Why do you need to give glycine to children up to a year

глицин для новорожденных


Такой препарат как глицин известен, пожалуй,
to each. Adults and children somehow came across small ones.
sweet pills that can be drunk for better sleep and
to improve performance, for example, during the exam period.
Sometimes this drug is prescribed even from birth. What is useful glycine
for newborns – read below.

What is the secret of glycine?

Universality and such a wide range of glycine use
due to its properties. Glycine itself is nothing
other than amino acid. This substance is not alien to human
to the body. Glycine is incorporated into the metabolism and improves everything.
exchange processes. This drug is especially effective in case of problems.
neurological nature. It normalizes metabolism in the nervous
cells and helps to “tune up” the activity of the nervous system. Effect
from glycine appears as follows:

  1. The processes of excitation and inhibition come to normal.
  2. Mental performance increases.
  3. The irritability, depression leaves.
  4. Restores sleep mode.
  5. Manifestations of vegetative dystonia are alleviated.

Why is glycine infants?

Sometimes glycine is prescribed to babies right from birth, sometimes – in
the first months of life after passing an examination by a neurologist.
The indications for prescribing this drug may be different, but in
in any case they are connected with the work of the nervous system.

  1. Acceptance of glycine in 100% of cases is recommended for children who receive
    birth trauma or surviving hypoxia during labor.
  2. A serious and direct indication is congenital
  3. In the first months of life, glycine may be administered due to
    hypertonicity of the limbs. Normally increased flexor tone,
    manifested in tucked cams and legs, runs to the end
    first month after birth. If this does not happen – need
    medical assistance.
  4. Another indication is chin tremor,
    limbs, heads, not passing to the age of three months.
  5. Glycine is also prescribed for behavior correction. If speak about
    infants, in this case, the indication will be increased
    excitability, anxiety, sleep disturbance, problem
    falling asleep

Despite the fact that glycine is completely natural
drug and is easily excreted, take it without
testimony is not worth it.

Some pediatricians prescribe glycine to children up to a year “just
case “, just for the prevention of possible problems.

How to give glycine to newborns?

Usually small white tablets are placed under the tongue and remain.
there until complete resorption. For a newborn, of course, such
The method does not fit. The dose of the drug is chosen by the doctor, in
the standard version is half or quarter (0.25-0.5)
таблетки 2 раза в день, курс лечения обычно compositionляет 1
of the month.

Giving glycine such babies can be in different ways:

  • Водный раствор: необходимая доза перетирается
    into powder and diluted with a small amount of water. Giving water
    glycine solution can be with a spoon or with a pipette;
  • С пустышки: пустышку обмакиваем в порошок и
    даем малышу или мама своим пальцем наносит порошок под язычок
    or on the inside of the cheek;
  • Из бутылочки: если малыш получает смесь или
    drinking through the bottle – glycine powder can be added there.

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newborn children

Glycine is prescribed to newborns for no less than a month.
Predicting the strength and speed of the effect is problematic,
because much depends on the individual

In general, opinions about the effectiveness of glycine are contradictory: part
Experts consider it absolutely useless, and the possible effect
explain the “placebo effect”, the other part, on the contrary, attributes
glycine has wonderful properties and high efficiency in any
problems. Themselves moms of newborn babies speak about
drug, too, in different ways. Some notice the effect from the first days
reception, others do not notice at all, others note the opposite effect:
instead of normalization of nervous processes and calm – increased

It’s logical to ask such contradictory opinions and opinions.
the question is: is it worth taking glycine at all? The better question
choose a middle ground between all friction and contradictions:
take only when indicated, monitor performance,
and in its absence – to change the drug.

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