Why does hair fall out after giving birth and how is itstop

Childbirth left behind, baby grows and gains weight, your body
gradually returns to the previous state. It would seem which
surprises can still wait for a young mother, because the most difficult is already
passed? It turns out that the recovery period after childbirth
Lasts much longer than it seems to us, and is accompanied by phenomena
alarming woman. One of these phenomena is
послеродовое выпадение волос. 3-4 months after
the emergence of crumbs into the world mom begins to notice that after a shower, sleep
or when combing it loses a large amount of hair.

Some even notice the formation of islands of bald spots on the head.
However, no matter how frightening the picture, the process is
quite physiological and lasts several months. Young mom
it is important to know why hair loss occurs and what’s wrong with that

Выпадение волос после родов

Why do young mothers lose hair

Causes of hair loss after childbirth are partly due to
natural processes occurring in the body, partly –
lifestyle of a young mother.

  1. The main reason is a change in hormonal
    During pregnancy, the development of female genital
    hormones (estrogen) is increased many times. Under the influence
    these hormones are literally rejuvenated, the rate of renewal
    The cells are very high. The natural process of hair loss in this
    the period is reduced to a minimum: those hairs that have already stopped active
    growth, do not fall out, and remain in place, in parallel with this actively
    grow new. Increased circulating blood volume also plays
    its positive role in growing luxurious hair during
    of pregnancy. After delivery, hormonal changes in
    back side. The amount of estrogen decreases, and the whole
    the miraculous effect of them disappears. Falling in this period
    the hairs were the ones that were supposed to fall out, but were delayed by
    physiological reasons. Just falling out they start pretty
    abruptly and in large quantities, so the situation may frighten the young mother.
  2. Stress factor. The birth of a child, as it were
    it sounded strange, a big stress for a woman, although he
    has a plus sign. Adaptation to a new social role, new concerns,
    lack of sleep even amid the joy of motherhood kills the forces
    organism. In the face of stress, skin condition can deteriorate,
    weaken the immune system, increase hair loss.
  3. Lack of vitamins and minerals.
    It is believed that during the carrying of the baby all the nutrients
    �”Sent” to the child, and mom gets something for the residual
    principle. During breastfeeding the same thing happens
    Only the needs of the born baby are much higher, therefore
    Mom gets even less.

Как stop выпадение волос

Сразу стоит сказать, что полностью stop
выпадение волос невозможно. That part of the hair that should
had to leave her head, still leave her. However, this does not mean
that you should not take any action. The best treatment in this
situations – increased hair care and tonic
для всего organism.

  • On the physical level, it is worth treating the hair very
    не расчесывать влажные волосы, не стягивать их в
    tight “tail”, to refuse frequent combs (especially with
    metal teeth), do not use hair dryers, irons and
    curling hair, do not dye your hair and do not perm;
  • Cosmetic masks help hair loss,
    both industrial and home production.
    home masks can easily be found on the Internet, but you need to
    consider that young mothers usually have very little time for
    procedures and personal care, and such masks take time: mix
    ingredients, apply, time to wash. In this sense, store
    funds are more convenient. From the store very effective
    are oil masks that are specifically
    prepared mixtures of essential oils. The main components of such masks
    – burdock oil and oil solutions of vitamins A and E. By the way,
    vitamins A and E in the form of a solution can be added to shampoos, balms
    and other hair products, making them healthier;
  • During the period of hair loss, it is worth reviewing everything.
    means to care for them.
    Massage shampoos and balms
    it is better to postpone for a while and replace with special medicinal
    means sold in pharmacies. These shampoos not only give
    easy cosmetic effect, but also thanks to the active ingredients
    affecting the scalp causing a rush of blood to
    hair follicles, and thus increasing their nutrition;
  • A prerequisite for combating hair loss –
    здоровое полноценное питание
    , ведь пища – главный источник
    vitamins and nutrients. The menu must be protein,
    calcium, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables.
  • It would not be superfluous to support the body with
    витаминных препаратов
    , тем более, что кормящие мамы обычно
    Be wary of many products, refuse
    fruits and vegetables or eat them in minimal quantities. During the period
    breastfeeding can take the same vitamins as in time
    беременности (Мульти-табс Перинатал, Витрум Пренатал, Элевит
    ). Additionally, you can take calcium supplements.
    (Кальций Д3) и йода (Йдомарин, Калия йодид).
    However, overloading the body with pills is not worth it. Drugs need
    drink courses, giving the liver a break from increased stress.


If the process of hair loss continues too long or goes
very intense – it makes sense to consult a specialist. Usually for
anti-hair loss prescribed massage, mesotherapy.

On average, hair loss begins 3-4 months after
childbirth and lasts 2-3 months. Take action against active
precipitation is necessary when observing a very important condition – calm
emotional background mom. Rest and a positive attitude – the key to victory
over any problem.

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