Why the child coughs in his sleep: 5 mostcommon causes

For parents, the greatest joy is to watch
the baby eats with gusto, defiantly laughs, plays with enthusiasm with
your plush friends. All this demonstrates that the child
healthy and well. Only at night some moms and
dads suddenly hear their children coughing. It prevents babies from sleeping,
gives them discomfort, and still causes serious concern
for adults. Why is a child who looks vigorous, cheerful and
healthy, suddenly cough up in a dream? What should do
adults to help your baby get rid of such a symptom? About
You will learn this by reading our new article.

кашель у ребенка во сне

The most basic reason for a child’s coughing sleep is
this is the position in which we are at night. Lying slow
the basic processes of the body, even the blood supply to the lungs. AT
the pharynx and bronchial area accumulates mucus and phlegm, which
at night they dissolve longer, so the child coughs in his sleep.
Try using large pillows for the duration of the illness.
try to change the position of the baby’s body more often, so will the phlegm
less to pile up.

By the way, it is worth considering that the appearance of mucus and sputum contributes to
any disease that needs to be cured, and after that
already a cough will pass. Why does a child cough in a dream, should
determine the doctor. Sometimes a strong persistent cough in a child in a dream
indicates the presence of a serious disease.

ATероятные причины ночного кашля у ребенка

If a seemingly healthy baby coughs up in a dream, perhaps
This is a completely harmless symptom. However, in some cases the body
the child thus signals the disease. ATот наиболее
probable causes of night cough in babies:

  1. Allergy. This is a common disease.
    which is often accompanied by a night cough. Kids often
    allergic reactions to feathers and down in pillows occur,
    wool material blankets, baby laundry detergents, even on
    new beds with a pungent smell. AT такой ситуации будет достаточно
    remove the allergen – and the peanut will once again sleep undisturbed
    a dream.
  2. Dry air at home. This phenomenon is typical
    for the cold season, when include heating. Working
    Batteries dry up the air. It is difficult for them to breathe, and at night it dries
    mucous membranes. This may well be the cause of dry coughing.
    in a dream. The solution is simple – wet the towels and leave them on.
    heating radiators overnight. Another option is to buy
  3. Runny nose Even if the baby has
    minor snot that do not stop him from breathing during the day, at night they
    will drain into your throat, causing a cough. Just cure a cold.
    Then cough fits will pass by themselves.
  4. Teething. AT этот период у малыша
    salivation increases. Like the snot, it flows down into the throat at night,
    causing irritation. This is another likely cause of coughing.
    at night. AT таком случае единственное, что можно сделать, — это
    wait. When a child has teeth, he will cough in a dream
    will cease.
  5. The onset of the disease. If the crumb goes in coughing
    at night, it may indicate the development of pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis.
    AT таком случае болезнь необходимо лечить. A cough will pass when
    baby will recover.

What you absolutely can not do before consulting a doctor

  • Give your child pills and syrups that you recommend.
    friends, pharmacists in pharmacies, other moms on the forums;
  • Independently select the crumbs of antibiotics;
  • Treat dry cough with expectorant herbs and

Tips for parents when the child has a night cough

  1. Дайте крохе выпить горячего молока с маслом перед a dream.
  2. Put a larger pillow under your head to
    raise his head and create a reclining position.
  3. Go to the reception to the pediatrician.

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How to remove night coughing Super way

This light massage is great for relieving coughing shots, especially
often at night. Подходят как деткам, так и for adults. Children
We press and massage slightly, adults – more feasible. Done very
quickly but effectively. But remember that this is in addition to the main

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