Why are women treated incorrectly?

Update: February 2019

Physiological features of the female and male body
are different, which affects both the course of diseases and
drug metabolism. However, this aspect is not enough

Sex features need to be considered when developing

The prevailing number of drugs developed before 1988,
not explored on women. For this reason, women often
drugs that are ineffective or ineffective are prescribed.

Clinical studies are mainly conducted on

The most important discovery in cardiology is that low doses of aspirin
prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels made with the participation
samples from 22071 men. Today, aspirin, even if
safe forms, is appointed by all men and women.
The same goes for diazepam, a popular drug for treating
anxiety disorders commonly prescribed to women.

Paradoxically, the study of the role of estrogen, the female sexual
hormone, in the prevention of heart disease was carried out exclusively
on men.

For preclinical studies, they are also mainly used
male animals and male cells.

What is dangerous for women?

  • Women are prescribed medications that are designed for medium
    body weight and metabolic rate of the male body. It may
    lead to overdose.
  • The risk of side effects increases by about 2 times.
    more often than men.
  • Since women do not participate in drug research,
    potentially useful substances can be eliminated, as not giving
    positive effect in men.
  • The lack of effective drugs forces to use more often
    surgical intervention (hysterectomy and others).

And here are the real facts

  • antithrombotic drugs prescribed immediately after
    development of myocardial infarction often cause bleeding in
  • common antihypertensive drugs increase
    mortality from cardiovascular diseases in women, in reality, help
    only for men;
  • strong antidepressants are often ineffective,
    since their development does not take into account the phases of the menstrual

What is the reason for such gender inequality?

It is easier and cheaper to investigate drugs on men, because
menstrual cycle in women is an inconvenience for data analysis
– This nuance entails additional costs.

In addition, in the 1950s and 1960s, a woman was associated
exclusively with the reproduction of healthy children, and the famous
the thalidomide scandal has led to women of childbearing
age and completely excluded from research.

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