Why in the 21st century some people refusehave children?

People meet, get married, then they have a child. So
the majority lives, and any deviation from this scheme causes
public censure. After all, it is believed that normal and
a healthy person once has a desire to become a parent. So
it is accepted in society that children should appear in the family, otherwise she
will be inferior and unhappy. Is it a fact of life or
stereotype that is firmly in people’s heads?


Let’s first understand why people even give birth
children There are several reasons:

  • Tradition – a man must plant a tree, build a house and
    to give birth to a son so that he may continue the race;
  • The desire to leave behind someone who will remember you after
    your death;
  • Ownership – it extends not only to things
    but also on people. A person wants to have “his own”, such
    native and close person;
  • Vestiges of the past. Previously thought so: the more children, the
    more chores they will perform. As a result
    family affluence will grow;
  • The need for a man who in old age takes care of you
    and bring that same glass of water;
  • The search for the meaning of life. Often in such sense for the person
    becomes his child.

This is a strong case for having children, but
some people still go against public opinion.

What arguments do people have in favor of abandoning children?

Childless people are often asked why they still don’t
baby Here is what they usually answer such questions:

  1. Земля перенаселена — нас уже 7 миллиардов.
    There are projections that with further population growth at all
    enough food. Some scare such prospects;
  2. Это безумный мир. Why give life to a man
    if around instability, injustice, cruelty?
  3. Дети — это очень, очень дорого. There are such
    people who continue to live for the parent account at both 30 and 40
    years old. Of course, this prospect is scary, because you want to spend money
    and on themselves;
  4. Человек уже нашел смысл жизни. Someone just
    lives in harmony with itself and with the world, enjoys life, and children in
    these plans are not included;
  5. Scary to take responsibility;
  6. Боятся оказаться плохим родителем и
    spoil the life of your child.

�“I didn’t want children and thought it would be like this forever. It so happened
that I married a woman with a child and accepted him as my own. Then
We have a daughter, I love her very much too. I love both children, I
ready to die for them. So что, возможно, люди, которые не хотят
to have children, just can not imagine what happiness it is to be
parent. “

«I have нет и никогда не будет children I have no problem with
money, in personal life, too, everything is fine. It’s just my personal
choice. I used to admit that I would change my mind at 30 years old, but
That did not happen”.

�”I think some give birth to children, because everyone does this,
so accepted in society. I live not for society, but for
myself. “

4 main reasons for not wanting children

  1. Человек уже наигрался в «дочки-матери».
    He may have been the oldest child in the family and nursed with the younger ones
    brothers and sisters while parents were busy working. Matured
    man just wanted to live for himself.
  2. В семье есть какая-то наследственная болезнь.
    In this case, the person is afraid that the child will also be born sick and
    all his life he will suffer through his fault.
  3. Не хочется менять образ жизни. When
    a child appears, you have to adapt to it, to sacrifice
    your entertainment. Not everyone is ready for this.
  4. У человека другие жизненные приоритеты. Someone
    seeks to make a career, someone travels the world and does not want
    settle in one place. The child does not fit into such plans.

I can’t handle this responsibility.

Parents must constantly monitor their child’s health,
well-fed, clothed and shod so that he does not hurt himself, not naughty, not
got into trouble. The most difficult thing is to fall asleep and wake up with
thoughts on how to make your baby happy.

Kids will steal my time

The child constantly needs attention, so the parents remain
there is little time for hobbies and entertainment, it is more difficult for them to build their own
career Women fear that after completing maternity leave
holidays will be hard to catch up and reapply
restore your credibility at work.
Can hire
babysitter, but her services are not free. And why bother to give life
child, if there is no opportunity to personally engage him
upbringing. If you do not work, then there will be time for the baby, and for
yourself Only afford to be a housewife can not

I do not want to have children, because they will take away the lion
share of my time. I have to either steal time for them from work
and favorite hobby, or hire a nanny for them.

For the last I have no financial opportunity. TO
the same, I do not want to have children, if I can not spend with them
enough time.

Maybe if I had the opportunity to refuse
work, then I would have thought about having a baby. But such
I have no opportunity and is not expected.


I can not become a good parent

Everything People are different. Alone with fanaticism, train in the gym.
Others don’t like it, but singing in karaoke is fun and interesting.
Why do the same things seem attractive to someone, and
someone – tedious? The comparison may seem wild, but it
reflects the position of people who do not want children: everyone
like something and something not like. Some people have
уверенность в том, что они смогут достойно воспитать children Other
it seems that they do not have enough strength for it.

I like being free

Men are simply not ready to sacrifice their freedom. After all
after the birth of the child will not be able to stay often in bars
with friends, spontaneously go on a journey or sit long without
work, looking for the best option.

I am 36 years old, I have no children. Recently, we are with friends
went to rest, all friends have families, almost all have

Watching my friends, I noticed that they love very much
their children, even though they take away the lion’s share
of time.

I have nothing against children, but I don’t want to start mine.
Perhaps I’m afraid of the responsibility that will certainly entail
is the birth of a child.

World has gone mad

I have a child whom I love immensely. But I am fine
I understand people who do not want to have children, in any case not
condemn them. It is better to honestly admit that you do not want to have
children than have a baby and spit on him.

Take a look around. Many people give birth to children simply because
that is so accepted. Others want to save marriage in this way.
gave a crack. Other people have a child – this is only a consequence
unprotected intercourse. The world is going to hell.

I do not want to condemn a child to poverty

People who grew up in poor families are afraid that the same
repeat with their children. Therefore, they strive to firmly stand on
legs, get your own home, make enough money
not to deny yourself anything. The process of gaining financial
well-being may be delayed until the end of life.

I grew up in poverty, lacking everything. And then I
I promised myself that if I didn’t get out of this pit, I would never
стану заводить children I still haven’t got out of the pit.

I can be a happy man without my own

Иногда женщины не заводят children из-за слабого здоровья —
for example, learning that they have a risk of miscarriage. Lose baby
really scary. Some women take risks, others refuse
ideas of motherhood and decide to seek happiness not in motherhood, but in
other things.

My mother had two miscarriages after watching her
torment, I never wanted to experience anything like that. I have
poor health, so when at the age of 14 I learned that I, too
there is a risk of miscarriage, I forever abandoned the idea of ​​being

I am now 30 years old, I have nephews and nieces,
which i just adore. Пусть у меня нет своих children, но я могу
call yourself a happy person.

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