Why does a newborn baby shudder ina dream

A young mother usually sleeps very sensitively, listening to
every sound and movement of the baby. Often she has
беспокойство, если новорожденный ребенок shudders во a dream.
As a rule, nothing serious after the baby startles at night
time is not worth it.

почему ребенок shudders во a dream

Почему дети вздрагивают во a dream?

There can be several reasons:

  1. The baby is dreaming. It is worth noting that the phase of dreams
    is replaced by a phase of deep sleep in children more often than in adults.
  2. The child got too many impressions in a day or
    nervous, making his sleep shallow and intermittent.
  3. Have crumbs of colic or teething. In this case, he can
    start because of occasional pain.
  4. Вздрагивания могут спровоцировать и резкие звуки:
    phone call, dog barking, etc.

Children begin to dream from birth, and for some
given while still in the womb. Due to the frequent change of sleep phases
it may seem that the baby is trembling and twitching during the night
rest constantly. Some kids even wake up at such moments.
and that’s quite normal. Reason for consultation with
can only become a specialist if he wakes up
baby more than 10 times a night and looks scared.

In addition, babies, like adults, when drowned in sleep can
experience hypnagogic fright. This feeling is familiar to many
and is to drastically reduce all muscles, at this moment man
dreams that he falls somewhere or fails. Respectively,
if your child flinches when he falls asleep, worry
also not worth it. But in some situations, night twitches can
be a sign of illness.

What to look for, if the baby does not sleep well and often

  • on the rhythm of movements;
  • on the frequency of night spills;
  • on the general condition of the child.

Rhythmic twitchings are called convulsions. Distinguish them from
обычных движений во a dream, как правило, труда не составляет (они
similar to the trembling of a severely frozen person, can all tremble
body or some part of it). If you notice a child cramps in
night time, it is necessary to visit a neurologist, as this may
be a sign of epilepsy or other neurological pathology.

Если новорожденный ребенок shudders во a dream и при этом часто
wakes up (more than 10 times a night), behaves restlessly, then
specialist advice is also needed. Naturally in that
If the baby looks healthy at this moment and sleep disturbance
not related to pain or temperature.

Restless behavior in general and causeless crying in
combined with night startles it is also better to discuss with children
a doctor. Such manifestations may be a sign of different

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