
nail plates. It occurs as a result of a number of diseases:

  • pneumonia;
  • scarlet fever;
  • measles;
  • dysentery;
  • typhus and typhoid fever;
  • varicose veins;
  • атеросклеротического поражения withсудов рук или ног;
  • syphilis;
  • various neuritis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • hypovitaminosis: mainly with hypovitaminosis A and pellagra –
    deficiency of vitamin PP and protein (vitamin C deficiency is manifested
    bruising under the nail plates and their detachment).

In the last five cases, onyhia can act as
the only symptom, so when making such a diagnosis
need a survey to find out its causes.

Dystrophic onychias are described as “the toenails turned yellow.”
or “turned the nails of the hands yellow.”

This diagnosis is indicated if:

  • nails turned yellow and move away, moreover, moving away from the free edge along
    towards the moon;
  • become dull;
  • acquired a yellowish gray color;
  • arched transverse and dotted stripes appear from above
  • their fragility increased;
  • the plates are split lengthwise starting with
    free edge.

If similar symptoms are observed on one finger (for example,
yellowing big nail on the leg), it speaks of a nail injury
bed – for example, uncomfortable shoes, on impact or
manicure / pedicure.


This skin disease does not always begin with skin lesions –
shortening the cycle of development of skin cells and the layering of their large
quantities can begin with nails.

Характерные оwithбенности:

  • clouding of the nail plate;
  • the appearance of the grooves on the nails and grooves, because of what he
    becomes like a thimble;
  • without any redness in the side skin rollers
    the nail peels off – all or part;
  • until the nail plate is no longer in the space between it and
    skin gets dirt, accumulate particles of the epithelium. Because of this
    the nail seems to have acquired a dirty white color;
  • after a while hemorrhages appear under the affected nails –
    patches of pink, reddish, burgundy or black;
  • in the final stage of the disease, the nails are cloudy, rough,
    flat or even concave, dirty yellow.

Nail fungal infection

If the toenail has turned yellow, you shouldn’t
rubbed, did not knock them, no one came there, and a new varnish
or you did not use acetone, it may be a fungal infection
nail (onychomycosis). In most cases, the cause of the disease
becomes the mushroom Trihofiton, Epidermofiton, Microsporium. 20-40%
pathology accounts for aspergillosis, fusarium and
sculyarial mycosis. Candida, which causes thrush, can also
cause yellowing of the nail plate on the foot of a large

The fungus rarely gets only on the nail, causing it to become inflamed.
Often it spreads from infected fingers, heels.
The pathogen can be carried with blood flow from the area of ​​inflammation
(for example, from the lungs). Больше шанwithв «принести» из общественного
pool or soul mycosis – in people with diabetes,
receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment
glucocorticoid hormones to maintain a decent quality of life
with systemic diseases.

Mycosis usually begins on the big toes or little fingers;
less likely to affect the hand. Symptoms vary by type.
возбудителя и withстояния withбственного иммунитета. There are 3 forms
nail plate lesions:

  1. Hypertrophic. It is distinguished by the fact that the nail became thick,
    yellowish. Its surface remains smooth for a long time, then
    exfoliates, loses its characteristic luster, gets jagged
    the edges.
  2. Normotrophic. At the same time in the thickness of the nail plate appear
    yellowish and whitish zones, but the nail itself does not thicken, does not
    exfoliate; its shape remains unchanged.
  3. Atrophic. The nail plate is thinned, exfoliates from
    subject skin may break down.

If yellowness is located under the nail plates

If yellowing under the nails – it most likely speaks of
pathology of one of the internal organs. It may be:

  • Jaundice, the causes of which are diseases:
    • liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, or metastases in this
    • biliary tract (cholelithiasis, Vaterov tumor
    • withсудов, снабжающих желчевыводящие протоки и печень
    • red blood cells, in which they are enhanced decay in

    For this group of diseases is characterized by yellowing of the skin, the appearance
    желтого окрашивания склер, withнливость, тошнота, может быть горечь
    in the mouth (if the cause is in the biliary tract), loss of appetite,
    discoloration of feces and urine.

  • Kidney disease. They are characterized by malaise, edema (at the beginning –
    on the face, and only then on the eyelids), change of color, smell and
    amount of urine, blood may appear in it. With renal
    pathologies are often lower back pain, but with chronic pyelonephritis,
    asymptomatic, a person may simply note that
    constantly freezing low back.
  • Diseases of the lungs. They say a sense of lack of air, more
    fast breathing, coughing; lips can get bluer
  • Diabetes. Pathology usually begins with the appearance of thirst,
    night urination, discharge of copious amounts of urine. But
    diabetes can sometimes go unnoticed for a long time. Person
    draws attention only to the fact that his wounds (even minor) slowly
  • Hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function). is he
    manifested by an increase in body weight with decreased appetite,
    appearance of dry skin, hair loss, more slowness
    speech and thoughts.
  • Болезни withсудов. It may be an eye-visible varicose.
    varicose veins, atherosclerosis of the arteries of the legs when they are stronger
    freeze, hurt, their muscles weaken.
  • Acromegaly – diseases in which the bones are already finished
    grow and a large amount of growth hormone is released in
    blood. Signs characteristic of this disease are hard to miss.
    This is an enhanced growth of superciliary arches, cheekbones, hands, feet, head.
    pain, fatigue.

How to determine the cause of yellowing nails

For diagnosis, you need a comprehensive examination:

  • Inspection of a dermatologist with the study of nail plates under
    microscope and sowing their plots on nutrient media (this will help
    determine the type of fungus and its sensitivity to antifungal
  • Blood test for glucose level.
  • Analysis of venous blood for liver function tests.
  • X-ray of the lungs – if there is suspicion of tuberculosis,
    pneumonia or tumor of the lung tissue.
  • Lipidogram blood (determination of the amount of fat fractions, in
    including cholesterol).
  • Determining the amount of thyroid hormones – with
    suspected diseases of this organ.
  • Blood on RW – if latent suspicion occurs
  • MRI of the brain – to detect multiple sclerosis, and
    also causes acromegaly.

How to treat yellow nails

Considering how many serious diseases can cause
yellowing nails, the main task – to exclude them. But if
one of them will be revealed, it is necessary to begin the appointed
врачом лечение, заодно поwithветовавшись, можно ли при его наличии
apply whitening nails means.

If it turns out that the reason for the change in the color of the nails is in their
fungal infection, it will be necessary to apply to the nail plate
antifungal ointments or creams prescribed by the dermatologist.

If the cause of yellowing is in onychogriosis, then treatment in
dermatologist’s office. The doctor will soften the nail, then hold
его withскабливание.

is heиходистрофия лечится устранением причин заболевания; Besides
this, the inside will be assigned to drugs that improve blood flow
the nail. Терапия пwithриаза заключается в назначении оwithбых препаратов
– both local and system.

Local remedies for whitening nail plates can
apply only after consultation with the therapist and dermatologist.
You can buy a gel or a pencil for whitening nails, you can – cream
for hands, having the effect of removing yellowness. You can apply one
from popular recipes:

  1. Take 3-4 tbsp. трехпроцентной перекиси водорода, смешать with
    100 ml of water, mix, pour into a convenient non-metallic container.
    There you will need to lower the nails for 2 minutes, rub the yellow spots
    a toothbrush. After the bath, use a moisturizer for
    hands Повторять процедуру 1 раз в неделю, курwithм 2 месяца.
  2. Выдавить withк одного лимона в чашку, подержать в нем ногти 15
    minutes, take out, rub the yellow with a brush. Next, arms or legs need
    will wash without soap, apply a moisturizer.
  3. Apply a drop of toothpaste to the toothbrush, rub the yellow
    spots, without soaking the nails before, pay attention,
    so that the paste does not fall on the cuticle and the side nail rollers. After
    wash and wipe this hands.
  4. Take 1 tbsp. baking powder, mix with ¼ tbsp. lemongrass
    acid, add 2 tbsp water, stir. The mixture is applied to
    nails and left there for 10 minutes. After этого руки или ноги
    need to wash and moisten. The procedure is repeated no more than once in
    a week
  5. Take 1 tbsp. baking powder, mix with half Art.
    оливкового масла и 1 чайной ложкой withка лимона. Yellow spots
    rubbed with this mixture, then she should spend 4-5 minutes on them, and
    only after that hands or feet can be washed.
  6. Mix apple cider vinegar and water 1: 1, put your nails there on 20
    minutes Then the fingers are rinsed. This procedure, unlike
    the rest can be repeated three times a day.

In addition to local funds will not prevent the adjustment of the diet. If not
contraindications, include in the diet more olive oil,
fruits, vegetables, rich in various vitamins. Do not forget
употреблять каши, цельнозерновой хлеб, мяwith и печень, отличающиеся
abundance of B vitamins needed for skin appendages

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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