Why should a child help with homework?by deeds?

Many parents often protect their children from any
household chores. Is it correct? Сможет ли ребенок ценить чужой
if labor will not make little effort, doing something
home? After all, home affairs form a feeling in a person
responsibility and care to the people around them.


Parents are often in their desire to fully develop the child
write it on foreign language courses, in circles
artistic creativity, in the sports section. But to perform
housework is not given to them because they do not consider it necessary or
deliberately save them from everyday difficulties. As a result
the situation comes to the point where to convince children to tidy up
at least in your own room will be a matter of

Study. According to research by sociologists,
82% of the adults surveyed in Russia were engaged in domestic work,
when were small. But only 28% are willing to entrust such work.
to my children. Parents prefer to load the child with those
activities that guarantee them success in their future careers, but
household duties do not burden. However, it has long been known that
housework not only makes the child more organized
life, but also has a positive effect on the psyche and success in school.

By transferring to children certain business responsibilities,
adults contribute to their greater self-confidence and
independence. Studies have shown that toddlers help
parents from 4-5 years old, were more sociable, quickly wound up
друзей, хорошо учились в школе и ВУЗе. Their peers are not
burdened with household duties at an early age
которые начинали help by дому с подросткового возраста не
so quickly climbed the career ladder.

Byмогая семье, ребятишки учатся быть более отзывчивыми,
understanding, kind, help others, take care of relatives. If a
children refuse household chores under the pretext of big
congestion at school, you should not completely release their home
duties. Allowing the child to give up housework
parents unwittingly form a certain attitude in them: estimates in
school is more weighty than attention to the family. Now it may seem
a trifle, but over time you will see your mistake.


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It is possible to motivate and direct the child to house chores,
based on the following recommendations:

  1. Будьте внимательны к своим словам. By
    According to psychologists, thanks to the children should not be expressed
    a formal phrase, for example, “thanks for the help” (it will be
    not enough). Byблагодарите ребенка, назвав его хорошим
    assistant: “you are such a good assistant.” He will not only have
    the desire to do something more at home, but also increase self-esteem,
    he will feel that without him the family will be really harder to handle, he
    useful and important for your family.
  2. Byмните о распорядке. Making a schedule
    child’s activities – lessons, music, language courses, sports, recreation –
    put in it and household chores. So he will feel their importance and
    will develop a responsible attitude towards them. And so you teach
    child to discipline.
  3. Game tasks do not interfere. You can also try
    разработать целую квестовую систему household chores. Performing each
    of them in a row, it will consistently move on to more difficult ones.
    For example, wipe the dust off the table, sweep up in the living room, then more
    An interesting task is to turn on the washing machine :).
  4. You should not apply a cash reward.
    By мнению психологов, материальное поощрение ухудшает мотивацию
    child He will already consider his help with a mercantile
    points of view – without the desire to help parents, but only with the goal
    get money for it. We also read: Дети и
    money: 10 mistakes of financial education.
  5. Of great importance is the occupation that you give
    to kid. 
    In order not to raise an egoist, it is worth choosing
    for the child such activities that will be necessary for the whole family, and
    not only him. Along with restoring order in your room, you can
    instruct him to wash the dishes and wipe the dust in the living room.
  6. Order tone is excluded. Byвелительное
    it is better to soften the mood in the conversation – do not “take it away”, but “let’s
    remove the “. It is important to focus on the fact that it is not boring and
    тяжолое занятие, а возможность позаботиться о родных.
  7. Byзитивная окраска для household chores. Not worth it
    поручать какую-то домашнюю работу ребёнку в качестве
    punishment. Говорите о домашней работе в позитивном или
    neutral vein. Byстоянно повторяя слова о том, как тяжело
    cope with household duties – how tired you are to wash the floors
    or vacuuming – you will show the child an example that he will take on
    armament. And then he won’t like to do that either. It is better
    focus on taking care of the house and maintaining cleanliness for the good
    comfort of all family members.

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