Why dry cough does not pass? Causes of drycough in children and adults

Update: December 2018

Cough is a reflex, just like breathing itself. And his
appearance indicates that a pathogen has appeared –
allergic, infectious, viral, that is the cause of dry
coughing, serious or not, which causes irritation in
the airways and causes the body to clear them of the allergen,
infection, virus or foreign body.

Cough itself is not a disease, it is a symptom of over 50 different
diseases or allergic manifestations, from a common cold to
tuberculosis, oncology, asthma, or heart disease.
Most often the dry cough goes away within a few days
turning into a productive, wet with sputum, but can sometimes
drag on For the duration of dry cough is divided

  • Acute – which in a few days turns into a wet or
  • Protracted – which lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months
  • Chronic – which lasts more than 3 months.

Давайте разберемся, почему сухой кашель не passes длительное
время, какие заболевания являются cause dry cough.

The main causes of dry cough associated with respiratory

The most common causes of dry cough are
inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract pathogens
which are viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

В этом случае сильный организм с крепкой иммунной system
cope independently, and if the immune response to the virus or
the infection is weakened, antibiotics come to the rescue or
antiviral drugs for SARS and influenza.

With parainfluenza and flu, you should definitely consult a doctor,
because this is a very insidious disease that recently
become very aggressive, leading to a lot of complications. ABOUT
том, как отличить грипп от ABOUTРВИ читайте в нашей статье.

Если во время ABOUTРВИ, гриппа или иного инфекционного заболевания
долго не passes сухой кашель, это может быть вызвано:

  • firstly by the fact that the human immune system is significantly
  • secondly, there are provocative factors that
    affect the duration of dry cough, these include: smoking
    and drinking alcohol, very dry indoor air and reception
    not enough fluids for cold or viral
  • thirdly by the addition of a secondary infection or complication
    after viral disease when bacterial develops
    бронхит, пневмония, трахеит, фарингит и etc.

Diseases of the pleura and lungs can also be accompanied by dry,
painful cough is pneumonia, pleurisy. In this case, most
there is high fever, shortness of breath, chest pain.

Atypical forms of pneumonia

Also следует иметь в виду, что затянувшийся кашель может быть
the consequence of mycoplasma and chlamydia, these disease-causing
microorganisms can cause atypical pneumonia, bronchitis, which
may occur for a long time, periodically recur.
To differentiate the causative agent that caused pneumonia
or bronchitis, you can take a blood test using ELISA.Causes of dry кашля

Whooping cough, measles, false croup

Whooping cough can cause dry cough in children and adults.
Whooping cough is considered a childhood infectious disease, although
vaccinations have reduced the incidence of whooping cough among children
however, they also occur in weak adults
sometimes cases of pertussis occur. Wherein
disease convulsive cough is so strong that it is often
leads to vomiting. In this case, should be taken antitussive
dry cough remedies such as Sinekod, Libeksin, Bronholitin
and etc.

In addition to pertussis, among children’s diseases characterized by
strong dry cough can be distinguished measles and false croup. Measles except
cough is also characterized by rashes on the skin and mucous membranes
shells (see measles symptoms in children). With false croup in the process
inflammations involving the vocal cords, larynx, trachea and bronchi,
therefore, it is characterized by a barking cough. itму заболеванию больше
subject to children under 3 years.


Tuberculosis – грозное заболевание, которое также в последние годы
has the character of an epidemic, not only among persons of low social
level, as is commonly believed, but also among the affluent
population, with the development of favorable factors for its
progression. Constant stress, stressful
situations, lack of nutrition and good rest,
fascination with various depleting diets may lead to
tuberculosis even among businessmen and people of high social

By the age of 20-30, every person is considered to be infected with a stick.
Koch, but a strong immune system copes with it. Worth only
mycobacterium tuberculosis can weaken the body
become more active and cause pulmonary tuberculosis and its extrapulmonary

As for dry cough, it can be caused by tuberculosis.
lungs, bronchi or trachea, larynx. It begins with the dry
unproductive cough, obsessive coughing, weakness,
this body temperature is rarely more than 37.3-35.5 most often she
rises to subfebrile numbers, and most often in the evening.

Tuberculosis can be a cause of dry cough in adults, as well as
in children, which is especially dangerous because tuberculosis
today, this is not the same tuberculosis that was 40 years ago. Now
a large number of drug-resistant forms are recorded
this terrible disease that require a longer and
expensive treatment, and in combination with other chronic
a patient’s disease or HIV infection leads to a lethal
to the end


Laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis

are also common causes of dry cough. For pharyngitis in
the inflammatory process involves the pharyngeal mucosa, while
laryngitis – laryngeal mucosa. Both of these diseases are like
acute and chronic, cough while dry, barking,
exhausting, aggravated at night. With frequent inhalation of dust
air, dry, cold, and also in the presence in air
irritating gases and vapors can develop tracheitis – as acute,
so and chronic. It also causes painful dry

Diseases of the Lor-organs

Against the background of various diseases of the nasopharynx, such as sinusitis,
sinusitis, or chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, occurrence
night dry cough due to postnasal syndrome
wicking. When these diseases become chronic, do not
rarely, mucus that is discharged from the sinuses begins to drain.
the back of the throat, it irritates the cough receptors in
tracheobronchial tree. This cough may seem productive.
and wet, because when you cough nasal mucus is released, but such
cough should be considered dry.

Cancer of the respiratory organs

Cancer of the bronchi, lung, trachea, cancer of the throat, and organs
mediastinum (organs located between the sternum and the spine
– heart, bronchi, aorta, etc.). If a long time dry cough
does not pass, it bothers both day and night, should be as early as possible
see a doctor, take a blood test, x-ray of the lungs, by
indications may MRI of the mediastinum, bronchoscopy, analyzes
on oncomer.

For any chronic cough, you should find out the exact cause of it.
onset, today oncological tensions
getting stronger, cancer appears even in young people, and
everyone knows that the timely detection of cancer
disease increases the chances of recovery or significant
life extension.

Only on the basis of the examination the doctor can not determine the cause
prolonged cough – this is not possible, so you need to pass tests
and go through several examinations according to indications – a blood test,
sputum, spirography, spirometry, x-ray, bronchoscopy,
body plethysmography, exaggeration, MRI, CT.

Causes of dry cough, not associated with inflammatory processes
respiratory system organs

Allergic cough

In recent decades, the population of Russia has significantly
The number of people suffering from various allergic
reactions, especially noticeable in children. Almost all children on
today have any allergic reactions if not
food allergies, so allergic to dust, wool, pollen, mites and

Pollinosis is a seasonal allergy to pollen of flowering plants,
which appears in spring and summer, pollinosis suffers very
a large number of people, he manifests sneezing, runny nose,
tearing, itching of mucous membranes and dry allergic cough.

Bronchial asthma

very common disease characterized by
chronic painful dry cough and choking attacks. it
the disease cannot be considered just a bronchial disease, it is severe
pathology that is associated with a general impairment of immunity, nervous
system and allergies.

Exposure to toxic substances in everyday life

household chemicals containing chlorine, laundry detergents and
pr, the presence in the air of cities, megacities of the abundance of exhaust gases,
causes allergic dry cough. Also
pay attention to when your dry cough starts, maybe
it is somehow connected with the purchase of new furniture, new repair,
home appliance purchases.

Modern industry, especially the production of plastic,
furniture, building materials, even children’s toys, often
uses an abundance of toxic chemicals that can
irritate the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, bronchi,
causing chronic chemical poisoning. If such products in
there is a lot of room, they are new and smell – it can be
cause dry cough.

In addition, a dry cough by type of allergy occurs from
inhalation of perfume, copy and print toner vapors

Helminthic invasions

Sometimes cases of ascariasis are recorded, during which
Ascarid larvae migrate through the small circle of blood circulation, they
задерживаются в легочной ткани, вызывая надсадный сухой cough.
Getting into the lungs, trachea and bronchi, they cause irritation.
cough receptor, the migration phase in ascariasis is
8-14 days (see roundworm-symptoms and treatment).

Professional dry cough

Reason for it appearances may be associated with working on harmful
production, where a mass of toxic suspensions forms in the air.
веществ, вызывающих у работников сухой cough. Have workers
stone industry, coal mining industry often
developing silicosis of the lungs. Also среди профессиональных
diseases that cause dry cough is worth noting the disease
american farmers or fibrosing alveolitis where dry cough
– this is only the debut of pathology, the outcome of which becomes difficult
respiratory failure.

Some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract provoke dry reflex cough without
temperature, it happens after eating with esophageal diverticula,
esophageal-tracheal fistula, reflux esophagitis.

Taking some medicines

usually ACE inhibitors that are used to reduce
blood pressure and treating other cardiovascular
diseases. In 20% of patients, these medicines cause dry cough,
if after discontinuation of the drug it disappears, therefore, this cough
was a side effect of the drug being taken.

Cardiovascular diseases, heart failure
may also cause dry cough

The cause of allergies, provocateur allergic reactions can be
to establish with the help of analyzes to which the allergist will direct.
It is necessary to take seriously any manifestations of allergies, because
it’s not just a dry cough, runny nose, or rash with a strong
allergic reactions can occur anaphylactic shock, swelling
Quincke, which without timely medical care may be

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