Why not spank a child – 6 reasons

Some parents still consider slapping effective.
method of education. In fact, it is worth a couple of times to hit a child
as he stops doing what adults seem wrong.
However, many experts increasingly cite compelling
evidence of the harmful effects of corporal punishment on children.
Let’s find out why you should not use physical violence when
raising a child?

родитель с ремнем

6 причин почему шлепки не работают

  1. Children learn through imitation. Parental
    spanking teaches kids that using violence is completely
    normal, especially if you are bigger and stronger than another person. AT
    pedagogical literature provides a curious example. Mama,
    who believed that slaps discipline children, one day she noticed
    as her three year old daughter beats her younger brother. She asks in horror
    the girl: “Why do you beat Dima?” Baby in response with pride
    declares that he just plays with his brother “in
    daughters-mothers “.
  2. Spanking lowers self esteem. The baby is still too
    small to realize the causal relationship between slaps and
    own bad behavior. Therefore, the baby begins to think that
    they beat him not because he broke my father’s laptop, but because he
    the worst in the world and his parents do not like him. Accordingly, this
    prevents the formation of adequate at his age
  3. Spanking ineffective. ATозможно, в первый раз
    after slapping the child will obey you. But not because realized
    your bad deed. He was frightened and confused, and also wants
    bring back your love and good relationship. If spanking becomes
    commonplace, the child accepts them as an inevitable evil and does not want
    change your behavior.
  4. The blow is worthy of condemnation. Any body
    punishment is the use of force, in other words, action
    wrong, condemned by society and in itself worthy
    punishment. Imagine if a colleague suddenly seized the moment and hit
    you, because you have done something wrong in the workplace. If you
    think that hitting another person is a crime than a child
    different from other people?
  5. Acknowledgment of one’s own powerlessness. ATзрослые
    The following argument in favor of physical punishment is often cited:
    �“My baby just doesn’t react to anything else!” Then the problem
    is not in the child’s deeds, but in your relationship with him and
    inability to apply more decent methods of education. Applying
    spanking, parents sign for their own weakness, which drops
    their authority in children’s eyes. Those in turn conclude
    what can prevail over their adult provocations.
  6. Growing distrust of parents. Physical
    punishment violates affection and destroys love and trust,
    existing between children and parents. Slapping is effective only
    because the child is small and can still oppose them
    own strength. Real understanding only occurs when
    when the family respect each other.

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How to keep from whipping

  • Explain the consequences. Let your child
    knows that he did wrong. Tell him what’s bad
    actions can lead to undesirable consequences.
  • Give yourself a break. It is useful for everyone.
    family members. Disappointment and bad mood can lead to
    the fact that you, having wound yourself, spank your little
    prankster. If you чувствуете, что эмоции или гнев вас
    overwhelmed, then arrange yourself a break. ATыпейте чашечку кофе,
    talk on the phone with a friend, look through the magazine.
  • Let the child learn a lesson. Do not think in
    Your responsibilities include preventing the effects of any child
    deed. Sometimes it’s better to let a child do something – let him
    will learn a lesson from the situation (under condition of complete safety).

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Sometimes even the softest parent can spank a baby.
in a fit of anger. If it does happen, be sure to apologize.
in front of him and tell him what exactly his bad deed brought you out of
himself and forced to violate the rules. So you can with
an honor to get out of even the most difficult situation.

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Why not beat children. Parental and physical self-control

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