Why does acetone smell from children’s mouth?and adults. What to do when it appears?

Update: October 2018

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A smell that is not typical for humans, like acetone, is always
alarming and frightening people, confusing it with other flavors is very
complicated. Its source is air from the lungs.

This is why acetone smell has a peculiarity – from it
impossible to get rid of brushing your teeth. There is not much
conditions and diseases characterized by acetone respiration.
Some of them are absolutely safe and physiological, while others should
become a reason to immediately consult a doctor (see the reasons
bad breath).

How does acetone form in the body?

Anyone’s body receives most of its energy from
glucose. It is she who carries blood throughout the body and enters
every cell. If the amount of glucose is insufficient, or it is not
can get inside the cell, then the body is forced to look for other
energy sources. Typically, such a source is fat.

As a result of the breakdown of fat in the bloodstream fall
various substances, including acetone. Appearing in the blood, he
begins to stand kidneys and lungs. In the urine test for acetone
becomes positive and in the exhaled air is felt
characteristic strong smell of acetone from the mouth (the smell of pickled apples).

Causes of acetone odor
  • Starvation, diet, dehydration
  • Diabetes mellitus (hypoglycemia)
  • Thyroid disease
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Predisposition in young children

Smell of acetone during fasting

Fashion for all sorts of diets covered all female and part of the male
population. And some of the restrictions in food are not related to
medical indications, and with the desire to meet standards

  • It is these “non-medical” diets that often lead to a worsening
    health and appearance.
  • A diet with a complete rejection of carbohydrates can lead to a deficiency.
    energy and enhanced fat splitting.
  • As a result, the body will be overwhelmed with harmful substances
    there will be intoxication and disruption of all organs.
  • The smell of acetone, loose skin, brittle hair and nails, weakness,
    dizziness and irritability – this is an incomplete list of all
    consequences of a strict carbohydrate-free diet.

Therefore, developing a balanced diet for losing weight
It should be done by an experienced dietician. He will help get rid of
from the consequences of independent attempts to correct the figure.
The smell of acetone from the mouth itself does not require treatment. TOP 5 dangerous
low carb diets:

  • Kremlin diet
  • Atkins diet
  • Kim Protasov’s diet
  • protein diet
  • french diet

The smell of acetone in diabetes

Diabetes is the most frequent and most disturbing cause.
acetone bad breath in adults. There is an excess of sugar in the blood,
which cannot penetrate the cell due to insulin
failure, there is a dangerous condition – diabetic
ketoacidosis. It often happens when blood glucose is higher
16 mmol per liter.

Signs of ketoacidosis in diabetes:

  • smell of acetone from the mouth, a positive test for acetone in the urine
  • dry mouth, thirst
  • abdominal pain, vomiting
  • consciousness can be depressed right up to coma

If the above symptoms occur, you need to urgently
call an ambulance, because without treatment ketoa tedose can
end deep coma and death. Especially carefully need
treat the smell of acetone from the mouth of people who have
risk factors.

Risk factors:

  • type 1 diabetes that first showed up.
  • type 2 diabetes when abnormal and untimely
    insulin administration
  • infections, surgery, pregnancy and childbirth with diabetes mellitus 2

Treatment of diabetic ketacidosis:

  • Insulin administration is the most important part of treatment. For this in
    the hospital put droppers and for a long time slowly injected
    a drug
  • Dehydration treatment
  • Maintaining proper kidney and liver function

For the prevention of ketoacidosis, patients with diabetes should
strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations, inject insulin in a timely manner and
pay attention to all the warning signs.

The diagram below clearly shows why
breath of acetone from the mouth during fasting and with diabetes mellitus:

 The smell of acetone in diseases of the thyroid gland

The smell of acetone from the mouth caused by improper
the work of the thyroid gland is a very disturbing sign. With
hyperthyroidism produces an increased amount of hormones. Usually
This condition is successfully controlled by medication. But sometimes the level
hormones become so high that the metabolism is noticeable
is accelerating.

  • this condition occurs when hyperthyroidism is combined with
    thyroid surgery
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • by stress
  • inaccurate examination of the gland

Since the crisis occurs suddenly, all the symptoms also occur
at the same time:

  • sharp smell of acetone from the mouth
  • agitated or inhibited condition (up to psychosis or
  • heat
  • abdominal pain, jaundice

Thyrotoxic crisis is a very dangerous condition that requires
medical intervention. So patients put droppers for
eliminate dehydration, stop the release of thyroid hormones
glands, support the work of the liver and kidneys. Treatment of this condition
home is impossible and life threatening.

Liver and kidney disease

The main organs responsible for cleansing our body are the kidneys.
and liver. They take on all the harmful substances
filter the blood and are involved in the elimination of toxins out. With
chronic diseases of these organs (hepatitis, cirrhosis, inflammation
kidney) excretory function is disturbed, accumulate in the body
harmful substances, including acetone.

In severe cases, the acetone odor comes not only from urine and
from the patient’s mouth, but even the skin exudes acetone fumes. After
treatment of hepatic or renal failure, often with
using hemodialysis, this unpleasant symptom goes away.

How to determine the presence of acetone in the urine independently?

For this in аптеках можно приобрести специальные тест полоски
Uriket (50 pieces. 130 rubles).

It is enough to place the test strip in a container with urine, in
depending on the concentration of ketone bodies in the urine, the color of the tester will be
change. The more saturated the color, the greater the amount of acetone in

The smell of acetone in children with a predisposition to acetonemia

Many parents note that their children periodically
there is a specific odor from acetone. Most children
it happens 2-3 times in life, and some exhale acetone right up
up to 7-8 years. Most often the smell appears after viral infections and
poisoning, accompanied by high fever. This phenomenon
associated with the limited energy reserves of the baby.

If a child with such a predisposition is sick with ARVI or
any other infection, his body may not have enough glucose
to combat the disease. Usually уровень сахара в крови у таких детей
at the lower limit of the norm, and with infections decreases even more.
The mechanism of fat splitting is activated to generate additional
energy. The substances which are formed at the same time, including acetone,
get into the blood. If there is a lot of acetone, it can cause
symptoms of intoxication (nausea, vomiting). This state in itself
not dangerous, it will pass on its own after recovery.

What should parents of a child with a predisposition to do

  • With первом случае запаха ацетона обязательно проверить уровень
    blood glucose to eliminate diabetes.
  • With инфекционных болезнях, отравлениях, прорезывании зубов
    you need to feed the child with sweet tea or give sugar.
  • You can slightly reduce the consumption of food with a large amount
  • If the smell is not sharp, and it is not always possible to catch it, then you can
    buy special test strips for determining acetone in
  • With появлении запаха и при наличии рвоты или диареи нужно
    apply solutions for oral rehydration, 2-3 spoons
    every 15 minutes (oralit, regidron).
  • The smell of acetone from the child’s mouth is not a reason for panic. Everything
    the characteristics of such children usually disappear by the age of 7–8.

Algorithm of action when the smell of acetone from the mouth

Acetone odor is an important signal of the body, a reason for
medical examinations and more attentive to your

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