Why help pine cones from a stroke -treatment with tincture and decoction

Update: November 2018

Young pine cones were widely used by our ancestors –
seafarers, industrialists, residents of Siberia as
the best remedy for scurvy, tuberculosis, bronchitis, colds,
joint diseases. Healers made various balsams out of them,
jam, honey, tinctures.

Pine cones begin to ripen in the second year, which under
the action of dry winds are revealed. In folk medicine, the same for
therapies of various diseases are used only young pine

From the red and green cones folk healers made tinctures,
which are not inferior in healing properties to many modern
medical preparations. Part of the cones sap, attached
tincture of them unique healing qualities that help in the fight against
diseases of the bones, joints, gastrointestinal tract,
respiratory diseases. Pine cones are also effective against
stroke The unique properties of cones interested American
scientists who conducted a series of studies proving them
medicinal properties. And to treat stroke by this popular method
it was more affordable and convenient; Californian experts started
work on the creation of the tablet form of this tool.

Stroke statistics in Russia

Pine cones stroke treatment

You only need to collect young unopened bumps

На сегодняшний день заболевания  сердечно-сосудистой
systems rank second in mortality after

  • Every 2 minutes one of the people of Russia has a stroke.
    Each year, a diagnosis of stroke is set to 450,000 Russians, and
    over 6 million people in the world.
  • 30% of patients die a month after a stroke.
  • 30% больных после инсульта нуждаются в  дополнительном
    careful care.
  • 9% of people within a year after a stroke will suffer a second
    stroke, 35% of patients die, 36% remain dependent on
    outside help.
  • During the period of acute stroke, 29% need psychological
    help, 50% know very little about their illness and need
    detailed information, 70% of patients need technical
    support and only 8% of patients need additional help (see
    methods of rehabilitation after a stroke).

Pine cones stroke treatment

The most famous phytoncide plant that grows in our
country is pine. Phytoncides are known to have powerful
antimicrobial properties, destroying not only pathogenic
microorganisms, but also have good tonic properties, and
able to improve immunity.

During the summer, large amounts of pine cones accumulate
beneficial substances. In addition to the famous phytoncides in young pine
cones are preserved vitamins, essential oils and very valuable
лекарственные вещества — танины, которые обладают
тем уникальным свойством, из-за которого в последнее время
began to use in folk medicine pine cones and
stroke Studies conducted in the United States have shown that
cones in new types of tannins, able to stop dying off
клеток головного мозга при strokeСосновые шишки от инсульта


During and after a person’s stroke due to a violation
cerebral circulation occurs intense cell loss
brain, this process not only does not stop in the period
recovery, but also tends to increase. Experiments on mice
proved that when using these tannins, cell death
significantly reduced. So, in therapy in mice when applying
tannins killed only 20% of brain cells, while in experimental
without treatment, cell death was up to 70%.

Scientists attribute this phenomenon to the fact that when one of the
enzymes involved in the life of cells
brain, it is possible to suspend their death. Those
tannins found in pine cones can do this.

This has been experimentally proven by Californian scientists,
who are now planning to release drugs from the cones
для терапии последствий и для профилактики stroke

Caution! Any treatment of folk remedies follows
consult with your doctor, for example, to persons with a violation
renal function to take decoction and tincture of pine cones do not

How to make tincture of pine cones

Usually for medical procedures in traditional medicine use
green buds of the first year, which are collected on the day of Ivan Kupala
(June 20-26), these are already solid, formed, but still green
cones that are suitable for making tinctures. But for treatment
stroke better collect them a little later.

For the prevention and treatment of stroke should be used.
mature, but not open cones with seeds, they can be collected from
June to September, over the summer, they must gather the very

Affordable, fairly simple recipe how to make tincture
pine cones, as well as a decoction, for those who can not take
alcohol solutions:

  • Rinse 5 pieces of cones collected from June to September
    with running water, cut and pour with 1 glass of 70% alcohol or
    vodka. Leave the solution in a dark place for 14 days, shaking
    everyday. The frequency of shaking affects the quality of the resulting
    tinctures, the more often, the more the right medicines will be in
    infusion. Then strain and take 1 teaspoon in the morning after
    food intake for prophylaxis and 3 times a day for treatment.
  • 5 cones, wash, cut, pour half a liter of water, boil,
    leave to simmer for 5 minutes. Take 1/4 cup
    in the morning after eating. Can be 3 times a day.

In the absence of contraindications and good tolerability such
means should be taken at least six months. According to many reviews
people who have suffered a stroke, such a tincture or decoction of cones
help many in complex therapy in the recovery period,
many improve speech and coordination of movements.

It is known that if neurological symptoms in the acute phase
stroke lasted less than 24 hours, then restore violations
cerebral circulation is possible and this can help
amazing properties of pine cones. After a stroke, as well as for
prophylaxis this therapeutic folk remedy can be used
everyone who cares about their health since no one
insured against this terrible, sometimes fatal disease.

However, like any vegetable remedy, pine cones can
cause allergic reactions in people prone to allergies, therefore
First, make sure there is no inadequate response.
organism on tincture or decoction. You should also be careful
use of such funds – persons with kidney and liver diseases,
after 60 years, pregnant women.

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