Why is it worth being a mother with many children: 5 weighty andstrong arguments for a big family

For quite some time now our state has attended
the problem of low fertility in the country. So, everything is introduced into the law.
new projects that should provide benefits to young families, and
They are trying to increase the amount of maternity capital each year.
Getting a family has become much easier than before. And women are all
think more often about the second, and sometimes even the third


But still some of us continue to torment obsessive fears
and disturbing thoughts. It may seem like a lot of children
It is an unbearable burden for a modern woman. But we offer you
read the real facts and find out the reasons why to be
having a mother with many children is wonderful and sometimes also beneficial!

The benefits of maternal health and good for the whole family

Healthy natural childbirth is an extremely auspicious process.
for the female body. Hormonal and immune systems work in
full power throughout the entire period of gestation and lactation,
therefore, the risk of the formation of inflammatory and
oncological processes in our body.

During breastfeeding, the mother and her baby experience a special,
invisible psychological and emotional connection that
positive effect on the nervous system of both. Full work
all the main female organs: the uterus, breasts and ovaries also
possible only for 9 months of gestation and in the postpartum

Mothers of large families can state with confidence that their female
they fulfilled part of the mission in full, in such families psychological
crises occur much less frequently, and relations between partners have
especially close and trusting character. Scientists have proven that
children grow more self-confident and motivated if their
surround siblings.

Yes, and how nice to relive these days, when the native baby
is at mom’s stomach. What joy does a woman choose in
once again a cot or dowry for a future baby,
considers the goods for newborns in shop windows!
Allow yourself to remember and re-experience those fading

There is always someone to rely on.

As mentioned above, children in large families are largely
are ahead of their peers in development who do not have brothers and
sisters. This is due to the fact that constant contact with children of different
age forces a child to quickly adapt to society, children
before they start talking, they think better. In a large family, children
quickly overcome their problems, constantly feeling the support of the entire
its numerous relatives.

There is one more important reason to give your child a few
brothers or sisters: there are things that children willingly share only with
other children. Not every child will dare to share with their
parents something intimate and personal. And even about learning problems
much easier to tell your older brother or sister by asking
wise advice.

In a large family, the child never feels lonely or
abandoned even if parents do not have free time to
spend the weekend in the circle of their children. The child will always find with
who to talk and what to do. A good habit to come friend
a friend will help you do a good job in the future when your
children begin adult and serious life.


Детские психиатры настаивают: гораздо чаще
psychological problems and difficulties in communicating with other children
It is found in the only child in the family who does not have
родных братьев и sisters. Such children often feel lonely,
make up imaginary friends. And if the child is not with anyone
talk then he starts to develop the habit of turning to
to myself. He can talk aloud with his invisible friend,
to fill the lack of communication with peers. Only
the child in the family is often closed, very shy. His
it is harder to adapt to change, such as moving or going to
a new school is able to drive a child into a strong state of stress,
make him experience psychological or moral


In a large family, attention deficit simply cannot happen. Children
constantly communicate with each other, play together and more actively
are developing. The younger ones are equal to the older ones, trying in no way.
give in to them, but because they themselves begin to go to the pot, they try
independently learn to read, write and count. In large
family, children motivate each other!

Opportunity to babysit longer

What unforgettable moments of happiness gives the young mother the first
her baby’s smile. Or his first word, timid and uncertain
independent step. And how fleeting these moments are! Deciding on
the third and fourth baby, you can relive all the most
touching moments. You will hear the first word of the child again, again
will take him to the kindergarten for the first time … Is it not so happy
minutes lies real female happiness?

Older brothers and sisters are always enthusiastic to meet in
home of a new family member. Who will refuse to sit next to tiny
brother or help mom put a cute little dress on her youngest
sister Small children in the house – it is always fun, noise and full
no boredom and monotony!

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The opportunity to develop in all directions and not to stand on

Mother of many children is practically Julius Caesar in a skirt. She is
literally everyone has time to do the laundry, make dinner,
check the lessons of older children, read a fairy tale younger, and then
still find a couple of hours to work. Motherhood teaches woman
use your time wisely and more rationally.

Many women begin to try themselves in the work, and someone
even successfully builds a full-fledged career on this.

I know a mother of five children who loved to sew children’s
carnival costumes. At first she created them only for her
kids, then sewed to order for neighbors and acquaintances. And now she has
own shop of children’s things that enjoys huge
popular in the city.

Do not be afraid that children will be able to limit you in some way.
On the contrary, practice proves that women with many children have
more lively intelligence, they produce an iron grip and
good flair. After all, what could be more motivating than taking care of
the future of their children?

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Benefits and social programs

The state takes care of large families. For example, in almost every
The institution has special programs for large families.
So, in children’s and even adult polyclinics mothers of many children and her
children can go to the doctor’s office out of turn, and medicines
written out for free. In educational institutions to students from
large families are given benefits to pay as well
free food. Payment of utilities is also essential
is reduced, because a large family pays only 50% of its
accounts. The mother of three or more children is exempted from the need
pay for kindergarten, and in public transport
parents accompanying children with many children do not pay the fare.
It is also easier to get housing from the state: for such families, the queue for
the apartment is much shorter. And in certain regions of the country
the state allocates a large family free land for
building There is one more pleasant moment: a large family
completely exempted from transport tax on one of its
the car.

Подробно о льготах и пособиях: какими
benefits and allowances can be used by large families in

And do not forget: being a mother of many children is the most
a great reason for pride!

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