Why do newborns change eye color?

Even during her pregnancy, a woman already imagines how
will look baby. The discussion begins with the spouse about his
appearance, character traits. Both parents try to predict from
whom the baby will inherit this or that trait. As soon as baby
appears on white light, they peer attentively at the little
the face of his child. But remember, baby can look like
not at all like the relatives expected. Baby will
change in appearance throughout his life. And especially
приметным изменением является цвет глаз у новорожденных.

каким цветом глаза у новорожденного

Цвет глаз у новорожденных

Факторы, влияющие на цвет глаз

The color of the hair, eye and skin depends on the pigment content.
melanin. And melanin, in turn, saves us from
UV rays from damaging them. Exactly because of this reason
people with fair skin tend to burn in the sun significantly
faster than people with darker skin. Since the quantity
melanin in light skin is significantly less. Color change
the iris also depends on the presence of melanin, and
on the density of its (shell) fibers.

Fully baby’s eye color stabilizes in 2-4
of the year.
This happens when the pigment appears.
melanin. And only then the initially light blue eyes gradually
become green, brown or gray. The darker the shade of the eye
младенца, тем выше уровень содержания в радужке melanin. Should
also know that the amount of melanin pigment is determined

According to numerous research results, it was found that
brown-eyed people in the world a lot more than light-eyed. BUT
the reason for this is the genetic dominance of symptoms
которые связаны с немалым количеством содержащего melanin. AT
consequence, if one parent of the child has dark eyes, and
the second – light, it is likely that the baby will be

Color change глаз

Каким цветом глаза у новорожденного ребенка будут –
It is very difficult to predict. Only one thing can be guaranteed:
It is likely that the baby will be born with blue eyes (90% of such cases).
Speaking specifically about shades, the eyes can be
dull blue or dull gray. Only rare cases come across,
when a newborn has dark eyes at birth.

But then the parents watch interesting enough.
феномен: цвет глаз у новорожденных меняется. Eye color
can determine:

  • when a child is hungry – eyes are like a thundercloud
  • when the baby wants to sleep – muddy;
  • when the baby cries – green;
  • when everything is fine – sky blue.

Why do newborns change eye color?? About
Millions of studies are underway on this topic.
centuries. But before our time, science has not determined how
This trait is inherited.

A newborn baby has an eye structure similar to the structure.
an adult. Is it a system or it can be called a kind
a camera that contains optic nerves that perform
information transfer function directly to the brain. If to be
more specifically, it is precisely in those parts of the brain that take and
perform the analysis of “photographed”. The eye contains a “lens” –
cornea “film” and lens – quite sensitive
retina shell.

The eyes of a newborn are exactly like an adult’s eyes, they
can not function fully. The child has visual acuity
reduced, he only feels the light, but no more. However, over time
and with the development of the baby, visual acuity gradually increases, and already
almost a year later the child has 50% of the standard adult rate

почему у новорожденных меняется цвет глаз

Eye Color Inheritance Table

После того, как малыш родился, врачи проверяют его зрение —
observe the reaction of the pupils. In the second week you can see how
the infant is able to focus his gaze on a certain thing in
for a few seconds. (When the baby starts to see)

Already in 2 months the child can fix the look. In half
years of life, the baby distinguishes between simple and uncomplicated figures, and in 1
year – already and drawings.

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by month

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