Why does the baby eye mow


  1. Causes
  2. Treatment

Infant care should be brought to parents only positive emotions. But some diseases and ailments of crumbs can confuse even the most experienced mom and dad.

For example, a squinting eye in a newborn can be the cause disease or temporary occurrence. Before you panic, need to read useful information about the possible causes of strabismus at the baby. It may be physiological or pathological nature. Parents will be able to draw the necessary knowledge of the causes of the squinting eye of a newborn.


Strabism in infants is not always a dangerous phenomenon, as they think many parents. The problem is that the child is simply not can control the movement of the eyeballs due to its age. Due to muscle weakness, the pupils diverge to the temples, or are located too close to the baby’s nose. A similar phenomenon has received the name of the “floating” eye.

For babies, this “squint” is the norm. But by the time reaching four months of age, the problem should lose relevance. If the baby is already six months old, but he doesn’t learned to control the movements of the muscles of the eyeballs, should see a doctor.

Children’s ophthalmologist will confirm strabismus or put another diagnosis. In accordance with this, treatment will be carried out. Eye muscles need training, so you should not worry before time.

About three to four percent of newborns are found strabismus as a serious pathological disease. If do not start treatment in a timely manner, the child’s vision is significantly will decrease. The resulting pathology can lead to unilateral or bilateral loss of vision.


Mows the eye of a babyIf it turns out that weakness eye muscles is not related to the problem, the doctor will determine the real cause of the disease:

  • Severe neurological diseases provoked by severe childbirth;
  • Infections that mommy suffered during pregnancy;
  • Severe intracranial pressure, headaches;
  • Diphtheria, influenza, scarlet fever and other viral infections diseases can trigger developing strabismus;
  • Physical trauma and heredity.

In rare cases, the eye may mow due to improper the arrangement of toys over his crib.

If they are too close, the baby is trying focus on toys. He is trying to control eye muscles tracking the location of hanging toys. How correct strabismus in a child – useful tips.

What to do if the child has rotten eyes.

Useful information – actions when the upper eyelid is swollen a child.


Depending on the cause, the ophthalmologist will advise one of three methods of dealing with strabismus. This is a vision correction with using glasses, the use of special lenses, operational surgical intervention to correct strabismus by way. The latter method is rarely used in already running cases. Using corrective glasses or lenses will definitely give a positive result if you start to decide why mows the eye of the baby, in a timely manner.

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