Why does an infant have a severe head sweat?during sleep?

A woman of any age, when she becomes a mother,
There are many questions related to the health of the baby. She need
learn how to properly care for a baby and follow its

Почему потеет голова у грудничка

And for every question you need to find the right professional
The answer is not to miss any disease.

Consider a few answers to a question that concerns many
мам:«Почему у грудничка сильно потеет

Possible reasons

ПРИЧИНА 1. Если Ваш ребенок часто и сильно
sweats not only during feeding, but also during sleep, if he has
in addition to constantly wet feet and palms, you should exclude
the most unpleasant cause. Рахит.

This disease is caused by a lack of vitamin A in your child.
D, and it is dangerous.

Vitamin D is vital for the proper formation of everything
the body of the infant. With a long and strong lack of vitamin D
bone deformation begins. 

Remember, in the old films showed kids with very curves
feet (wheels)? This is one of the consequences of rickets.

Но только лишь потому, что у грудничка сильно
head sweats, you can not talk about rickets.

Signs of rickets

  • Excessive sweating of the head, feet, palms;
  • hair from the side where the child is constantly sleeping
    �”Wiped out”;
  • �The head “is cracked”, i.e. it becomes flat from that side
    the skull, on which the baby most often sleeps;
  • the edges of the large spring and the small become soft;
  • reduced overall muscle tone;
  • belly increases, swelling like a frog;
  • frontal and temporal bones of the skull, chest, are deformed,
  • legs are very bent.

При всем этом меняется поведение ребенка.
From a calm baby, he becomes fearful, often crying without
occasion, shudders in a dream, worried.

 An urgent need to see a doctor, because.
self-diagnose and treat categorically
is forbidden!

Rickets is confirmed by special analyzes of urine and blood. Blood
taken from a vein, so doctors do not like to put and confirm this
diagnosis. Your child’s health is in your

Prevention of rickets is taking vitamin D. There are such
drugs: Akvadetrim and Vigantol. They can
independently take only one drop. Overdose can
be deadly!

But one must also be able to give one drop: if you drip on a spoon, then
The vitamin is spread over the surface, and it is unknown how much you gave
to kid.

Immediately dripping into your mouth is dangerous, because there is a high probability that
drops will not be one, but two.

 It is better to drop vitamin D on the nipple and immediately give it away.
to kid. Then there will definitely be no overdose.

And when the sun shines on the street, you need to walk with the children. it
also prevention of rickets.

Подробная статья о рахите у грудничков

ПРИЧИНА 2. Еще одна причина, почему у
грудничка потеет голова во время сна,
— перегревание
baby Strongly nakutali, and even in the room is hot and stuffy. Here and
an adult can sweat! Watch carefully for how and what
Вы одеваете baby

For children’s clothing you need to choose natural cotton
fabrics, no synthetics, so that baby’s skin breathes.

ПРИЧИНА 3. Индивидуальные особенности бывают и
in children. Maybe your child is actively starting to work sweat.

To understand your baby, you need to carefully look at everything
what happens to him And with any doubts
Be sure to consult a doctor!

Grow big and not get sick!

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