Why kids break toys: how to reactto parents

Родители покупают своему малышу все новые и новые
toys, seeking to make his leisure more interesting, and instead
enthusiastically play, tear off the doll’s heads, throws
Is the floor of a typewriter or a belly open for a teddy bear? Such situation
not so rare. However, this fact is hardly comforting.
parents, because they, first of all, want to know why
going on.

The content of the article

  • 1 Reasons for which children can break their toys
    • 1.1 Some more common reasons
    • 1.2 How to wean a child to break toys
  • 2 How to wean a child slam doors or break things in
  • 3 Why toys break in kindergarten

Почему ребенок ломает игрушки

Конечно, ваш ребенок может иногда случайно что-то
исspoil. But what if he begins to specifically destroy
good things with which, in principle, he should rest and
have fun? What to do, how to stop the beloved child? Should
to punish him? In this article, we will understand why
the child can start to spoil things, find out how to behave adults
in such situations. And everything will be fine!

The reasons why children can break their toys


Kid breaks toys неподходящие ему по

Often a child breaks toys due to the fact that he just yet
early to use them. Parents want to please their beloved baby and
they get him exactly what he asks. As a result, it turns out
That the toy is not suitable for the child. It is too small to
understand: this thing must be handled with care.

Let’s give a simple example: a child is only four years old. But he
insistently asks to buy a beautiful open-type car
the doors, rising body, turning wheels. Soon
parents agree. They acquire a rather expensive thing. But
already on the same day the machine is disassembled.

Probable reaction: punishment. Baby will begin to explain that he
broke the expensive thing, behaves badly. The approach is wrong!


How to proceed

Of course, the best solution is to abstain from such
purchases. Manufacturers indicate age restrictions with just
taking into account the level of development of the child. If a вы будете дарить ребёнку в 4
years cubes, rubber toys, plastic pyramids and simple
designers from large parts, it will not spoil anything.

Should I scold if the toy is already broken? Certainly blame
your little family member is not needed. Generally try not to
punish and do not scold the baby once again. If a у него есть
tendency to aggression, you will thus develop it in it. When
the kid is vulnerable, obedient, such punishments can
make such a heavy impression that he will lose
the joy of the game. In this case, gently explain that with things you need
Treat more carefully, really need. (читаем
наказывать или не наказывать ребенка за случайные

Someone will have a question: is it possible to purchase a toy,
неподходящую по age, если малыш highly просит? There are two

  1. Toys that may pose a health hazard
    It is impossible to give a child exactly. it касается изделий с мелкими
    details. To prevent the child from accidentally choking them, they don’t
    must be in its area of ​​access.
  2. When игрушка безопасна, но велика вероятность, что малыш её
    break, decide for yourself. If a хотите порадовать любимого ребёнка –
    buy one Just be prepared for a quick breakdown.



Thing has not met expectations

Children sometimes break toys on purpose. They get upset
because they get the wrong gift. Often the reaction can be predicted
заранher. The kid asks for one toy in the store, and they buy him
another one. If a вы так поступили, будьте готовы: дома ваше чадо
show attitude to the “gift”, breaking the thing. So children
just trying to insist on it. Moreover, it seems to them: now they
buy a new thing, because they again were left without a gift.


We correct the situation

Such behavior is not good. What to do?

  • Try to explain that you gave a toy from pure
    hearts, genuinely upset by the reaction of the child;
  • Do not buy a new thing after it has been broken.
    previous! Baby spoil is not worth it. In this situation, he is better
    some time to do without new toys;
  • A good way to work on a baby is to leave it broken.
    thing in sight. Let him make sure that this is bad, ugly;
  • Scold is not necessary. Explain everything calmly without raising your voice.
    (читаем также: 10 советов как перестать кричать на
    their children);
  • Later, when it comes time to go back to the store with
    baby, you can do this: if you are not able to perform
    the desire of the child and buy exactly what he wants, do not buy
    another toy at all. Remind the kid how he did with
    not like a thing before.



Temperament features

Now, unfortunately, aggression is typical for many children. Then
toys break regularly, and all the causes of “violent” behavior
lurking in the characteristics of temperament. Kroha choleric –
он непоседлив, быстро отвлекается, легко раздражается, highly
active In such babies toys break themselves. Squeezed tight,
dropped, accidentally stepped, hooked, etc.


How to be?

It is unequivocal that it is impossible to close our eyes to such a problem. If a
manifestations until the initial stage, you can try to cope
on their own.

  • Scold the child is not necessary. Punishment will raise
    aggressiveness or isolation. Обе реакции – highly плохой
  • Explain the most accessible, kindly, that behave
    not good;
  • Create conditions for the removal of accumulated emotions. Great
    the solution is to provide the child with toys that you can have fun with
    actively. Rubber things, swords (not balls, but children’s bastards) will do.
    The boy can hang a pear;
  • Make it so that children can actively relax, spend
    energy Give them to the sports section, dance circle.

All this will definitely help you. In a pinch, have to
consult a child psychologist or a neurologist.


Cognitive activity. Curiosity

Many children are ready for absolutely everything when they have
irresistible desire to learn a new thing. They make out
spin up, break toys. These kids just want to find out how
arranged objects that they have inside. Unfortunately, dear things
sharpen curiosity even more. Therefore, they are in danger of
first of all. Most often the kids then attempt
collect toys, but it is already impossible.



How to be?

There is an excellent way out: get more for your children
constructors, toys that you can safely collect and
disassemble. Let your child watch educational cartoons,
documentary transfers. Older children will be helpful
read encyclopedias. Thus, your baby will satisfy his


The kid wants to attract the attention of parents

This situation is also widespread. Baby starts
regularly misbehave, breaks toys, behaves badly at the table,
constantly naughty … And everything is directed exclusively to one
target. Просто подумайте: может быть вашему любимому
Daughter is not enough parental attention? Some children suffer from
excessive care, but someone, on the contrary, lacks care,
joint games with parents.


Our solution

First of all, you need to talk with the child. Ask him not
whether he wants to walk, read or draw with you. Suggest
interesting game. For example, you can arrange an improvised
puppet theater with finger animals and pupae. Many children
They will be happy to go with their parents to the street, to run together,
ride downhill, leave snowballs. All this will strengthen
communication with the child will have a positive impact on family relations in
whole Be a team, have fun and relax together!


I just want to break everything …

Another common reason for this behavior is normal.
irritability. Kids, like adults, feel angry and
offense. Often они ломают игрушки, выплеснув накопившиеся
negative emotions. Бывает так, что дети берут пример
со взрослых, когда те не могут справиться со своей злостью и
raise your voice, knock on the table with your fist, throw things. So here
babies, adopting adult habits, can also inadequately themselves
lead, smashing and breaking toys in the process of aggression.


What to do?

Arrange for a child a special play area where he can manage something.
break down For example, someone just buys a child
older small balloons with darts. Coaching
coordination, accuracy, boys and girls are amazed
target И становятся потом заметно спокойнее, уравновешеннher.


Kid plays superhero

Is the nursery again like a battlefield? All things are scattered, part
toys broken, and your baby walks contentedly, as if the birthday boy?
It is likely that your child simply imagines himself to be brave.
warrior, wants to imitate your favorite characters.  In such games you need
destroy the terrible dragon, evil wizard, wolf, bad
person And for this they need to “kill.” Kid breaks toys
being carried away by the game and following the examples of the characters of the films and


There is a solution!

You need to speak well with your beloved child, explain to him
that fighting with good things is not necessary. It doesn’t make sense
which is available in the battles of his favorite characters. Besides you
need to organize a zone for “battles” in the nursery. There must be
safe swords, various children’s weapons and specially selected
toys that will not suffer from such battles. For example, large
soft, rubber animals.

Some more common reasons

  1. The kid is upset that he is overly protective.
    Sometimes parents too diligently teach children how to handle
    toys. And kids are annoying. Try to be soft
    calm, give some freedom to your fumes.
  2. The child is sick, very tired. Malaise like
    usually depletes the psyche of the crumbs, it becomes impatient,
    irritable, awkward. Sudden outburst of anger
    movement – and the toy shatters into pieces.
  3. The child expresses anger. For example, a child
    plays with the machine, and he doesn’t have to put a little one into it
    a toy – he is right there associates failure with no personal
    abilities, but with a toy that is in his hands. In a fit of anger
    the child throws the toy, it hits the floor with a swing and breaks.
    Scarce still does not understand that things can break, so he
    just can’t think of any consequences of their
  4. A child wants to buy another toy.
    Some little kids are cunning. They spoil things first, and then
    in different ways demonstrate their experiences. And ask
    another toy. Noticed that everything happens in this scenario?
    Then do not buy another thing. Leave the nursery broken
    a toy Let the child realize that he broke a good thing,
    left without her.
  5. A child breaks toys in spite. Often
    destructive behavior and aggression on the part of the kid towards
    The toys actually hide protest against the actions of adults.
    Mom was not allowed to take a candy from the table or demanded to remove
    toys, and the kid does not want to do this. He is angry and decides
    somehow harm the parents, but does not find a better way than
    разорвать купленные ему книжки или распотрошить мягкую a toy
    So a kid who has not yet learned how to manage his
    emotions, expresses his insult and anger.
  6. They bought a toy for someone else. And child
    spoiled it on purpose. There is only one way out. Try not to show
    your baby things that are intended for gift to other children. it
    causes offense, jealousy. Avoid such situations.

How to wean a child to break toys

At first, the main task of parents is not to interfere with the baby.
learn about the world, and vice versa, in every possible way to help him in this.
You should not immediately pick up things thrown on the floor behind him and put
on the shelves just thrown from there toys. Better just watch
for the actions of the baby and give him tips. If the crumb is not
can close the box, because it is full, you need to show
that it needs to free some space in it, and then the lid is easy
will fall into place. If the kid tries to tear the doll’s head off,
you need to explain to him that you can’t do that because the pupa
it will hurt, and instead offer the crumbs another toy, which
can be easily disassembled and reassembled.

ломают игрушки

If a child tries to apply to all objects around him
force, it is necessary to provide him with such toys that he accurately
will come to taste: special soft blocks of which you can
build fortresses, tall couches and caves, as well as jump on them,
inflatable ball, bowling pins, large constructors from which you can build
towers and break them down. You can teach your kid crumple unnecessary sheets
papers and throw them in specially hung for this purpose
ring over the trash. Suggest baby try yourself in
modeling from plasticine or polymer clay. You can play with the baby
in cars with real accidents and collisions.

On the playground, a little destroyer can use his
force, sticking a large number of kulikov trampling their works.
In winter, you can build a snowman with your baby and break it, and
in the autumn to rake a large pile of fallen leaves, and then stir it

The most important thing for parents is to be patient and wait, and
so that the disorder due to the new wave of destruction was not so
strong, it is worthwhile to remove valuable and
fragile things. Gradually teach your baby to understand the difference between
toys and interior items that can not be touched, as well as
your favorite things that are also by no means
spoil. According to psychologists, the little destroyer in any
case becomes a creator as soon as the period of increased
curiosity will be left behind.


Be soft, kind, but persistent and moderate
strict parents! Successes!

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How to wean a child slam doors or break things in

From the forum:

Катя: Может быть у ребёнка просто возраст
such when it is difficult for him to control his actions regarding
material items? In this case, you just need to show
patience and wait for it to pass. Maybe baby just
studies the toys that fall into his hands and breaks them all the same
intentionally, albeit unconsciously. With this, too, will have
put up with

Вика: А может это не желание поломать, а
trying to get to the truth. After all, small children are big
researchers, they want to know what’s inside the toy and how it
is arranged.

Женя: Самой главной причиной небережливого
Child’s relationship to toys is a lack of parental
attention. Modern parents are often very busy with work and
try to buy expensive toys for children, so that only he does not interfere
them, and they managed to do all the planned things. However even
the most interesting and expensive toys can not replace the baby
parental attention and communication with them. Therefore, breaking toys,
children want to attract a little mum and dad, even if
they don’t like the behavior. Episodes of breakage and destruction of toys
less observed in those families where parents try to give
child all their free time, communicate with them, show their
love and care. 

Why toys break in kindergarten

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