Why does shingles occur?adults?

Update: October 2018

Herpes zoster is a medical literature term that
has several interpretation options, such as shingles
deprive and herpes Zoster. Nature, causes and symptoms
This disease was studied and described only in 1925. Before
This is the medicine for this disease used only the definition

Causes of herpes zoster

Although shingles and chicken pox are the same
the causative agent is the varicella zoster virus, it causes two diseases,
significantly different from each other in clinical signs and
the course of the inflammatory process. After suffering in the nursery
aged chickenpox (varicella), this virus remains in the body
in a dormant, latent state and in the nerve ganglia and craniocerebral
Nerves and does not manifest itself for decades, because the immune
the system suppressed its reproduction and developed antibodies against

However, at any moment, when in certain parts of the cellular
immunity fails, violation, varicella zoster can
re-activated, only in this case, the disease will already be
have a different character from chicken pox. Many believe that if
in childhood to have chickenpox, then you will never catch it again
and you will not be sick. Yes, the infection has already happened, but to get sick
can be repeated, only it will not be chicken pox, but
shingles. Provocative factors, causes of herpes
Many doctors consider the following: Опоясывающий лишай

  •  According to statistics, 7 times more likely to get this
    ailment older people 50-60 years old. About 5% of people are elderly
    aged go to doctors with symptoms of shingles
  • The reason is simple – this is due to the natural process.
    reduce the body’s defenses in humans with age, decreases
    the production of endorphins is limited to the absorption of vitamins and
    trace elements. Especially often the disease manifests itself in
    autumn and spring season.
  • The most common cause of shingles is
    young people are the diseases in which there is
    нарушения клеточного иммунитета: Читайте также по

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    • Diseases of the blood, blood
    • Immunodeficiency states, autoimmune diseases
    • Malignant neoplasms, after a radiation or
    • HIV-infected people often suffer from this disease (see
      symptoms of HIV infection)
    • Diabetes
    • Bone marrow transplantation of various organs
    • Severe injuries
    • Chronic diseases – hepatitis, renal failure,
      liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, heart failure
  • People taking immunosuppressive drugs for various
    diseases are also at risk of developing herpes because
    cytostatic drugs, glucocorticosteroid hormones suppress
    natural protective function in the body.
  • At primary infection in adults, rare
    cases of simultaneous clinical manifestation of symptoms and varicella
    smallpox, and shingles.
  • Infection usually occurs through contact, airborne
    by, therefore weakened people with additional contact with
    source of virus can add intake of viral agents to
    организм и спровоцировать рецидив herpes
  • Young people also have an increased risk after suffering
    neurological or severe infectious disease after
    prolonged hypothermia, mental stress, severe
    physical exhaustion.
  • Close household contact of children with adults suffering
    herpes zoster causes an outbreak
    windmills in the children’s team.

Shingles during pregnancy how dangerous?

Transplacental infection is another way
shingles infection. When pregnancy occurs
natural reduction of the body’s defenses
provoke the internal activation of the herpes virus Zoster or when
primary infection with the virus upon contact with patients. Moreover, for
women this process is not always accompanied by specific
symptomatic and can go unnoticed, it is very dangerous because
all active viruses easily pass through the placental
barrier and adversely affect the developing body
baby, namely:

  • The most fatal consequence is stillbirth of a newborn.
    or spontaneous abortion
  • When a baby is born, a child can have severe injuries.
    brain, nervous system, leading to disability,
    blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy.
  • Also, if a woman before pregnancy did not have chickenpox and
    antibodies were not transmitted in utero to the baby, at primary
    infection in a child can be observed severe generalized
    herpes simplex virus Zoster with meningeal disorders.

Therefore, in order to avoid the development of shingles during
of pregnancy contact with ill adults should be avoided
children with chickenpox create maximum conditions for
maintain strong immunity in a pregnant woman.

Shingles Prevention

The causes of this disease are now clear, and based on
above, we can conclude that any viral disease
likes people weakened by various factors, therefore prevention
Shingles is a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful
habits such as smoking and alcohol, hardening, rational
good nutrition, reasonable exercise
fresh air, limiting stay in direct sunny
rays. Plays an important role in strengthening immunity
psychological state of a person, therefore a positive mood,
reducing stressful situations or changing your attitude towards
him, training in auto-training, daily pronouncing of affirmations
for improving health can help the body long
years of coping with the negative effects of viruses on the body.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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