Why does a lump appear on a child’s neck?


  1. Lymphadenitis
  2. Parotitis
  3. Lipoma and atheroma
  4. Ear fistula
  5. Cervical cysts and fistulas
  6. Furuncle
  7. Osteochondrosis
  8. Malignant tumor
  9. Conclusion

A bump in the neck of a child can be a sign of various diseases, because the neck is one of the most sensitive to changes in the body body parts.

The slightest draft, malnutrition, minor injuries may cause bumps. Which ones are dangerous for the baby, only the doctor knows.

Non-hazardous diseases sometimes cause a lot of discomfort, and serious pathologies are often asymptomatic. Finding that baby behind the ear a bump, do not guess about a common cold or malignant tumor.

Regardless of its location, painful or harmless manifestations must immediately show it to the pediatrician, which after the examination will determine the treatment regimen taking into account age, contraindications and other features of the patient and illnesses. In the meantime, we will understand the causes of such pathology.


A lump on the lymph node in the neck of a child is a common phenomenon, arising from a weakened immune system when the body perceives its own tissue as foreign. Lymphadenitis can develop on the background of infectious diseases when the source is dental diseases (caries, periodontitis), throat (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, adenoids).

A lump is a tumor that is not always visible under the skin, but you can easily feel the seal with your fingers. The baby may have complaints of pain behind the ear, often inflammation of the lymph nodes passes without pain.

If the lymph nodes are enlarged but not inflamed, it may be simple reactions of the child’s body to infection. For warranty, you can make a general blood test, usually such symptoms are not treated require.

A bump on the neck at the side right of the childCan be found in the child has two cones on the neck, located at an angle to the lower jaw. Such symptoms may also be a sign of developing lymphadenitis, but guessing about this is not worth it, it’s necessary consult a specialist.

Treatment may not be required, but eliminate adverse complications are necessary. Cones appear unnoticed and grow gradually, after 2-3 days they decrease, they can disappear altogether.

If the seals are painful, lotions and compresses are ineffective. After the examination, the doctor may prescribe a treatment for inflammation.

Regular physical procedures help to quickly restore health. Dr. Komarovsky’s opinion on enlarged lymph nodes in children ─ by this video.


Sometimes the bump behind the ear indicates the development of an infectious a disease better known to the uninitiated as “mumps.” Parotitis is characterized by the inflammatory process of the salivary glands. near the ears.

Gradually they condense, taking the form of cones. In addition to them, on this disease is indicated by fever, weakness, chills. Pain in the ear or neck area occurs when chewing. Mumps – a serious epidemic disease, dangerous for its complications. If there is suspicion of a “mumps”, an urgent need to show the child pediatrician.

Lipoma and atheroma

Cones on the side of the child’s neckA lump on the back of the child’s neck or on the right side may be a lipoma ─ benign neoplasm, better known as wen. This moving the tumor shifts after pressure.

Excess adipose tissue is not a particular health hazard. present. A cosmetic problem is troubling when metabolic disorders, causing its growth.

Sometimes when it grows, it disrupts the functioning of blood vessels, providing nutrients to the brain. With this option recommend excision of the wen (of course, in conditions medical hospital). If the causes of health problems are not established, after liposuction wen can occur again.

Lipoma can be confused with atheroma: in appearance they are the same, but atheroma when feeling stationary.

This benign tumor, which is a combination of fibrous and adipose tissue, dangerous inflammation, with purulent component is added to the infection. Ateroma is capable of increase (inconspicuous seal on the neck eventually reaches blades), if the size and condition cause concern, atheroma surgeons eliminate the problem, causing a large bump on the forehead a child.

We also recommend that you find out here about the causes of cones on legs in a child.

Ear fistula

The fistula near the auricle is a canal arising at its base next to the cartilage. The second end of a thin and long stroke goes to the middle ear, neck, mouth.

The disease is congenital and develops as a result of pathology of the development of the ear in the prenatal period. Bumps on the neck on the side of the child can already be seen in a newborn.

The tumor slowly develops with the baby, and not at all. worries. The problem occurs if the ear fistula becomes inflamed. Then a bump of crimson shade of solid size appears here. After a course of anti-inflammatory therapy fistula is excised.

Cervical cysts and fistulas

A bump on the neck on the left of the childBump on the neck on the right of the child or on the other hand may be the result of suppuration of the cyst. Such a fetal malformation occurs in 5% newborns with maxillofacial defects.

According to localization, two types of cysts are distinguished – median and lateral. The most common cyst is the median cyst.

Her appearance is associated with an anomaly of developing thyroid-lingual duct in the fetus in the first month of pregnancy. The emerging thyroid from the hyoid area moves to neck.

The epithelial canal gradually disappears. If after development he nevertheless remained an embryo, a closed cavity appears – a cyst. If it has a way out, it turns into a fistula.

Mid fistulas can be found on the neck in the central part. Small cones (Ø 1-2cm) are painless to the touch, but as a result inflammation may increase.

When suppuration, an incision is made, pus is pumped out and mounted on place drainage for final outflow. When the fistula heals, the cyst excised.

Usually, surgery under local anesthesia is prescribed for babies, have reached the age of three. But if the fistula is inflamed regularly, may prescribe excision at an earlier age.

A bump on the neck on the side of the child’s right or on the left is also a side a cyst. If the thoracic duct is not closed, a cyst appears.

It stretches from the sternum to the throat. Proliferating cysts and fistulas compress the airways and nerve endings, delivering to children anxiety.

If the inflammatory process begins in the lateral cyst, the problem is solved surgically. If the patient has not yet three years old, suppuration is removed by the same method as in previous case.


A bump on the neck on the left of the child or on the right may turn out to be a painful boil. A lump filled with pus appears at the site of injury when infected with pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus aureus.

Inadequate body hygiene contributes to the appearance of boils child, weakened immunity. The appearance of cones is accompanied by itching combing, the child can damage it and spread it infection to other organs.

With self-extrusion, pus can come out not only out, but also inside the focus of inflammation. At best will remain an ugly scar; at worst, a complex and lengthy treatment.

If not treated at all, the boil will deliver for some time the discomfort. Then it opens and suppuration follows. The wound needs handle correctly, otherwise there is a risk of repeated infection.


Many school-age children are familiar with this disease. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine can lead to the occurrence of a noticeable and painful bump on the neck.

Other symptoms of osteochondrosis ─ pain and crunch in the neck, quick fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headaches. If on time do not treat, the child’s hand motility worsens (nervous termination), cerebral circulation is disturbed. Dosed physical activity, special gymnastics, massage will recommend vertebrologist.

Malignant tumor

If the examination revealed a harmless lump on the neck malignancy, treatment options may be some. With timely diagnosis, apply chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery intervention. The most radical, and sometimes the only acceptable third method.


A bump on the neck of a child occurs for a variety of reasons: inflamed lymph nodes, boil, lipoma, malignant tumor, trauma, allergy to an insect bite …. Many are special pose no danger but neglect examination not allowed.

Analyzes, MRI, ultrasound, other types of diagnostic search will allow find out the cause of the cone and select targeted treatment. Identify and eliminate the pathology on time always easier than living in doubt and expecting the worst by watching how a lump grows on a child’s neck.

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