Why does the child scratch his palms and feet


  1. Causes
    1. Enterovirus infection
    2. Allergic reactions
    3. Fungal infection
    4. Scabies
    5. Avitaminosis
    6. Dyshidrotic eczema and dyshidrosis
    7. Other reasons
  2. Treatment
  3. Conclusion

When the child’s palms itch, and barely waking up, he begins to be capricious, it’s unlikely that we recall the folk signs of profit or meetings.

Itchy baby provide irritated nerve endings on the palms. The problem is local in nature or with the spread of symptoms throughout the body. Combing is acute or chronic.

Especially often, doctors complain that the child itches palms and feet. After combing, the skin is injured, through cracks opens the road to any infection.


Symptoms of itching of the palms in children be manifestations of various diseases and domestic problems.

Enterovirus infection

Enterovirus is multifaceted in its manifestations, different body parts, including palms and feet. Skin infection wears name of viral exanthema. This is hyperemia (redness), manifested mainly on the head, chest and palms of the hands.

The disease appears at one moment, over the skin is not stands out. Sometimes it has the appearance of a vesicular rash on the palms and feet. Bubbles disappear within a week, leaving pigment spots that pass themselves over time.

Allergic reactions

The child has red palms and itchesIf the child is prone to allergies, first of all you need to check the list of its products nutrition, the quality of his clothes, detergents and hygiene products, and also medicines that are taken by the baby or nursing mother. There is an allergy to pet hair.

Baby and mother’s cosmetics are not always hypoallergenic. Allergy may be a hereditary disease, it is also associated with adverse environmental conditions, poor quality drinking water and excessive solar activity, pollution atmosphere by industrial enterprises.

During the examination, you need to go through food tests to adjust the diet of the baby. If the child has red hands and itching due to allergies, there may be other symptoms – drowsiness, headache, nausea.

Fungal infection

If the skin of the palms is dry and peeling, the reason why the child palms and feet itch, maybe a fungus. Your nails may darken itching also occurs between the fingers. In running form on the feet cracks and sores appear.

Thanks to infection of fungi in the body of the child accumulate toxins that provoke the development of other diseases. More often this problem occurs in adults, but as an infectious disease with weakened immunity may pass to children. Treatment should be comprehensive for the whole family.


If there is a rash on the palms of a child that is itching, the child is lethargic, irritable, has lost his appetite, needs to be done scraping for scabies. If this is not enough, prescribe a trial treatment.

At night, the baby’s hands (if necessary, and the stomach, elbows, armpits, buttocks) lubricate with 10% emulsion or ointment benzyl benzoate.

If the baby sleeps peacefully or much better (scabies mite, living on the skin, the most active at night), then the next day conduct a full course of treatment with antiparasitic drugs with disinfection of linen and preventive measures for all contact tenants.

In addition to changing clothes, you can not bathe a child until the final recovery. The rash in the child associated with scabies looks Typically, and any pediatrician will confirm the diagnosis immediately. In infants the first year of life, rashes occur on the palms and head.



The child is scratching his palms and feetWith a deficiency of vitamins groups B vitamin deficiency is manifested in the form of itching and peeling of the palms and feet, as well as their dryness. The tongue is red and dry. Arms and legs may be cold.

The child develops hypersensitivity, tearfulness, sleep disturbances. With a deficiency of vitamin B 2 in young children cramps, vision falls. In the long run may lead to psoriasis.

Vitamin complex and diet (most vitamins group B in the liver, pork, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts) will pick up doctor individually.

Dyshidrotic eczema and dyshidrosis

If bubbles appear between fingers, palms and soles, which are visible even through the stratum corneum of the skin, then think about the presence of a serious disease ─ dyshidrosis. Occurrence vesicles accompanied by swelling, itching and burning, progression of hyperemia.

A dermatologist should clarify the diagnosis, he will also select an adequate treatment. If the parents have reason to believe that the feet itch feet and hands in a child due to allergies, you can get advice allergist-immunologist.

If the child’s palms itch at night, the itching does not go away long time, spreads to other parts of the body, accompanied by other symptoms ─ weight loss, rash, decreased the baby’s activity, one can’t do without specialist advice.

Other reasons

Other causes of itching in a child may include:

  • Insect bites;
  • Other infectious childhood diseases;
  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus);
  • Blood diseases (lymphogranulomatosis, lymphosarcoma, leukemia);
  • Burns of palms and feet with plants;
  • Reaction to stress, malfunctions of the nervous system;
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating);
  • Mechanical injury.

Ants, fleas, mosquitoes, wasps ─ serious enemies for delicate skin baby. And if you also comb the place of the bite, along with the infection you can end up with a child in a hospital bed. With timely processing swelling passes in 3-4 days.

The rash on the palms of the child itchesIf the child itches palms and red spots, the temperature has risen, it could be the first symptoms of chickenpox, measles, erysipelas. Source childhood diseases are streptococci that are neutralized antibiotics. Mechanical injuries can be associated with burns, frostbite, abrasions, calluses due to uncomfortable shoes.


What to do if the baby insists on scratching his hands and Feet?

  1. To relieve itching, use baths with a decoction of chamomile, succession of oak bark. Three tablespoons of herbs are poured with a glass of water, boil, insist, add to the bath or use for wiping.
  2. Soothes a contrast shower or cold compress with wet napkin or ice for a short time. In order not to pick up cold, cover the ice pack with a soft cloth.
  3. Menthol-based lotions, tincture also relieve irritation calendula, aloe juice.
  4. When itching is caused by stress, normal psycho-emotional atmosphere in the house. Can give baby soothing teas with mint, valerian (works on cumulative pattern), a warm bath, a walk in the fresh air, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.
  5. If it is an allergy, it is important to follow a diet, giving up cow’s milk, honey, eggs, chocolate, citrus, red berries, products with preservatives.
  6. Free the room from pets, carpets, some types of plants.
  7. Do not spray fresheners and pungent perfumes.
  8. Wet clean regularly.

Information about the reasons and tips are for guidance only, self-medicating is futile and dangerous. Why does a child have itchy palms?

Itching is not an independent disease, but only symptoms. The exact answer and adequate recommendations are in the children’s clinic, and not on thematic forums. Find out on our site for what Reasons peeling off the skin on the palms of the child.

If the palms are very flaky – what should parents do?

Recommended article on why babies get dry rough skin.


The sooner the baby passes the examination, the more effective it will be treatment. In the future, preventive measures must be observed, if the child’s palms itch – hygiene rules, full nutrition, calm emotional background, contact control of a child with by strangers, strengthening his immunity will help get rid from a symptom.

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