Why do children cry in their sleep

Every mother is familiar with children’s night crying, and often
its cause is difficult to determine. We will try
рассказать, почему ребенок плачет во сне и как родителям
act in different situations.

Дети плачут во сне

Дети плачут во сне

Новорожденные дети

Infants cry in sleep when feeling the least inconvenience: wet
diaper, cold or heat, abdominal pain or hunger. So crying
baby can not be left without attention to the child must be
come up

  1. Intestinal colic. Newborn babes
    often have pain in the tummy. At the same time they strain the legs,
    they are pulled, the babies have gases. For such a case, you can
    buy special drops or do dill some water and tea
    with the addition of fennel. And be sure to stroke the crumbs on the tummy
    clockwise – mother’s caress always helps (how to help with
  2. Lack of mom nearby. Usually
    Newborn babies fall asleep either in Momma’s arms or next to
    her. When a child stops feeling mother’s presence, he
    starts crying in a dream. In this situation, just take a crumb to
    on his hands until he falls asleep again. Or you can teach
    baby sleep independently. For this, be patient with 3
    of the day (this is the time allowed to retrain the baby). When baby
    wakes up and starts crying, just bear it and let it fall asleep
    by myself. Although this method causes a lot of disagreement. Article is about
    how to teach a child to sleep separately
  3. Teeth. In 4-5 months with the problem of cutting
    A tooth meets any mother. So get in a timely manner at
    Pharmacy gel for anesthesia and smear gums your crumbs before
    a dream. A suitable gel will help you choose both a doctor and
    pharmacist. Article about the period of teething
  4. Hunger. Immediately after birth, babies should
    set the mode of feeding. If you feed the baby by his
    he will get used to sleep at night around 5 o’clock
    and don’t wake up. But if you made the decision to feed the child
    schedule, then be prepared for night tears and requirements
    feeding About breastfeeding
  5. Hot or cold room. One more
    причиной, почему ребенок может плакать во сне является
    hot, stuffy or, on the contrary, cold room. More often
    air the baby’s room and keep it warm
    20-22 градуса.

A baby is crying in a dream:


Children after year

Вопрос, почему дети плачут во сне в возрасте
от года и старше
, более глубокий. Children after two years
start to see nightmares. The reason may not only be different
experiences, but also banal overeating, violation of the daily routine
or too active pastime before going to bed.

The reason may not only be different experiences, but also banal overeating, violation of the daily routine or too active pastime before going to bed.

The reason may not only be different переживания, но
and banal overeating, violation of the daily routine or too
активное времяпрепровождение перед отходом ко сну.
  1. Ночные кошмары может вызвать плотный или тяжелый
    Let the last meal of the baby be 2 hours before
    sleep, but not later. Food should be light. Avoid sleep problems
    поможет режим дня. If the baby goes to bed at the same time,
    then his body does not have to experience stress and the likelihood
    nightmares is minimal. With rare exceptions (trips, guests) time,
    when the baby goes to bed, should not deviate more than
  2. To set up a child to rest,
    придумайте традиционное занятие перед a dream.
    It may
    be reading a book or an evening walk. The main thing that the occupation was
    calm and the child associated him with preparing for bed. Active
    games before bed lead to over-excitement. Baby not only
    it becomes hard to fall asleep, but his mind can too
    react aggressively to such fun.
  3. One of the common reasons why children can
    плакать во сне, являются компьютерные игры и просмотр
    tv set
    Nightmares can cause not only games and movies.
    with elements of violence, but also harmless cartoons. Therefore reduce
    Your child’s communication with the computer and TV, especially before
    a dream.
  4. Эмоциональные потрясения могут не давать покоя
    to your baby.
    It may быть конфликт со сверстниками,
    swearing in the family, excitement in front of the control, fear during the day,
    insult. If you notice that your baby is worried about something, then
    Try to cheer him up at bedtime. Tell your baby affectionate
    words, support him.
  5. Причиной кошмаров может быть боязнь
    the darkness.
    If your baby is afraid to sleep without light, then
    let him fall asleep with a night light. It will help the baby feel
    себя защищенным и избежать лишних страхов перед a dream.

Многие дети могут плакать во сне, и чаще всего
no serious cause for concern. Try to protect
child from negative emotions, support your baby, not
be afraid to show your care and love. Make friends with your baby,
watch him and sleep peacefully!

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