Why does a child tiptoe: basicreasons and what to do

A funny kid who started walking looks like a tiny
балеруна — ходит on tiptoe. It can cause tenderness
however, such a walk should be alerted. Wine go on
The forefoot may be hypertonic muscle. That happens,
if during pregnancy or during labor the baby has experienced
oxygen starvation.

ребенок идет на носочках

Ballet is not trained, but walks on socks

Uneven muscle tension is the most common cause of circulation.
on tiptoe. It will cope with it most easily. American pediatricians
считают — если ребенок ходит на носочках до трех лет —
no cause for concern. After all, the kid is just learning, because
tries to walk in different ways, he experiments.

Walking on the socks can cause serious children
psychological abnormalities, the question of diagnosis and subsequent
It is better to entrust therapies to specialists, we recommend the doctors of the clinic
«Альянс» (https://cmzmedical.ru/)

Why does he walk so strangely?

На вопрос, почему ребенок ходит именно так, а
not otherwise, there are several answers:

  1. Uneven muscle tension or muscular dystonia. It happens
    she passes by herself (it is possible to do without a doctor’s
    interventions) as the child moves more and more.
    This is facilitated by climbing, crawling, walking on all fours,
  2. There is an opinion that walking on socks is due to …
    curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the baby. If a child
    gets up on tiptoes, he just strives to be taller, grow up to
    see everything, find out about everything. In this case, the child can
    independently and at any time to stand on the whole foot.
  3. Children often become socks when they choose the most
    convenient and suitable way to walk.
  4. Excessive child activity. In an effort to throw out surplus
    energy, the children stand on tiptoe and begin to run. For such
    active children are encouraged to simply increase physical
    load, send to sports.
  5. Sometimes tiptoe may indicate the beginning
    development of cerebral palsy. Disease besides strange
    method of movement, accompanied by a host of other signs. Any
    the therapist is able to diagnose the ailment.
  6. The effects of birth trauma. In this case, without medical
    interventions and special procedures are indispensable.

Walking on tiptoe video from Komarovsky

Gait balleruna fraught

It’s not worth solving the problem yourself – in any case it’s worth it
show the child to a specialist (pediatrician and neuropathologist) who
сможет точно определить причины.

Only a doctor can assess the development of motor functions over a multitude of
signs. В случае надобности, ребенку окажут своевременную
help, and my mother will provide professional advice. In the fight against
ailment will have to be patient. It’s worth it,
ведь последствия неисправленной вовремя походки:

  • Wrong posture.
  • Clubfoot.
  • Torticollis.
  • Delay in physical development.

While walking on the toes, the foot loses support on the heel,
which now does not carry any functions. Heel does not develop and does not
is growing. The forefoot grows, increases
disproportionately trampled. Due to irregular gait,
the gastrocnemius muscle and the Achilles tendon cannot normally
to shrink.

Pediatrician, neuropathologist and physiotherapist to help

Причины хождения на передней части стопы различны.
Комплексное лечение требуется не всегда. Therapeutic measures
include many procedures:

  • Physiotherapy – procedures after examination and consultation should
    appoint a specialist doctor.
  • Electrophoresis – along with physiotherapy, helps solve the problem
    hypertonic muscle.
  • Professional massage. It is simple, the basics of baby massage
    You can learn to help your child at home.
  • Relaxing bath with the addition of herbal infusions: lavender,
    motherwort, succession or chamomile.
  • Paraffin boots (gauze bandages, impregnated with paraffin
    or ozokerite). This is a serious procedure, it is prescribed by a doctor.
    The procedure is strictly contraindicated in children at risk.
    development of cardiovascular diseases, as well as babies,
    suffering from diabetes.
  • Physiotherapy. It is necessary to deal with the child constantly.
    Develop ankle, stretch the muscles you need.

Over time, the child will start falling on his heels, use
them in support, walk normally.

Massage and gymnastics at home

Гимнастика и массаж — вот, что нужно
делать самостоятельно и постоянно, маме, чей малыш пошел на

Therapeutic gymnastics includes a complex of simple exercises,
that will help your baby cope with improper walking. Play
with a child in outdoor games: jump, walk on an inclined
planes, on a soft surface, walk duck, squatting, on
inner and outer sides of the feet. So are involved and develop
all the right muscle groups, calf muscles, ankles, Achilles

If there is an opportunity, write down your child for swimming. Take care
about orthopedic shoes – this is the first thing to pay
Attention. For babies who only have foot and leg muscles
formed is extremely important availability of proper comfortable shoes. Such
shoes can fly into a pretty penny, but this contribution pays off thousands
Once, we are talking about the future of the child.

Несколько советов, как делать
массаж самостоятельно

делаем массаж стопы ребенку

  • Write out the eight finger on the sole of a child.
  • Knead the calf muscle with thumb and forefinger.
  • Move the child’s foot to yourself and from yourself.
  • Поставьте ребенка на фитбол (большой резиновый мяч) и
    Roll the ball back and forth. This is a simple lesson.
    spend with dad – dad in that case will hold
    baby, and mom roll the ball under the baby’s legs, forcing
    small step on the ball.

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First steps on the socks! Video

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