Why breastfeeding counselorsoften against lining the chest?

Gathering the bag to the hospital, many expectant mothers are in a hurry
buy a pad on the chest. Believed to be one of the first things
need for breastfeeding, unconditional benefit
which does not need evidence.

накладки на грудь

The undoubted advantages lining the chest

Without a doubt, if the pad on the chest would not carry with them a mass
pluses, nobody used it. Let’s remember her most important

  • Трещины на сосках — это адские муки
    (читаем о трещинах на сосках). Especially if the child
    teeth are cut and it constantly “hangs” at your decollete. But even in
    consultants advise against the use of severe pain
    a long time to avoid getting used to the baby. Exit from
    This position is the correct capture of the breast by the child;
  • Плоские соски — это не диагноз при грудном
    feeding. Yes, the child and you are not so comfortable, but after 5
    minutes of feeding, it is desirable to remove the cover and finish feeding without it.
    During this time, the nipple will stretch and become a little more comfortable. But even
    you do not have a lining, then flat nipples are no reason to be upset! On
    in fact, the baby during the feeding captures and stimulates
    first of all areola! So after several attempts
    with the help of an experienced consultant you will manage to establish a full-fledged
    breastfeeding without assistive devices
    (читаем как правильно кормить и прикладывать ребенка к
  • More milk with minimal
    со стороны новорожденного — это несомненный плюс,
    if you have a premature or loose sucking baby. Onличие твердого
    the subject in the mouth of the baby stimulates him to a more diligent and
    long sucking. And thanks to the pad you have released
    more milk than it would be without her. So the baby gets
    more milk, less effort;
  • Bottle weaning and breast training with
    — это довольно простой вариант перехода с
    bottle feeding on sucking breasts. But experts are all
    equally recommend to be patient and establish a process without
    use of additional devices. Anyway
    lining should not be used on a long-term basis;
    temporary measure. We read также: как приучить ребенка
    to the chest after the bottle.

Such significant advantages and amenities of breast pads.
for feeding, it seems, can outweigh any cons. Is not it
this? Why then consultants believe that they carry
harm not good?

Cons lining the chest

Onш обзор не был бы полным и не смог ответить на главный вопрос,
if we do not touch on the minuses of using such additional

  • Irregular breast stimulation due to lining
    may result in early termination of breastfeeding due to
    lack of milk. Regular use of the lining leads to
    lactation deterioration by almost 50%! We read также: как
    восстановить лаклацию (10 основных рекомендаций);
  • Неправильный захват соска ребенком из-за
    prolonged use of the lining, to which he quickly gets used,
    greatly complicates the process of establishing proper breast sucking
    baby and baby will have to re-teach properly suck
  • Requires special care (sterilization)
    before each feeding. This is especially inconvenient if feeding
    you every hour or more. If not sterilized, then maybe
    infection in the infant’s body;
  • Провоцируют чрезмерные срыгивания, так как в
    the feeding process with the pad baby swallows much more
    of air. We also read about regurgitation;
  • Повышается вероятность лактостаза по причине
    the fact that with the lining is not always uniform emptying
    chest К тому же молоко может вытекать, но не попадать к
    в рот в полном объеме. We read
    все о лактостазе;
  • малыш сосет грудь с накладкой

    Вас не кушают, а жуют, поэтому когда вы
    try after a long use of the lining back to
    natural breastfeeding without additional
    jigs, baby continue to chew on breasts. Retrain on
    sucking is possible, but takes time and effort. Besides, it will be
    accompanied by pain;
  • Соска вместо груди — так называются
    breastfeeding consultants breast pad. De facto
    the baby is not in contact with the mother’s skin, and this, in turn, violates
    contact between the child and the mother. This can provoke
    отказ от chest

Given all the above disadvantages, I think you will agree that
что накладку для груди действительно лучше использовать
только как временную меру
. In this case, it is better to conduct
additional stimulation of lactation (decanting, more frequent
attachments, teas) and closely monitor weight gain

We read подробно: Onкладки на грудь для
feeding: the pros and cons of using linings

Reviews moms from the forums

Hello. There are no bad nipples. It is a pity that the doctor
did not show you the technique of attaching to the chest with problem
nipples. Although there are mothers who are not faced with “side
effects of the use of overlays, lining is still fraught with to myself
risks that are best avoided.

The need to suck her mother’s breast is not directly, but through this
adaptation often causes the child to stick more strongly and
tighten the jaws – this affects feeding when
cover removed.
When using insufficiently thin
lining of feeding becomes longer, the breast can be stimulated
worse, the milk will be produced less. On этом фоне вероятно
development of lactostasis.
In your case, the child is already accustomed
sucking your breasts in the pad, and when you take it off – it doesn’t
understands what is required of him – and does not take.
If you
plan to feed the baby for a long time, you want to make the process as much as possible
comfortable and enjoyable for yourself and the baby then it is worth thinking about
gradual withdrawal from feeding through the pad, prompting the baby
take the chest.

Here are the principles of avoiding feeding through the pad (From the book
Irina Ryukhova: “How to give your baby health. Feed
» 1. Предлагайте грудь без накладки засыпающему
or a child who has just woken up, usually at this time baby
just wants to suck, not fixing how and what exactly;
At another time try to remove the cover during feeding, when
малыш уже унял первый голод, и быстро предложите chest;
If the first two moves work, but not every time, you can
try to put a small piece of clean fabric into the cover,
to impede the exhaustion of milk. Then the child quickly realizes
that milk from the breast without lining is easier to suck.
Some mothers gradually cut off the pieces from the center of artificial
nipple on the pad. For this, the cover is turned inside and
cut off the tip with each time of increasing diameter.
be careful !!!!! For silicone linings, this method may not
approach, because sometimes the trimmed overlays have sharp edges,
be sure to check it out !!! ”

Here I am with these lining almost ruined GW, but was able
time to remove them and establish GW. I cleaned them from a sleepy baby,
she gave them, and when he fell asleep, she just pushed on the pad.
The nipple was already elongated, and the baby took the breast in milk. Then
generally gave sleepy without lining, gradually weaned off
of them.

я бы этим советчикам ….тоже испортила ГВ на of them. Grow out of it
urgent, and then later you will be with lining and with a breast pump,
be patient, read about the proper attachment to the chest
and for a couple of days everything will work out. And the milk will be longer and life easier. BUT
advisors of overlap my complete reprimand and unflattering reviews of their
competence !!!! It’s much easier to say “buy pads” than to explain
мамочке, у которой ребенок орет с голоду КBUTК ПРBUTВИЛЬНО ПРИЛОЖИТЬ К
BUD !!!

BUT как вы относитесь к накладкам на грудь? Don’t scare
Are such possible consequences of their use?

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