Why does chest hurt when feeding a baby?Causes and what to do?

From the moment of birth between mother and baby is established
close relationship. She gets even stronger when mom feeds
crumb breasts. However, it happens that in these wonderful moments young
mother feels discomfort and even pain. Why chest sore
when feeding a baby? The reasons for this may be

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  • 1 Причины болей в груди во время кормления
    • 1.1 Natural causes
    • 1.2 Incorrect grip of the nipple during feeding
    • 1.3 Skin nipple trauma
    • 1.4 Thrush
    • 1.5 Lactostasis
    • 1.6 Mastitis
    • 1.7 Vasospasm
  • 2 Prevention
  • 3 Videos: How to avoid breast problems while nursing

боли в груди во время кормления

Feelings during feeding are caused
natural adaptation of the mammary glands to the lactation process. But
there may be more serious violations requiring adoption
relevant measures.

Причины болей в груди во время кормления

Natural causes

During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts prepare to
saturate the newborn. The mammary glands swell, the nipples become
darker colostrum can be released. With the birth of a child perestroika
the body goes even more intense. Now the main role is played
prolactin – the maternity hormone and oxytocin – the love hormone. Under
the action of these hormones produces milk and is secreted
coming to replace the colostrum. During this period, many moms
note unpleasant, and even pain in the chest. They
associated with the following factors:

  • Rapid milk flow. Many moms describe
    its like “bursting” or “tingling” in the chest. Some may
    feel even pain;
  • Addictive tender nipple skin. It manifests itself
    in painful sensations when nipple is gripped by a baby and educated
    small cracks on it;
  • Tides of milk. The formation of lactation
    occurs within 3 months of the birth of the crumbs, therefore
    �“Tides” and “leakage” of milk can persist for
    all this time. During the rush of milk there is pain in
    breasts, nipples and lower abdomen. Over time, young
    the mother produces a reflex when milk comes to a time
    next feeding. If it is impossible to attach the crumb to the breast,
    It is necessary to express milk a little if the breast is bursting. And better
    time to attach the child.

If mom often and on demand puts
newborn to the breast, following the correct nipple grip, these
unpleasant feelings pass.
If chest pain
persists and becomes stronger, the reason may be more

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But если дискомфорт появился позже, то необходимо выяснить,
почему болит грудь во время кормления малыша.

Incorrect nipple grip during feeding

According to the experience of specialists in breastfeeding, this is the main
cause of lactation disorders. When the baby captures the nipple
wrong, the mother is in acute pain at the beginning of the feeding. Can not
continue to feed the baby, as it affects him and negative
way: he does not gorge, and also swallows a lot of excess air
– this can lead to excessive gas formation.

It is necessary to ensure that the crumb took the breast correctly.
To do this, the mother can take the following actions:

  • Wait until the child opens his mouth wide. He will do it
    reflexively, if you nipple on the lower lip;
  • Pull the head of the baby to him. The mouth of the newborn should like
    as if “putting on” on the nipple, you will only see a small part
    areoles. The nipple in this case will be at the level of the root of the tongue,
    making it impossible to hurt him;
  • If the nipple grip does not work, you need to tighten the areola skin, while
    this thumb will be at the top of it, and the index finger – at the bottom. Having invested
    nipple in the child’s mouth, let go of the breast – it will straighten itself,
    providing the right grip.

To achieve the right grip can be in any position feeding. Everything
same optimal posture for this – putting the baby from under his arm
lying down. Having learned to do it correctly, the crumb will not deliver
mother pain while feeding.

It happens that the baby cannot take the breast correctly.
purely physiological reasons:

  • Short bridle This problem can be solved by contacting
    child dentist. He will put the bridle in order surgical
    a few minutes;
  • Pathology of the upper palate. Such a violation is rare, about
    He also needs to consult with a dentist.
Правильный захват соска ребенком

Правильный захват соска ребенком

Травмирование кожи сосков

Due to the inexperience of a young mother and baby on the nipples can
cracks occur. They причиняют сильную боль во время кормления.
This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Wrong grip when baby sucks only part
    соска, без areoles.
    This may result in mechanical
    injuries, resulting in cracks;
  • Excessive breast care. Too frequent
    washing the chest erases the protective lubricant, leads to desiccation and
    nipple skin thinning;
  • Incorrect pumping technique. Sometimes
    a woman needs to express milk: to improve lactation, when
    she leaves the baby for a while, is sick or completes the nursing
    feeding. You do not need to squeeze your chest too much and or
    to perform manipulations only in the area of ​​the nipple, to press on it.
    It is better to use a breast pump for pumping, but too
    intensive use can also cause nipple cracks;
  • Sharp interruption of feeding. Cracks
    возникают, when с целью завершить или прервать кормление мама
    dramatically pulls the nipple out of the baby’s mouth. The child himself will relax his mouth and
    выпустит сосок, when насытится. If you need to abruptly interrupt
    process, you should gently insert a clean little finger in your mouth and remove

Читаем также о трещинах на сосках и как их
to treat


Cracks и ссадины на сосках легко становятся местом
spread of fungal and staph infection. In this case
a whitish coating on the nipples, as well as gums, cheeks and tongue
baby The baby begins to cry, refuse to eat.

Mom is painful to feed and express milk, the chest hurts and between
feedings, especially if the infection penetrates deeper and affects
milky ducts. This can happen amid a change.
hormonal levels, reduced immunity and non-compliance
hygiene (rare or excessively frequent washing of the breast).

A woman needs to see a doctor: he will pick up
appropriate drugs that successfully cope with infection and
позволят продолжать грудное feeding. Also the doctor will recommend
средства борьбы с проявлением молочницы у baby


Lactostasisом называют застой молока в протоках млечных желез. it
may be caused by several factors:

  • Insufficient and irregular chest emptying
    due to improper application, bottle feeding,
    cracked nipples;
  • Adherence of the breast when feeding:
    fingers can pinch some ducts, so they
    not emptied until the end;
  • Tight underwear, sleep on the stomach;
  • Гиперлактация – чрезмерная выработка
  • Stress, lack of sleep, overwork;
  • Bruises, injuries, hypothermia chest.

When lactostasis chest becomes hard, palpation
felt seals, skin may turn red. Rises
breast temperature, while body temperature remains
normal. Mother hurts to breastfeed, pain persists
and after feeding.

Milk stasis is also not a contraindication of breast
feeding. On the contrary, regular and frequent attachment of the baby to
breasts can cope with it for 2-3 days. but
soreness may persist even after complete emptying
mammary glands. Long-lasting lactostasis can cause
uninfected mastitis.

We read in detail about lactostasis and treatment

Memo. Lactostasis

Memo. Lactostasis


Inflammation of the breast is called mastitis. He can
развиться из-за застоя молока (lactostasis), а также трещин на
nipple penetrated by infection.
Mastitis проявляется
severe chest pains, seals, redness, increased
body temperature, chills. The risk of mastitis increases
due to weakening of the body after difficult labor.


Inflammation leads to the formation of an abscess in the breast, to
breast milk can be mixed with pus. In such cases, breast
feeding will have to stop until treatment. In running
In cases of mastitis, breast deformity, sepsis and

Treatment of mastitis in the initial stages involves attachment
cold on the chest between feedings (for example, chilled
cabbage leaves) and complete emptying of the breast (frequent
applying a child, if necessary – decanting). With complex
forms of mastitis use antibiotics, in advanced cases –
surgical intervention.

We read in detail about mastitis and treatment


Vasospasm (синдром Рейно) — резкое сокращение кровеносных
breast vessels. He was first described by a pediatrician from Canada, Jack Newman. is he
made the assumption that the burning pain after feeding is associated with
spasm of blood vessels. is he возникает из-за резкого перепада
температуры, when малыш выпускает сосок изо рта. Nipple with it
changes its color: from beige to white. Due to vasospasm
access of blood is blocked, it causes pain after feeding,
which can also appear between them.

If a nursing woman suffers from vasospasm, she should
consult a doctor and check for autoimmune
diseases, as vasospasm can develop on their background. Besides
In addition, keep your chest warm, cover it immediately by
end of feeding. Do not use strong tea and coffee – they can
cause spasms of blood vessels. To alleviate the condition it is recommended
massage of the chest.


To avoid chest pain, every nursing mother needs
be aware of preventive measures and also respond promptly to
the appearance of unpleasant sensations. Complex preventive measures
includes the following tactics:

1. Прикладывайте малыша к груди как можно чаще.
it обеспечит достаточную выработку молока и поможет справиться с
its excess without causing stagnation.

2. Следите, to crumb grab breasts
, опорожняя все протоки молочной железы.

3. При необходимости сцеживания, соблюдайте следующую

  • Take a warm shower or apply warm
    dry towel.
  • In 10 minutes, take a warm drink.
  • Massage the breast, stroking it from the base to the nipple
    soft stroking movements. Can use soft
    diaper to avoid skin injury.
  • Remember your baby, imagine how he sucks

4. Соблюдайте гигиену, но без фанатизма. For
Breast cleansing is enough for an ordinary daily shower. For увлажнения
nipple skin and crack prevention can squeeze out a drop of milk and
leave to dry. Breast milk has wound healing

5. Выбирайте бюстгальтер, который поддерживает, но не
сдавливает грудь
. The best will be special underwear for
nursing moms.

6. При появлении трещин и воспалений на сосках
используйте ранозаживляющие гели между кормлениями
for example, Bepanten.

7. В случае застоев молока используйте перед кормлениями
warm compresses.
To relieve pain and improve outflow
молока, нагнитесь и немного потрясите chest.

8. Выбирайте позу для сна на боку или на

9. Берегите грудь от ушибов, ударов,

10. Если больно кормить грудью и боль становится
stronger, it is better to stop breastfeeding, replacing it with mixtures
or expressed milk for 1-2 days, until relief

Breastfeeding should be a pleasure and joy.
mother and baby. If something in this process goes wrong, mom
begins to experience discomfort and pain. Important on time
find out why breastfeeding hurts and eliminate the causes.
In case of acute or prolonged pain, you should consult a doctor.

Everythingмирная Организаци Здравоохранения рекомендует кормить
breastfeed for 1-2 years after birth. it обеспечит
strong immunity, psychological comfort and close relationship of the baby with

If the pain does not go away for a long time or
accompanied by fever, the appearance of bulk in the chest
formations, rashes on the skin of the breast, it is necessary
consult a doctor. is he поможет выяснить причину болей в

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Video: How to avoid breast problems while nursing

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