Why not get pregnant: the causes andрекомендации для тех, у кого не получается зачать baby

Если пара beforeлго пытается зачать малыша, но все попытки
are unsuccessful, perhaps the cause of infertility. TO счастью,
This state is not hopeless. So do not immediately refuse
from the dream of their children. Instead, it’s better to understand
prerequisites that led to problems with conception, and try
eliminate them.

The content of the article

  • 1 Causes that make it difficult to get pregnant
    • 1.1 How to get pregnant after unsuccessful attempts?
  • 2 Advice to those who can not conceive
    • 2.1 Folk ways to help get pregnant
  • 3 TOак забеременеть после многих неудач? Olya’s personal experience
  • 4 TOак забеременеть, если не получается? Frankly!

Почему не получается забеременеть

Физиология женщины такова, что even совершенно зbeforeровая женщина
не сможет забеременеть beforeвольно длительное время, even абсолютно не
преbeforeхраняясь. Why does this happen? The thing is that
a woman can only become pregnant on strictly certain days – during
ovulation time. On average, very high chances of getting pregnant
just one or two days of the menstrual cycle, in which it happens
ovulation. When planning a pregnancy, you need to consider that approximately
every fifth to sixth ovulation is fruitless. It is believed that
зbeforeровая пара сможет зачать baby в течении одного года, и если
she does not succeed in this, there is a weighty reason to see a doctor.

Causes that make it difficult to get pregnant

Infertility is a complex of symptoms and diseases that
adversely affect the reproductive function of one of the partners
or both at once. If you could not conceive from the first time, talk about
infertility is too early. Такое заболевание можно запоbeforeзрить только
if you can not get pregnant for a long
of time. The reasons may be very different, the most common
of which are the following:

  1. Often к бесплодию приводят нарушения функций энbeforeкринной
    system. About 40% of women who fail
    забеременеть, страдают именно энbeforeкринным бесплодием – это
    state when fully or partially absent
    If you can not conceive for a long
    time, the first thing you need to pass tests for hormones.
    Lack of ovulation may also be due to impaired function.
    genital organs, thyroid gland, brain,
    adrenal glands. Lack of ovulation is the most common.
    причина неудачи при попытках get pregnant Deal with the reasons
    овуляции beforeлжны врачи, но перед тем, как к ним обратиться, следует
    make sure that conception was done at the right time –
    во ovulation time. In order to calculate the time of occurrence
    ovulation, there are various, including very accurate, methods.
  2. Polycystic ovary syndrome is also among the
    pathologies, often leading to infertility. The exact causes of the disease
    science is still unknown, but experts are of the opinion that
    she is congenital. In any case, polycystic ovary syndrome in
    our time is successfully treated, although it requires long-term therapy with
    accurate execution of all appointments of the doctor. Provokes a disease
    excessive production of male hormones, which is why in the female
    The reproductive system constantly forms numerous cysts.
    Externally, these are water bubbles of different sizes, and they are detected
    only by ultrasound. The pathology becomes a violation
    ovarian work with a lack of ovulation.
  3. Another possible cause of female infertility is complete either
    partial obstruction of the fallopian tubes. It arises from
    constriction of the lumen in the fallopian tubes or education in them adhesive
    processes. The hole becomes narrow, so the sperm does not
    могут проникнуть в него, чтобы оплоbeforeтворить яйцеклетку. This
    pathology can occur under the influence of various factors, among
    which are inflammations in the reproductive system, infectious
    diseases that cause adhesions. To eliminate
    obstruction of the fallopian tubes, surgery may be required,
    также решением для многих становится искусственное оплоbeforeтворение.
    If the process is not yet too started, help will solve the problem.
    lifestyle changes and treatment of existing inflammations.
  4. If pregnancy does not occur within one, two months,
    полугода, — следует обслеbeforeваться на наличие энbeforeметриоза. it
    болезнь, при которой клетки энbeforeметрия (внутренней оболочки матки)
    begin to spread throughout the body, taking root and starting
    grow in other organs. The probable causes of pathology are
    inflammation of the internal genital organs, impaired production
    hormones. Следствием запущенного энbeforeметриоза часто
    is the inability of the egg to attach to the uterine wall,
    which causes infertility.
    Treatment involves taking
    hormonal drugs or surgery. Than
    the earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chance of coping with
    недугом и зачать beforeлгожданного baby.
  5. Pathology of the uterus of different origin, too, often lead to
    невозможности get pregnant TO таким заболеваниям относятся: миомы,
    заболевания энbeforeметрия, внутриматочная septum, hypoplasia,
    adenomyosis. First, you must pass an examination to identify
    pathology, and on the basis of its results, the doctor will select the appropriate
    treatment. It includes hormonal drugs,
    physiotherapy, medicaments, surgery may also be required.
    Uterus pathologies are divided into congenital and acquired, that is,
    arising from past diseases.
  6. If it is impossible to conceive even during ovulation, and examination and
    analyzes do not reveal visible reasons, the problem may lie in the work
    immune system. Immunity is sometimes different.
    diligence “and trying to protect a woman not only from the disease
    viruses and germs, but even from pregnancy. Immunity compels
    организм отторгать сперматозоиды или плодное яйцо, воспринимая
    them as alien organisms. Usually with such violations in
    cervical mucus contains an increased amount of antibodies that
    detected by the results of analyzes. This state is possible
    adjust with certain medicines or other
    ways, including insemination.
  7. Even if the doctor could not determine the reason why a woman
    Can’t get pregnant, maybe it’s not due
    physical pathologies, and psychological factors. Some not
    manages to conceive because they are fixated on some problems,
    suffer from depression, are constantly under stress,
    a lot of nervousness, fear of responsibility, childbirth, etc.
  8. Individual physiological characteristics of partners. Speaking simple
    language, the incompatibility of a particular pair. For example, each of
    partners individually able to conceive a child, and together they have not
    get it done. The reasons for this may be very different –
    from sperm rejection by vaginal microflora to features
    female immunity. You can explain the situation with
    special analysis – samples Shuvarsky-Huner.
  9. Male infertility. This also happens, although several
    less often than female sterility. Sperm Inefficiency Can
    to be associated with diseases such as varicocele, dropsy of the testicle,
    cryptorchidism, mumps, and tuberculosis. If a man is keen
    bodybuilding, its cause of infertility may be taking

How to get pregnant after unsuccessful attempts?

If attempts to conceive a baby for a long time
prove unsuccessful, it is a reason to think seriously about your
health and go to the doctor. Someone may scare the prospect
take a lot of tests, but don’t be afraid of it. Meticulous
survey of both partners is necessary, because the causes of infertility
can be any – from psychological problems to congenital
pathologies and chronic diseases.


Many problems, fortunately, can be fixed, especially when
timely treatment to the doctor. It is worth noting that it is better
be examined not when the couple begins to suspect infertility,
and already at the planning stage of pregnancy. For example, if a woman has
obstruction of the fallopian tubes, but she herself does not know about it, she
still be able to conceive, only the fertilized egg will be fixed in the tube, and
not in the womb, as it should be. In such cases, ectopic
pregnancy, which ends with rupture of the pipe and its removal.
Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous and the fact that
без адекватного лечения следующие попытки зачать малыша
will lead to a similar result, and the removal of both pipes eliminates
the ability to get pregnant in a natural way.

Advice to those who can not conceive

не получается зачать baby рекомендации

How quickly get pregnant, if all attempts
turn out to be unsuccessful? In such a case there are several

  1. Avoid stressful factors. Rate the image
    life that you lead. If you are often nervous at work and
    at home, upset, worried about something, suffer
    depressed, it is possible that unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant –
    This is the body’s response to stress.
  2. Give up bad habits. Often
    alcohol, drugs, smoking interfere with conceiving a child. Destructive
    addictions cause irreparable harm to women’s health. The thing is
    that each girl is given a certain set at birth
    ova that remains so throughout life, not
    being updated. Alcohol and any drugs damage
    ova – if one of them becomes fertilized during ovulation, it’s
    создаст риск рождения baby с отклонениями либо его
    смерти сразу после рождения.
    Nicotine enhances
    androgen production and reduces estradiol levels, which
    interferes with conception. Male drug users subject
    another risk: their sperm become inactive and
    just can not move through the fallopian tubes.
  3. Adjust the daily menu. Disadvantage
    Vitamins negatively affects the functioning of all organs and systems. Important,
    so that the diet is balanced, include a sufficient amount
    proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Women with problems with ovulation
    useful to eat nuts and beans, whole milk, natural yogurt,
    fat cottage cheese. Men are recommended to include more in their diet.
    meat, fish and nuts.
  4. If pregnancy does not occur more than six months, a year or
    even longer, evaluate your weight.
    Both obesity and
    excessive thinness often leads to problems with fertilization
    ovum. Even if there is no disease, frequent alternations of weight loss and
    recruitment extra kilo negatively affect the ability to conceive.
    Stable weight is important not only for women, but also for men,
    because it directly affects the amount of
  5. Long-term medication may cause
    infertility, especially when taking antibiotics and
    In this case, it is worth discussing with the doctor
    the possibility of at least temporary replacement of their drugs more
    safe analogues.

Folk ways to help get pregnant

If you have a long time failing to conceive a child, but you all
you can not find time to go to the doctor, try proven
folk methods to solve this problem:

  • Change the usual schedule of lovemaking. TO
    For example, if you usually have sex only at night, try
    do it early in the morning. Try more often – and by all means
    will increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Try new poses. It is possible that in
    some kind of sperm posture quickly reached the goal.
  • Do not force yourself to have sex through
    Positive attitude is very important because problems with
    conception is often caused not only physiological, but also
    psychological problems.
  • Ask your man to stop frictions right after
    In this case, the sperm will remain in
    one place will not spread throughout the vagina. therefore
    sperm will increase their chances of achieving their goal.
  • Another way that can help you get pregnant is
    temporary abstention from intimacy.
    This is the first
    turn concerns men. It is believed that after abstinence from them
    begins to produce more sperm, and with increased
    концентрацией в ней sperm. This of course increases
    probability of conception.
  • There is another method of syringing soda in 20 minutes. before
    This creates a favorable environment for
    сперматозоиbeforeв, а одновременно можно вылечить молочницу.
  • Herbal medicine can also be useful to those who can not
    get pregnant
    Try to drink special broths on
    основе целебных трав шалфея, красной щетки,
    boron uterus.

If you can’t conceive a firstborn or second, third
baby, do not despair ahead of time. Try first
use our recommendations, go to the doctor, go
комплексное обслеbeforeвание, сдайте все необходимые анализы. In many
In cases of infertility can be solved. Если even
conservative therapy does not help, there is still the possibility
забеременеть методами ЭTOО, инсеминации, посредством переноса зигот
or gamete in fallopian tubes.

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TOак забеременеть после многих неудач? Olya’s personal experience

TOак забеременеть, если не получается? Frankly!

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