Why is it itchy for pregnant women?

Abdomen skin itching is a fairly common occurrence.
in pregnant women. It can be caused by various reasons like
completely harmless physiological, and quite dangerous. In their
the number includes hormonal changes, allergies or such
serious diseases like hepatitis and cholecystitis, etc. If itching
caused by harmless reasons, it is relatively easy
get rid of. But if itching is a symptom of a dangerous disease, then
help can only refer to a doctor, and

у беременных чешется живот

Причины по которым чешется живот

Women complain of itchy stomach, starting from the very first
trimester and up to delivery. So, consider the factors that
могут стать причиной того, из-за чего у беременной женщины
can itch belly:

  • С ростом матки на животе растягивается кожа, в
    the result is that it starts to itch. Than the skin of a woman
    more elastic, the less likelihood of itching. Very often itchy
    is a sign that stretch marks will appear soon. Stretch marks –
    These are red or pink scars on the skin of the abdomen. This color is given
    burst capillaries. But it often happens that there is an itch, and
    Stretch marks do not appear later. it говорит о том, что у беременной
    women have very elastic skin;
  • Аллергия. During pregnancy, female
    the body is very sensitive to allergens. And this is even the case
    if before pregnancy allergies woman did not suffer. When
    allergy clothing should be worn only from natural fabrics, and
    powder for washing should not contain phosphates. Application
    Cosmetics need to be kept to a minimum. Only those funds are allowed
    which do not contain fragrances and chemicals. Itching may become
    by reaction to certain cosmetics, despite
    that before the pregnancy the woman used them without consequences;
  • Гормональный фон. At the time of the onset
    pregnancy hormonal explosion occurs. Therefore, itching is often
    the abdomen simply indicates hormonal changes. Some
    girls even believe in such a sign – if it itches, it means
    pregnancy has occurred;
  • Дерматоз. In this case, except that
    чешется живот появляется и сыпь. The cause of dermatosis can
    to serve prickly heat, viral infections, vitamin deficiency, scabies and already
    Allergy mentioned by us. Accurate diagnosis can only deliver
  • Serious diseases of the internal organs (gall
    пузыря, почек и печени)
    . Sometimes itching may be
    симптомом таких опаснейших болезней, как панкреатит, гепатит,
    preeclampsia, cholecystitis and cholestasis.
    In this case, to the doctor
    should contact immediately.
    If itching обусловлен
    these diseases, it manifests itself in late pregnancy,
    from about 38 weeks. If you do not go to the doctor in time, then
    health will be seriously damaged. In addition, harm can
    be inflicted on the health of the future baby, until his death. Highly
    often in such cases, preterm labor is stimulated by doctors.
    This is done so that the baby does not die. If itching связан с
    impaired liver function, it can go beyond
    localization in the abdomen and go to the back, chest, legs and
    arms. By night, such an itch intensifies and can turn into a burning sensation. AT
    in the case of cholestasis, the hands and feet are most pruritus. Cholestasis
    appears most often in pregnant women who have
    predisposition to gallstone disease suffering from chronic
    cholecystitis and previous hepatitis A. If you suspect
    for liver disease, you must do the appropriate tests
    (bilirubin, ALT, AST, blood test for biochemistry).

What to do

First you need to inform the supervising doctor.
After conducting the necessary research it will be clear what caused
this itch. That is, is it a normal physiological phenomenon
or is it a symptom of any pathology. If the second, the woman
should be ready to spend the rest of the pregnancy under observation
doctors in the hospital.

To increase the elasticity of the skin and fight its dryness,
pregnant women must apply moisturizing oils and
creams. The skin of the abdomen and thighs must be treated from the earliest.
terms of pregnancy. Best for this reuse
проверенное оливковое масло. It contains
enough vitamin E and antioxidants. Olive oil
incorporates many of the components necessary for
skin nutrition. When applying the oil 2 times a day itching problem
belly will be resolved. In addition, the occurrence of
stretch marks. AT составе как крема, так и масла должны быть только
natural ingredients. They must not contain chemical additives.
and preservatives.


оливковое масло

A woman during pregnancy should wear such clothes
which “breathes”. For example, cotton. AT период беременности
clothes should be washed only with powders that do not have
composition of phosphates. Frequent cases of intolerance to the future
moms woolen and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, do not wear
annoying clothes. For example, synthetic underwear and underwear that
too tight to the body.

Concerning eating, you need to reduce the amount of food,
which can provoke an allergic reaction. This is a strawberry,
peanuts, seafood, citrus, chocolate. Generally not worth much
eat exotic foods. A pregnant woman should take
Special complexes of vitamins and minerals, her diet should be
as varied and complete as possible. It should consist of
cereals, fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, meat and dairy products. Of
the menu should exclude fried, salty, spicy and fatty foods. it
improve liver function In the diet should certainly
attend prunes and dried apricots.

A pregnant woman should not neglect personal hygiene.
She should systematically change clothes and take a shower. Shower
must be taken with hypoallergenic means. Should
use only a personal towel. Seats in restrooms,
located in public places, you need to cover
a napkin.

Finally, it should be noted that in most cases
time, the stomach stops itching by itself.

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