Why foods like cookies, chips,french fries, fried wings provoke cancer

Update: February 2019

In early June 2015, the report of the security agency
EU products have warned that in some products
food, namely in chips, french fries, coffee, biscuits, cookies
contains a heavy carcinogen – acrylamide, and as is known, and for a long time
proven, carcinogens are guilty in the development of oncology.

The report also notes that this carcinogen is also found in
baby food (especially containing potatoes). Since in children
low body weight – they first fall into the group of high

Where does this carcinogen in the listed products come from?

It’s simple, acrylamide is formed when roasting or baking.
on high temperature carbohydrate (starch-containing) products,
such as cereals (crackers, crispbread), potatoes (fries,
chips). That is, not only the notorious chips and french fries
accumulate carcinogen (they are champions in its content), but even
bread, pies, any cookies and coffee (since it is fried).

And long-term storage of these products (for example, if ready
store potatoes in the refrigerator) increases the content in them
sugar, which contributes to a further increase in the level of acrylamide.
Since from finished products to remove carcinogen in no way
it is impossible to either abandon them or minimize them

In Canada, acrylamide is officially listed as a toxic substance.
in the USA there is an official guide for food companies
acrylamide reduction in products
European Union are going to bring this toxin into the official
list of hazardous substances:

  • as a carcinogen – a substance that provokes oncology, negatively
    affecting the nervous system, male and female fertility,
    intrauterine and further development of the child
  • as a mutagen – not only provoking the growth of cancer cells, but also
    contributing to the development of other diseases because it causes
    gene mutation (changes the genetic apparatus of cells)
  • glycidamide is an acrylamide metabolite that is at least
    is dangerous.

The approximate content of dangerous carcinogen in products

 Acrylamide µg / kg
Potato chips 1340
French fries or fried potatoes 3thirty
Ground coffee 200
Corn sticks and flakes 168
Breakfast cereals (cereals, stars, etc.), muesli 150
Toasts, breads, biscuits, cookies 142
Bird 54
Seafood, fish 35
Bread thirty
  • Acrylamides are not in ice cream, milk, in processed
  • It is also not found in fresh fruits, raw vegetables, but when they
    subjected to industrial processing (production of juices, jams,
    bottled beverages, black olives in cans, baby cans
    nutrition, etc.) acrylamide is formed and contained in high
  • High content of acrylamides was found in sweet
    potatoes, dry biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter,
    semi-finished meat and semi-finished vegetables.
  • An interesting fact is that chicken fried in domestic
    conditions, contains a small amount of acrylamides, and chicken
    wings, breast, legs offered by McDonald’s and others
    fast food restaurants keep it in large

Research and findings of scientists

Acrylamide as a genotoxic substance, that is, damaging genes,
known for a long time. It is also known that it is contained in a cigarette
smoke, plastic containers, in small quantities into the water
(which is strictly controlled). But what acrylamide is contained in
food until 2002, no one guessed – says
Candidate of Chemical Sciences Peter Obraztsov.

And so scientists from the Stockholm University have determined that in
some products its content is 100 and even 1000 times higher
the maximum allowable concentration that is allowed to be allowed in
drinking water. It was a shock for the entire food industry,
since the list of such products, besides its famous
the harmfulness of chips and french fries, both familiar and popular
products – bread, all pastries, cereals, dry
breakfast, coffee.

For nearly half a year scientists solved the problem by definition, as he
formed in products? The first theory was – from starch,
since it is the starch-containing products that have the highest
content. But then it was established that it is formed in
as a result of the reaction of sugars and the amino acid asparagine
high temperature processing products.

Among the specialists, naturally, two camps were formed:

  • Some of them considered this substance extremely dangerous for humans (Swedes
    – its discoverers)
  • Others – that it is not dangerous to humans, and in every way denied
    that it causes cancer.

Acrylamide harm

But in 2014, Danes scientists proved it very convincingly.
harm. They did not just interview women about nutrition, but also identified
the content of this carcinogen in their body. It turned out that
women who prefer the listed products with acrylamide:

  • рак груди  в 2 раза чаще встречался, чем у женщин,
    avoiding such products.

There is also evidence that when it is used increases

  • ovarian cancer – 79%
  • kidney cancer – by 59%
  • cancer of the uterus – by 28%

Every year 8-10 thousand people in Germany get cancer
the reason for the accumulation of acrylamide in the body – says pharmacologist
Edgar Shemig (University of Cologne, Berlin) at a committee hearing
Bundestag Consumer Protection.

  • On average, a person with food gets 0.5 µg / kg of weight, that is, when
    весе 60 кг человек в день получает thirty мкг акриламида.
  • If a person smokes, then when smoking one or two packs per day
    another 20-40 micrograms of acrylamide is added.

Until now, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of acrylamide
It has been proven in animal experiments, and it’s clear that
for a person, the risk is also very high. It is clear that the more of this
substance enters the body throughout human life, the
higher risk of carcinogenic effects. Therefore, it is important to minimize
its formation in products by changing methods and recipes

What to do, how to reduce the consumption of products with

If we cook at home

When we bake pies, cookies, fry potatoes, pancakes, pancakes,
fry meat on the grill or bake in the oven – this happens when
high temperature, contributing to the synthesis of acrylamide. Cut down
consumption of fried and baked dishes is not everything ready, taste habits
very difficult to change. But there is no other way out.

It is less likely to cook a variety of goodies, nothing for too long
fry, try to cook boiled meat or steamed (steam
cutlets, dumplings, boiled meat), eat vegetables, fruits in large
quantity (vegetable salads, fruit salads), potatoes better
boil (make mashed potatoes).

Purchased semi-finished and finished products

Search among manufacturers of those whose products are smaller
the amount of acrylamide is useless, there is no information on this
packaging. And the amount of carcinogen can be different even
the same manufacturer in different batches of the same
product. Just reduce consumption of ready-made industrial
products in which the maximum amount of acrylamide.

Vegetables fruits

Increase the proportion of antioxidant products in your diet,
containing carotenoids. These are vegetables and fruits YELLOW, ORANGE,
RED color, this carotenoids give them such colors. Carotenoids
how powerful antioxidants protect the body against cancer and reduce the risk
cardiovascular pathologies.

Scientists from Purdue University found that if in vegetable
salads add boiled eggs – it boosts absorption
carotenoids. For example, the amount of carotenoids derived from
tomatoes, carrots, lettuce can be increased up to 9 times if
use them simultaneously with eggs.

What are European manufacturers trying to do to reduce
acrylamide in products?

Already developed many industrial manufacturing options
products that reduce the content of acrylamide in the finished

  • Processing enzymes that change asparagine, that is, no
    amino acids – no acrylamide.
  • Special yeast helps to reduce its synthesis – additive
    rosemary extract, vitamin B3, citric and other acids,
  • Fructose rejection, since it forms especially actively
    carcinogen at high temperature.

For example, by reducing the temperature of the oil during cooking
industrial french fries can reduce content
acrylamide from 3500 mcg / kg to 500 mcg / kg. However research
European Food Standards Agency show that
the tendency to reduce the amount of acrylamide is observed, but it

  • in bread, coffee, chips – it became less
  • in french fries, breakfast cereals, buns, biscuits – it became
    even more.

Unfortunately, most businesses even in Europe are still
hesitate and is not going to move on to new ones soon
production technologies that reduce the carcinogen content
products. What to say then about the Russian market …

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