Why children are rude: what should parents do

Yesterday the house was quiet and calm, and today the child
began to be rude and rude to the closest people – parents. And then u
adults the question is: answer with austerity and repressive
methods or continue to bring up as before, ignoring it
rudeness? Mom and Dad try different tactics, argue, blaming each other
friend in educational mistakes. However, this does not correct the situation.
What should parents do if their child is rude?


Childish rudeness is a fairly common problem.
The causes of its occurrence are varied, and yet rehabilitate
little cad you are quite capable. The main thing in this situation –
it is patient and try to understand what made before
a tender and obedient child to become an uncouth brute.


Causes of child’s rudeness

  1. �”A difficult age. Child rudeness can
    arise at any age, but is particularly acute in so
    called age crises. Three year old kid learns to speak
    �“No” or “this is mine!” But not always his desire to
    independent living is permissible. Peak is rough
    behaviors occur in adolescence when a child
    arranges a revolt against excessive, in his view, custody.
  2. The need for attention. Conflicts between
    teenager and parents – hysterics, disobedience, curses,
    demonstrative silence – can signal how much
    he needs your attention and care. You probably spend with
    They have little time or do it for the sake of “tick”. In this case
    the child, throwing scary words “I hate you,” is trying to cause
    parental interest in their problems.
  3. Personal example of parents. Boorish model
    behavior child often adopts from parents. When he sees
    how adults roughly talk to each other, swear, then quite
    Soon he himself will start unceremoniously to get into their conversation, to be rude is not
    occasionally, but constantly.
  4. Responsiveness. Children can be impolite
    for one simple reason – adults do not respect them as an individual.
    If parents constantly shout at their offspring, pick up on
    his hand, they call him, that nothing else is left
    to be rude in response.
  5. Connivance in education. Source of
    Sharpening a child’s behavior can be indulging in his whims. is he
    I am used to getting everything I want after tears and a loud roar. BUT
    if children are accustomed to snap at parental requirements already in
    kindergarten or elementary school, then, becoming adolescents, will lead
    yourself even more challenging. We read how to respond to the vagaries

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How to cope with rudeness

  • Tell us about the consequences. Explain that
    rude behavior affects the attitude of society towards a person. To be rude –
    It means losing the good disposition of friends and relatives. Also
    offending others can leave an imprint on reputation
    child, and if he cherishes a good name, then you should definitely

The family should also have specific consequences.
for disrespect to adults. Regardless of the choice of disciplinary
impact you have to bring a simple thought: for being rude

  • Do not execute requests that are rude
    in a tone.
    Только заранее предупредите об этом своего baby
    Suppose your daughter is powerfully demanding (does not ask) to buy her a doll.
    Answer calmly, without losing composure: “I can, of course, buy
    куклу, но ты разговариваешь со мной странным in a tone. If people
    they want to do something good for them, they say something different.
    Think maybe you should ask in a good way? ”
  • Do not respond with rudeness to rudeness. Wanting to
    To overcome rudeness, it is impossible to raise your voice and respond with a shout to a shout.
    Perhaps a constructive criticism comes from the child, although he
    and chose not the best way to report it. Let me know that you continue.
    talk to him when he calms down and stops you
    to be rude.
  • Learn to say no. For sharp behavior
    the child hides the desire to manipulate mom and dad who
    perform all his whims. Rudeness can be effective
    tool in the hands of a small manipulator to achieve the goal.
    You need to be able to say no to your children in time. Give sincere
    explanation of the refusal, so that they understand: their wishes are respected, however,
    due to certain circumstances can not perform. See article as
    Talk to child NO
  • Set uniform rules for all members.
    It is necessary to establish certain rules
    behaviors, and they should apply to all households.
    You argue that a child cannot be rude to parents and raised by
    them voice? Then adults need to learn to control themselves, not
    срываться друг на друга и children.
  • Pay more attention to the child.
    Analyze your attitude towards children. Perhaps their rudeness
    due to the fact that they are trying to attract parental attention.
    Try to set aside an extra hour from your schedule to discuss
    with the son or daughter of the events of the past day, play together or
    just sit side by side. You will surely notice that he has become
    snap less.
  • Teach to cope with emotions. Perhaps it
    It sounds weird, but try to teach your preschooler to get angry
    and be offended “rightly” – without harsh words and boorish expressions. His
    it is still difficult to cope with his emotions, so he resorts to
    the easiest, but little constructive way. There are games on
    overcoming child aggression.
  • Communicate on equal terms. Aim to communicate with
    adolescents on an equal footing, as they are often annoyed by lisping and
    excessive manifestation of tenderness. They try different ways
    to prove their own independence and independence. Try
    to talk with the child, as with an adult, and he will not move
    on a rough tone to show your importance.

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If you are faced with the rudeness of your own child, then not
take your time in despair. This problem can be solved, however
should work not only with a little rude, but also on himself.
When everything is good in your family, the child has someone to consult with and
talk, then he will definitely not be rude, not only close
людям, но и всем оhas becomeьным.

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