Why the baby is not fed up with breast milk (asunderstand what is not full, signs, reasons and what to do)

A loving and caring mother gives herself to the baby through the home,
her ability given by nature – breastfeeding. With the advent of
Baby moms cares one of the main questions: what
если ребенок не наедается грудным молоком? What to do in this

In the first hours after birth, a woman’s breasts may not produce
enough milk, but with the right behavior, already on
second or third day lactation normalizes. Lead the action
кормящей женщины должны потребности её baby Due to ignorance,
fear, inattention women begin to care about stable
lactation late. To avoid this problem it is necessary
track whether your baby is fed up with breast milk.

Основные признаки недоедания у грудничков

  1. Hungry cry – every mom on the nature of the cry of her baby
    able to determine what he needs;
  2. Low activity
    ребенка, заторможенность;
  3. A sharp reaction to the approach and smell of the mother;
  4. Restless sleep or lack thereof;
  5. Insufficient number of acts of defecation and urination. AT
    Normally, a child is able to wet up to 20 diapers per day. Chair after
    each feeding is also a sign of satiety of the baby and good
    milk absorption;
  6. Finger sucking, the edges of the diaper, tongue smacking or
  7. Low weight gain or loss. Determined by
    control weighing at the pediatrician. The exception is the period
    stay of the mother and child in the maternity hospital for 3-5 days, when
    weight loss is considered to be natural at around 10%.

Breast milk is both food and drink for the baby.
More than 80% of it consists of water. Excessive dry skin
покровов ребенка также может быть признаком того, что ребенок
not fed up.

Причины нехватки грудного молока

To understand that a baby is hungry after feeding is easier than
отыскать причины этого. Usually they are detected comprehensively.
Conventionally, they can be divided into common (environmental factors), behavioral
(due to mother’s behavior), physiological (depending on
on the condition of the child).

Общие причины того, почему ребенок не
fed up with:

  • severe psycho-emotional situation in the family, misunderstanding,
    lack of support, unwillingness of other family members to accept
    new rules of life and restructure;
  • irrational organization of the place of feeding the child and rest

The group of behavioral factors includes:

  • insufficient and unbalanced maternal nutrition – what can
    eat a nursing mother (grocery list);
  • low motor activity, lack of fresh air;
  • lack of sleep, fatigue;
  • improper attachment of the child to the breast, violation of technology
  • the presence of taste in milk due to the consumption of spices and
  • psychological unwillingness of the mother to breastfeed, rejection
    the feeding process itself, postpartum depression, soreness,
    cracked nipples;
  • medical indications (flat nipple).

Физиология ребенка также влияет на процесс насыщения.
Significant weight of the baby at birth (over 4 kg) on ​​the background
lagging lactation in the first days after childbirth is
основной причиной недоедания. Runny nose, mouth injuries
cavities, uncomfortable position of the body, colic impede the process
сосания и ребенок not fed up.

ATесьма частой причиной того, что ребенок
не может насытиться, является избыток грудного молока,
due to excessive breastfeeding. ATозникает

Women’s milk consists of front and back. Back milk
more fat, nutritious, thick. Front milk replaces baby
water A woman’s breasts produce so much optimum quality.
milk, how much is required of her baby in every age
period. Squeezing artificially increases the volume of milk production.
Consuming significant amounts of front milk, baby
lacks nutritional components, quickly assimilates it and
remains hungry.

Solution to the problem

What should be done to ensure that the baby is full enough? –
Follow the rules below clearly:

  • adjust the power – eat on the clock, at least 3-5 times a
    day, balance your diet: How much to feed
  • use a sufficient amount of liquid, incl. for
    stimulate lactation suitable milk (how to increase lactation
    breast milk);
  • исключить продукты, влияющие на вкус молока – что нельзя кушать
    nursing mom, moms and bad habits;
  • walk in the green zone away from the roads;
  • get enough sleep and rest whenever possible;
  • attract loved ones to help with child care;
  • освоить правильную технику прикладывания младенца к груди –
     how to properly put the baby to the breast;
  • be sure to feed at night;
  • adhere to the feeding regime, but do not deny the baby
    milk on demand;
  • if necessary, feed the baby with expressed milk from
    bottles, spoons, pipettes, avoiding pacifiers outside feedings;
  • take care of breast hygiene – wash with warm water, lubricate
    cracks with special creams, rinsed with chamomile decoction or
  • do self-breast massage.
  • read the article: tips for nursing moms

Significantly facilitate mother and baby feeding procedure
techniques such as using a special pillow for
feeding The pillow allows you to properly position the child in the chest,
relieve tension from the back of the mother. Comfortable place for feeding,
comfortable chair, quiet room, no loud annoying
sounds and strangers will create a positive atmosphere for mom and
baby Calm, rested mother – well-fed baby.

How to determine if your baby has enough milk

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