Why does an infant arch the back and cry:the reasons

почему грудничок выгибает спину и плачет

грудной ребенок выгибает спину

Маленький ребенок — это и море радости и множество проблем,
that occur almost daily. Some problems are solved
quickly, others embarrass young parents
panic. One of these problems is the bending of the baby in
back, accompanied by crying. Before you do something
стоит разобраться, почему грудничок выгибает спину и

The reasons why the baby arches his back and sometimes
Cries can be several. It is worth considering in more detail each

Increased intracranial pressure

Самая серьезная причина, почему грудничок выгибает
спину, это наличие неврологических заболеваний, в частности
increased intracranial pressure. The cause is various
diseases: metabolic disorders, meningitis, abscess,
hydrocephalus, encephalitis, brain tumor.

With frequent repetitions of such attacks, you should refer to the children’s
to the neuropathologist. He will conduct the necessary research to
exclude the presence of pathology. When making a diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe
appropriate treatment and will monitor the condition

Hypertonicity of the muscles of the back and neck

Excess muscle tension can be detected at home if
baby for more than three months. We just need to put the child on
tummy and carefully watch how he will lift his head.
If the head is strongly tilted back, and the shoulders are raised
up without the hands of a child – the baby has hypertonus
back of the neck and back muscles. As an option, the baby can
collapse on one side if the muscles are overstressed with one

When muscle tension will need to undergo a special session
Massage the back and neck. Specialists in the clinic will show mom
set of exercises for infants to remove excessive tonus

>>> Гипертонус у ребенка

Pain or unpleasant symptoms

At the age of 2 weeks to 3-4 months, children can cry and
arching in the back from strong intestinal colic. With this baby crying
hard and long, up to two or three hours. After four months intestinal
colic fades away and crying for this reason stops.

If a baby cries and bends from severe abdominal pain
just remove the cause of the pain. This will help dill or fennel
water, warm compress on the tummy. After the cessation of pain baby
just stop crying.

Arching and crying, accompanied by heavy, difficulty breathing
говорят о заложенности носа у baby You need to wash the baby’s nose
weak salt solution or special agent. It will save
baby from unpleasant sensations and stop crying.

Whims of a child

грудничок выгибает спину и плачет

When flexing in the back when crying and whims should be distracted
baby Not strong back muscles with a sharp bend can
damage, so it is worth weaning the baby naughty on any

Most often the baby is naughty while eating. The reasons in this case
maybe two.

  1. In the first case, the child just plays around and is naughty. He already
    He ate, but he just did not want to break away from his chest.
  2. In the second case, the child is not satisfied with the taste of milk or its
    quantity. The taste of milk depends on the diet of the mother and she should
    pay attention to your diet. The amount of milk in the breast
    can be as redundant, then the baby just does not have time to suck,
    and insufficient – the child simply does not eat enough.

If the baby arches the back, but does not cry, but just groans,
everything is good. So he prepares to master coups on the belly and
back. Or he saw something new and interesting for himself and wants to take a closer look.
consider it. Just change the position of the child to
It was convenient to consider a new object.

The consequences of childhood diseases can respond to well-being.
further. And neglected diseases lead to negative
the consequences. If the baby bends back and at the same time
crying is worth as soon as possible to see a doctor.
He or
make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment or eliminate any
diseases and reassure parents.

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