Why does the child walk on toes


  1. Causes
  2. Treatment
  3. How to treat when a child walks on toes
    1. Home treatments
    2. Massage
  4. Conclusion

Is tiptoeing okay? No. Ballet Walk to norm does not apply. This may be a single occurrence, episodic, as an example of the first attempts to walk on two legs.

But if tiptoeing turns into a system for a child, then this is an occasion to contact a specialist doctor.

The central nervous system is responsible for the process of human movement system (CNS) and spinal cord. The cerebellum, the cortex is involved brain, spinal cord). Emphasize on standing up and walking on toes follows, if such phenomenon occurs after the onset of a three-month age.


Biological and psychological reasons:

  • Muscular dystonia;
  • The state of hypotonic and hypertonic muscle;
  • Pyramidal insufficiency;
  • Emotional overload, stress and fear;
  • Feeling of cold.

A small child often walks on toesMuscle tension may spread disproportionately. Called – muscle dystonia. Sometimes it passes on its own, without interference with side of the doctor.

It could be an accident – getting on tiptoe because curiosity. We stand on tiptoe when we want to see something that is too high when we are interested. Should closely monitor your baby – if the reason for the tiptoe pose – knowledge of the world around him – then he must be able to at that moment stand in full foot.

It can also be a banal imitation of adults: desire seem taller, repeat for parents if they too stand on socks. It is worth explaining to the baby how to walk correctly. Keep track of with their walk – the children completely repeat after us. Also getting up tiptoe can be a protection against the cold.

Such walking may be a symptom (one of many) of the onset cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy). Do not panic – you should just show the child to a pediatrician or neurologist. This is about pyramidal insufficiency is a movement function disorder.

The systematic “gait of the ballerun” can talk about insufficient or improper development of motor functions of the body baby. Improper walking is incorrect posture.

The negative effects of gait on tiptoe:

  • Baby clubfoot;
  • Torticollis;
  • Incorrect posture;
  • General retardation of physical development.

The fact is that in the process of walking on the toes of the foot, the baby does not has proper support on the heel – the heel, in principle, ceases participate in the movement, ceases to develop and grow.

Disproportionate growth of the forefoot of the baby begins, trampling process, Achilles tendon and calf muscle ceases to contract normally.


  1. How to treat when a child walks on toes

    Physiotherapy. A complex of professional medical procedures

  2. Electrophoresis procedure. If the reason for the strange walk lies in hypertonicity (pathologically strong and involuntary) muscles, then this method works effectively
  3. Professional massage session.
  4. Relaxing baby baths complemented by herbal infusions (you can include lavender, motherwort, a string, chamomile).
  5. Physiotherapy.

You should deal with your baby regularly: it’s not only will bring the child’s muscles to normal tone, but also contributes to the overall development. A significant part of their impressions of the world is a child receives in a “sensory” way, through sensations. Primarily through touch of mother.

Permanent regular gymnastics and massage performed with love, serve as prevention not only physiological, but psychological ailments. Close and pleasant contact with the mother – guarantee of the baby’s health.

Home treatments

  • If the child walks on toesGames.
  • Jumping, walking on inclined planes, on soft surfaces, “duck gait”, walking on the outer and inner sides of the foot. The calf muscles described above, Achilles tendon, ankle – begin to contract and function as they should.
  • A useful but challenging game: learning to pick up small items (designer details) toes.

Be sure to do the exercises together, ideally should achieve synchronized actions, tune in to the rhythm in which it’s convenient for the baby to perform exercises. Praise him: both in the process and for achievements.

  • Swimming – prevention and treatment of any physical ailments.
  • Find comfortable orthopedic shoes for your baby.

If a child walks on toes, do not think about why there are child concave toenails.

One of the reasons why bumps appear on my legs child – walking on toes.

Interesting material – treatment of a child with flat valgus feet.


Normal stroking relaxes muscles very well.

  1. Finger writing out the number “8” on the sole of the baby;
  2. Massage the calf mouse with your thumb and forefinger. with your fingers
  3. Gently move the baby’s foot towards and away from you.


Watch your baby and his walk carefully. Noticing weird repetitive behavior feel free to contact specialist: pediatrician, neurologist (he will exclude the most dangerous options), physiotherapist, chiropractor. Play in educational games on motor skills, do massage.

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