Why is colostrum released in pregnant women? Norm anddeviations

AT период беременности вы заметили из груди
выделение густой/вязкой/липкой консистенции желтоватого,
transparent or creamy shade – that is – a normal phenomenon
or pathology? Immediately hurry to reassure you
— это выделяется молозиво — абсолютно нормальное и
safe phenomenon. Если во время всей беременности у вас
colostrum was not released, it is also quite

The content of the article

  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 What is useful?
  • 3 Colostrum during pregnancy
    • 3.1 When does it appear?
    • 3.2 What stimulates the appearance of colostrum?
    • 3.3 Deviations from the norms
  • 4 Colostrum in non-pregnant women
  • 5 Hygiene rules in the period of colostrum extraction
  • 6 Tips for expectant mothers
    • 6.1 The appearance of colostrum. From obstetrician-gynecologist with 30
      summer experience

молозиво у беременных

What is it?

Молозивоэто густая, вязкая,
липкая жидкость желтоватого, прозрачного или сливочного
оттенка, обладающая специфическим запахом и на вкус
чуть сладковатое, которую выделяют молочные железы женщины в
period of carrying and feeding the child. Colostrum production in
mammary glands – a normal physiological process. Usually it
released in women in the first two or three days after the appearance of the child on
shine. But colostrum can also be released at different stages of pregnancy.
будущей мамы
. Colostrum is also called “immature milk”
as it precedes the appearance of real breast milk.
Colostrum differs from milk also in its composition: it has less
fat and sugar, but more protein.


It looks like colostrum

What is useful?

Colostrum is very useful for the baby in its first days.
of birth. It is saturated with antibodies that protect the infant from
infections and contribute to its rapid adaptation to the outside world. AT
It contains all the nutrients necessary for children
body for normal life.

Химический состав молозива: альбумины и
globulins – proteins (up to 6-7%); water
(84-88%); bifidumbacteria; lactobacillus; vitamins
группы А, AT, С, Е, РР; milk sugar (lactose) – carbohydrates (up to
5-5.5%); fats (4-5%); mineral salts; food
enzymes (amylase, lipase and protease); hormones.

Colostrum is more caloric than milk itself and contains less
water. Despite this, it is easily absorbed by what has just appeared.
on the light of the body and prepares the baby’s digestive system to
assimilation of heavier food – real breast milk (composition and
properties of breast milk). The first meal of a newborn is colostrum –
has a laxative effect that makes it easy
release of intestines from feces. Colostrum helps to eliminate
bilirubin, thereby reducing the risk of postpartum

Colostrum during pregnancy


AT то время, когда малыш растёт и развивается в утробе матери,
the body of the future mother for all nine months is preparing
to feed your child. AT самом начале беременности молочные железы
begin to swell, and women may feel light pain. Occur
changes and hormonal level, which leads to the development


When does it appear?

As for the timing of the appearance of colostrum, there is a clear
No answer. ATыработка молочной жидкости начинается ещё с момента
conception, although a woman in the first trimester may not
feel. But more actively immature milk is produced
body in the second trimester. ATнешне это может проявляться в
yellowish sticky droplets that remain on clothing. For two
months before delivery, the color of colostrum becomes more transparent, but
the quantity usually does not increase. And even if the expectant mother is not
will find drops of immature milk until the very moment of birth, then in
This is also nothing dangerous. Anyway, in the body it
produced: this process is laid by mother nature.

AT отдельных случаях женщина сталкивается с появлением
colostrum is still in the initial stages of pregnancy. ATрачи не видят в
The early release of immature milk is no threat to either mom or
for the baby. Do not be afraid of light itching and tingling around.
сосков, которые могут сопровождать выделение colostrum.

What stimulates the appearance of colostrum?

ATыделению молозива во время беременности способствуют такие
factors like:

  • a surge of emotions (positive and negative);
  • prolonged sexual intercourse;
  • taking a hot shower;
  • breast massage;
  • high temperatures of air, especially in summer;
  • drinking hot tea or other drinks.

Deviations from the norm

So, the release of colostrum at any stage of pregnancy –
it is a completely normal process occurring in the body of the future
However, the woman, having noticed a similar phenomenon,
should focus on such things as:

  • Цвет colostrum. AT норме оно должно быть
    saturated creamy shade, then, closer to childbirth, it becomes
    more transparent. If small particles are mixed with the liquid
    blood, you should be wary, but do not panic. Presence of blood
    can be either a norm option or signal any
    disease. It is necessary to consult here.
    specialists (mammologist, surgeon, oncologist) and detailed
    examination of the body (ultrasound dairy glands, MRI, mammography and
  • Количество colostrum. Usually stands out a bit
    fluid, although this process, like the whole pregnancy, manifests itself
    individually. If a woman feels that fluid is being expelled
    too much, then a mammologist’s consultation will not be superfluous. Worth
    знать, что повышенный прилив к груди во время беременности
    leads to increased levels of the hormone oxytocin. And it is fraught
    increased uterine tone, which is dangerous and leads to a threat
    But perhaps intensive colostrum production
    related to the factors described above. Stress, enhanced massage,
    hot showers stimulate the process of excretion of milk fluid.
  • Offensive odor and impurities of pus in colostrum.
    Such a symptom may indicate the presence of a bacterial infection in
    ducts of the mammary glands. AT этом случае у будущей мамы может
    increase body temperature and worsen overall health.
    Seek medical attention and treatment should be prompt to
    reduce the risk of fetal infection.
  • Chest discomfort. Slight tingling and
    slight itching, accompanying colostrum, – normal
    phenomenon. But if a woman feels a lot of pain or notices
    depressions and bumps on the mammary glands, then it needs to be immediately
    tell about this medic. The presence of accompanying pain in
    lower back and abdomen areas are also a bad sign. Similar
    symptoms can lead to spontaneous miscarriage or
    premature birth. Do not wait for such a terrible situation
    better time to go to a medical facility.

Colostrum in non-pregnant women

Colostrum can be produced not only during pregnancy and
lactation, but after the completion of the period of feeding the baby in
for 1 to 2 years. ATнезапное появление молозива, не связанное с
pregnancy and recent breastfeeding may mean
that in the body of a woman increased hormone levels –
oxytocin and prolactin. And here you should not wait and think long:
should immediately run to the doctor-mammologist. What can
signal the sudden appearance of colostrum in dairy

  • hormonal failure in the body;
  • mastitis (in this case pus is secreted);
  • fibroadenoma and other tumors.

ATажно: AT случаях приёма контрацептивов у некоторых дам
there is a periodic release of colostrum before
menstrual cycle. However, it is worth taking a blood test and
make sure there are no diseases.

Hygiene rules in the period of colostrum

The presence of colostrum causes a woman to care more carefully
with their breasts. ATедь эта сладковатая жидкость способствует
creating a favorable environment for the emergence and active
breeding bacteria. Именно поэтому будущей маме нужно
pay special attention to body hygiene and stick to uncomplicated

  • Wash the mammary glands at least 2 times a day with warm water. With
    this does not need to use soap: it can cause education
    cracks in the nipples and their subsequent inflammation.
  • Breast should be wiped gently, slightly wetting the skin with a non-hard
    a towel.
  • подкладки

    ATо избежание мокрых пятен на одежде следует использовать
    disposable pads (cotton pads, gauze, tampons), changing them by
    least getting wet.
  • Wear a comfortable bra made of natural fabric.
  • Не массировать грудь, не сцеживать молозиво,
    as it stimulates its production.
  • Use moisturizers to prevent education
    cracking nipples.
  • Eat right, balanced: reduce consumption
    sugar, fat and replenish the diet of protein foods, vegetables and

ATажно: Несоблюдение данных правил может привести к
inflammation of the ducts in the mammary glands.

Tips for expectant mothers

Remember that original milk is very valuable for your baby.
Withкладывайте новорожденного к груди как можно чаще, чтобы он
received the necessary supply of nutrients and was the maximum
protected from external influences. Especially important feeding in the first hour.
the birth of a baby
chest). The ideal duration of the feeding period in the first days
– 20 minutes. Frequent attachment to the chest will not only help the baby
но будет стимулировать функцию лактации молочных желёз у moms.
Colostrum is the health of your baby.

Появление colostrum. From obstetrician-gynecologist with 30 летним

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