Why does the baby constantly suck a finger?


  1. Causes
  2. Habit
  3. Countermeasures
  4. Conclusion

A child sucks a finger – a familiar picture. She can be seen on ultrasound even before the birth of the baby, many cubs entertain themselves so.

But gradually, instead of being touched, this fact causes parents alarming. How an innocent prank grows into a bad habit than it is dangerous, and what adults must do to the growing baby stopped pulling the handles in your mouth?

The life of the new man is controlled by instincts and reflexes ─ behavior programs laid down by nature to help an incapable being to survive in a harsh world. The needs of the newborn are not so many: he dreams about comfort, security, wants it to be dry and satisfying, so that he always been happy. Physical discomfort in infants is usually accompany with crying, and when the child sucks the thumb, and regularly, the reasons for this behavior should be studied by parents.


The sucking reflex for the baby is one of the most important, so how the three main nerves participate in this process – the ternary, nasopharyngeal and vagus. Stable work of these important organs improves digestion, stabilizes the nervous system, promotes brain activity.

The need to suckle a breast or something else is caused not only hunger, in this way children develop, calm down. How to wean a child to suck a finger? First of all, find the reason such behavior. There is no single reason, but prerequisites may be:

  1. Baby sucks a fingerHunger. The baby feeds on the mother milk or an adapted mixture, sucking remains the only way to get food. Sucking a finger, the baby shows his mom that he is hungry.
  2. Emotional discomfort. Children are very susceptible to everything occurs in the house, and, like a mirror, reflect this in their behavior. Conflicts in the house, the appearance of a stranger, especially if he trying to take the baby in his arms, always stress for the baby. The guarantor safety for him will be my mother’s chest, if not, substitute fingers.
  3. Lack of attention. Love of the closest people is an important resource development and growing up of a child. In orphanages, children can fall behind in development only because they are deficient in emotional and physical contact with parents. It’s important to feel every little thing the minute that he is welcome and beloved. Breast sucking like the other physical contact (massage, stroking, kisses) ─ this is the best for This age is a way to express your love. Why baby sucks finger? If the baby is fed by the clock, and not when he asks, he can compensate for the desire by sucking his fingers or other items.
  4. Teething. If the baby’s teeth are cut, he will suck and bite not only fists and fingers. All that on hand to scratch sore gums.


Baby sucks a fingerWhen the baby is a month old, he sucks a finger instinctively, by virtue of an unsatisfied congenital sucker reflex, and adults do not pay much attention to this.

If the child is one year old, he sucks a finger reflexively and it’s not worth terrorizing him. It’s easier to find a reason and try to fix it.

According to Dr. David Levy, children fed after 3 hours less dependent on this habit than those who are given breasts after 4 hours. In the experiment, puppies were fed from a pipette, depriving them opportunities to suck. And they behaved just like children: constantly sucked their paws so that all the hair came off them, sometimes applied to the feet of other puppies.


A 2 year old child sucks a finger for a completely different reason. Such behavior can speak of unconscious fears and anxieties, self-doubt and loved ones, trauma attachment and other problems with psychological roots.

If a 5 year old child sucks a finger, the cause may be overexcitation after active games, before going to bed such a reception of it soothing. When a kid is just bored, he also has fun In this age, a bad habit can affect bite formation, therefore it is worth visiting a pediatric dentist: checking his teeth, he will talk about the dangers of sucking fingers. To opinion a man whom everyone is afraid of, children listen.

How to wean a child to suck a fingerIf baby teeth are the sucking fingers may shift, then on the growth and placement of permanent teeth, according to dentists, this habit has no effect. Permanent teeth appear at 6 years old when absolute most children with a habit of sucking fingers are already parting.


The older the baby, the deeper the causes of his “sucking” problems, parents will need more effort to defeat the evil a habit. Therefore, it is necessary to respond correctly and at the very first signs of a problem. Those parents whose baby began to suck finger, and for those who have not yet encountered such a fact, it’s useful to know how to wean him. By taking preventive measures, you can get rid of worries the whole family. A child sucks a finger ─ what to do?

  1. Do not refuse to breast-feed a baby. If not serious causes (serious illness associated with taking drugs, unsafe for babies, etc.), you can feed the mother milk of the baby and the second year of life. Today, breastfeeding is considered the norm. feeding up to 2 years, because breast ─ it’s not just food, but also safety, the manifestation of mother’s affection and love.
  2. If the baby 2 months sucks a finger and is on artificial when feeding, it is necessary to increase the duration and number of feedings, reducing the dose of the usual mixture and the size of the hole in the nipple, which stretches over time.
  3. Instead of “mom substitutes” offer your baby the first breast requirement, and sucking reflex they will be satisfied completely. But if the baby 3 months sucks a finger, and his chest unavailable, Dr. Komarovsky believes it is optimal to replace still finger on a dummy, experimenting with shape, weight, quality of rubber, (harm to the dummy, in his opinion, is very exaggerated). Unable to pick up a finger without offering anything in return. A 4 year old child sucks a finger
  4. Protect your child from stress, observing the rule “calm mother – a calm child. “Mom for a baby is his whole world, and to overload his immature psyche with unnecessary information (dating, impressions) is not worth it. Be attentive to needs kid leaving conflicts behind the door.
  5. If the child is 4 years old, sucks fingers, although the chest has not been asks, it is necessary to increase the duration of physical contacts with him. He will not be opposed to an invitation to “handle”, wallowing with his mother on sofa, reading dad’s tales on his lap – everything that brings together and fills the baby with a sense of self-worth.
  6. Offer your child affordable games: jigsaw puzzles and plasticine hands for a long time, eliminating the need for sucking. If the baby is looking cartoons and pulls a finger in his mouth, distract him with a soft ball or a cube so that his hands are occupied with his kneading. “Adult” manicure with a special children’s varnish will help the young fashionista show exposure and do not spoil the beauty of the suction.
  7. Get different types of rubber “rodents” for erupting teeth. If you are interested in him so new toys, you can anticipate a 4 month old baby’s desire to suck finger.
  8. If the baby constantly sucks his finger, do not focus his attention on this bad habit. Distract the baby by calmly removing the handle from the mouth. An angry mom drives the baby into stress even more.

In addition to the measures that need to be applied, it is worth remembering about those techniques that can not be used to get rid of harmful habits. This is fixing the handles and legs with tight diapers and gloves (after release, the baby again takes a finger in his mouth), smearing with hot spices (pepper, mustard) leads to damage gastric mucosa and severe stress (when scratching with this hand eye), shouts and physical impact leave an indelible mark on the children’s psyche. A secret response to fear will be secret sucking fingers.

Young children require constant care, lack attention leads to bad habits ─ biting lips, stroking an ear or nose, twisting locks of hair, sucking corner of clothing, paws of a toy, but, more often, ─ own fingers or cam. If a 4 year old child sucks a finger, it destroys enamel of the nail plate, deforms the phalanges of the fingers, promotes curvature of the bite, inflammation of the gums. It is interesting to know when the child finally sits on its own.

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Constant suction of unwashed fingers threatens infection pathogens that cause intestinal and other diseases. It is unlikely that the habit of sucking a finger remained for life – this “dangerous” phenomenon usually outgrows. Summary: You must fight, but the goal of the struggle is not to eradicate that the baby sucks a finger while creating an alternative.

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