Why a person snores, how to get rid of snoring,treatment methods

Update: February 2019

Everyone knows what snoring is, as they suffer up to 30%
adult population of the earth. And if for others it is a certain
nuisance, when someone snores from home, then for the owners
This disease is a serious health risk.

Snoring is one of the main symptoms of the disease, which
is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Manifests itself
This pathology is a short-term respiratory arrest in a dream with
subsequent loud snores.

Interesting facts about snoring:

  • every fifth Russian snore, 60% of Americans snore during
    a dream
  • most often snore men, smoking people, stout people, elderly
    snore more often young
  • children snore sometimes too
  • snoring is not normal and snoring is treated
  • snoring is sometimes the only sign of apnea (stopping
    дыхания во a dream).

The mechanism of snoring and OSA

Why does a person snore? The reason for snoring is a narrowing, curvature,
relaxation of the airway walls:

  • When breathing changes air flow. In good condition
    when breathing the air passes directly through the nose and throat very
    quickly and supplies the body with oxygen on time. When the walls
    changed (there are obstacles, walls are curved), air
    spins, creates turbulence, which creates sound. Besides
    In addition, soft tissue (palatal uvula) oscillations may occur, which
    amplifies the sound.
  • The movement of the soft tissues of the pharynx. Звук храпа указывает на то,
    that the walls of the pharynx touch, vibrate or vibrate. it
    occurs due to decreased muscle tone, as well as due to
    reduce the distance between the walls.

When does muscle tone change? itму способствует — возраст,
alcohol, low thyroid hormone levels, chronic
inflammatory processes in the pharynx, smoking (replacing muscles with
connective tissue), a violation of the innervation of the tissues of the pharynx.

When does the distance between the walls decrease? itму способствуют
– excessive fatty tissues in the pharynx, enlarged tonsils (adenoids,
hypertrophy of tonsils), edema on the background of allergic reactions.

What is apnea? During sleep, overall muscle tone decreases. AT
in particular, the muscles make up the structure of the pharynx. If a
there are predisposing factors causing contraction
respiratory tract, then there is a beating of sagging soft palate about
pharyngeal walls during the passage of air flow. If a дыхательные
the paths overlap completely, there is a short stop
breathing – apnea. Overnight, there can be up to 400 such stops.

  • ATо время апноэ возникает частичное или полное побуждение в
    the brain that leads to a significant deterioration
  • The patient often wakes up with a feeling of suffocation, sleep becomes
    restless and not refreshing.
  • OSA is one of the main sources of nightlife
  • In the afternoon the patient feels tired and sleepy, rises
    irritability, mood deteriorates (see why constantly
  • The consequence of this situation is the growth of arterial
    pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It is also possible deterioration of memory and the development of impotence.

Causes of Snoring

Diseases in which snoring occurs:

  • Violations of nasal breathing, and the violation should be
    significant to make the patient go to a breath at night
    mouth Among these reasons are: nasal curvature
    septum, nasal polyps, nasal valve pathology, adenoids in
    children bag Thornwald, etc.
  • Benign or malignant respiratory tumors
  • ATоспалительные процессы в носу — узость носовых проходов
    due to chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, chronic
    tonsillitis (including sore throat)
  • ATрожденные аномалии строения носа или глотки, длинный небный
    uvula, overbite, underdevelopment of the upper and / or lower
  • Allergic diseases – bronchial asthma, allergic
    rhinitis, allergic cough
  • Acromegaly – impaired function of the anterior pituitary gland
  • СОАС — синдром обструктивного апноэ во a dream
  • Thyroid diseases – hypothyroidism
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Injuries that lead to a lesion of the cranial nerves,
    pharyngeal nerve damage during surgery
  • Neoplasm or stroke.

Изменению стенок дыхательных ways способствуют:

  • Overweight is the main cause of snoring. In obese people 1
    степени (ИМТ>29) вероятность возникновения СОАС в 8-12 раз выше
    than without him. У людей с ожирением 3 степени (ИМТ>40) СОАС
    observed in 60% of cases. Snoring mechanism is
    in the constriction of the lumen of the pharynx by the fat deposited in the organs of the face and
    the neck.
  • Alcohol – a dream that occurs under the influence of alcohol,
    leads to a significant decrease in muscle tone, and
    consequently, to snore.
  • Smoking – tobacco smoke is bad for the muscles
  • Sleeping pills (see how to fall asleep quickly without medication)

Snoring danger

AT тяжелых случаях при СОАС остановки дыхания случаются до 40-60
once an hour, that is, every minute. AT результате мозг испытывает
colossal stress, including tissues, and the brain, not enough
oxygen, acidosis develops (acidification of the body). The outcome of this
situation is the active development of atherosclerosis, well,

  • Increased blood pressure – In 50% of snoring adults
    there is arterial hypertension. Characteristic feature
    disease is the excess of night pressure over daytime, growth
    diastolic pressure in the morning, and even a decrease in pressure
    20-30 minutes after waking up. According to some scientists,
    in patients whose blood pressure is not treatable
    (more than 3 drugs are required) In 83% of cases, OSA is observed.
  • Heart rhythm disturbances – In people with OSAS, the incidence of
    heart rhythm disorders can reach 50%. Should remember
    that any arrhythmia puts the patient at risk by sudden
    of death.
  • Ischemic Heart Disease – Snoring occurs in patients with coronary artery disease in
    30% of cases, which is significantly higher than in people without CHD in similar
    age groups.
  • Type 2 diabetes – In patients with diabetes, the frequency
    OSA reaches 36%. International Federation of Diabetes recommends
    to all doctors when obstructive syndrome is detected in a patient
    sleep apnea to examine it for diabetes (see the rate of sugar in

Snoring in children

The child snores for the same reasons as an adult, namely:

  • Enlarged palatine tonsils and adenoids (see treatment of adenoids in
  • Obstruction of nasal breathing caused by a runny nose, polyps in
    nose, congenital anomalies or any other
  • Obesity.

Snoring in children отражается на их физическом и умственном развитии.
Such patients become irritable whining, falls.
school performance, deteriorating behavior. Snoring and sleep apnea
can cause nightmares, enuresis and sleepwalking. Heavy
Forms in children sleep apnea have serious consequences: a lag in
mental and physical development expressed syndrome
hyperactivity and attention deficit.

Should remember что такие причины храпа у взрослых как ожирение
and overbite are laid in childhood. ATызывает их и
artificial feeding, unfortunately, is very fashionable in our

Snoring treatment – preventive measures

Цель: снизить влияние факторов, способствующих храпу —
аллергены, отеки стенок дыхательных ways, воспаление. Pros:
safe Cons: if you combine several causes of snoring, as well as
apnea – these remedies are ineffective, besides they require regular
run for a long time.

  • refusal or restriction of smoking, alcohol (at least 3 hours before
  • exclusion of allergens in the room – dust, pets,
    wool products, blankets, feathers, down pillows, flowering
  • orthopedic pillows – relieve positional snoring
  • restoration of normal nasal breathing – dilating
    strips on the nose, vasoconstrictor nasal drops
  • weight loss – with obesity even a 10% reduction improves
  • air humidification – the use of ultrasonic humidifiers,
    climate systems
  • hydration of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat – bedtime rinsing mouth
    vegetable oil
  • throat muscle training

You can get rid of snoring folk remedies

The most popular of them saves from positional snoring when
man snores, lying on his back. To the nightdress on the back between
A pocket is sewn on the shoulder blades.
an item such as a walnut or a golf ball. Sleep on such
�”Pea” is impossible, snoring is forced to sleep on its side, keeping
your health and sleep of others.

Acupressure and special snoring ring

Acupressure is done with heated hands and pads.
fingers – this is a quick, deep pressure for 30-40 seconds
to the special points shown in the figure. It should be produced
regularly for both snoring and prophylaxis treatments, this
improves muscle tone, helps normalize sleep, reduces
степень перекрытия воздухоносных ways. Besides того, можно на ночь
put on the little finger a special ring with 2 bulges on
the inside, which press down on such points on the finger,
imitating acupressure (see snoring ring).

Snoring Drugs – Snoring Treatment with Pills

Цель:снизить отек слизистой и увеличить ее тонус Pros: просто,
not expensive, convenient Cons: restrictions for allergies, have
contraindications, can not be used without a doctor’s prescription, strict
course and dosage, “magic” pills for snoring does not exist.

Medications used in the treatment of snoring:

  • Treatment with topical corticosteroids in a specific course in the form of
    inhalation. Used with enlarged tonsils and allergies.
    Local hormonal agents reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes and
    locally reduce swelling.
  • Drops or sprays with herbal ingredients that increase
    тонус слизистой и снижающие колебания стенок во a dream. However, these
    means high risk of provoking allergies and not high

Special devices – cap, nipple orthoses for snoring

Devices placed in the mouth or nose of the snorer – orthoses, mouth guards
расширяют просвет дыхательных ways за счет выдвижения jaws
вперед в течение sleep. Have a different design (adjustable and not,
individual or standard), but extremely low efficiency and
not suitable for everyone. Not everyone can sleep with something in their mouth.
Help mainly those with a deep bite and a small lower
the jaw. Given the possible “customer base” (every third
adult), such devices in most cases are “divorce
for money. ” Besides того, если ваше устройство потеряется или
will break, snore will return.

Цель: увеличивают просвет между стенками дыхательных ways
Pros: мало противопоказаний, удобно использовать во время
travel Cons: not used in children, it takes time to
getting used for at least 2 weeks (many cannot get used at all),
не приятные ощущения в суставах и мышцах jaws.


Objective: the expansion of the lumen and the elimination of the movement of the soft palate
Pros: если устраняется единственная причина храпа, то может быть
good effect Cons: many contraindications, high risk
complications, painful recovery period, with several
Causes of snoring – ineffective. Efficiency:

  • 80% – with uncomplicated snoring
  • 50% – with mild OSA
  • less than 20% – with severe OSA

Allows you to make a soft palate more dense, so that it is less
провисало во a dream. For this, the palate is exposed to a laser
or liquid nitrogen (cryoplasty), and it develops processes
scarring Some doctors practice surgical clipping.
palatine uvula. No surgical method provides complete
cure and, moreover, one hundred percent guarantee.

If a у пациента диагностируется несколько нарушений — ожирение с
curvature of the nasal septum, hypothyroidism and smoking, micrognathia
and neuro-muscular diseases, etc., the surgical treatment is not
it may not be effective, but it can cause complications,
up to lethal.

American Academy of Medicine recognized as ineffective
применение на небе лазерных операций при апноэ во a dream, и
contrary to the interests of patients.

ATиды хирургического вмешательства зависят от причины храпа:

  • Rhinitis elimination – submucosa
  • Removal of obstructions: adenoidectomy (adenoids), tonsillectomy
    (tonsils), uvulectomy (palatal uvula), polypectomy
  • Пластика стенок дыхательных ways — увулопластика,
    uvulopaloplasty, nasal septum or valve plastics
  • Reducing the size of the tongue
  • Compaction of the soft palate to reduce vibration – implants
    soft palate

Snoring treatment is not as simple as it seemed. Not
you should trust your neighbors, girlfriends or colleagues. Contact for
help to a qualified ENT doctor or a somnologist.

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