Why a newborn baby grows poorlyhair?

у ребенка не растут волосы на голове

The first hair with which the baby is born, on the fourth
month completely roll out. New hair is growing at all
differently. The rate of hair regrowth is exclusively individual.
Full hair formation occurs only to 11

Бывает и такое, когда у ребенка долго не растут волосы или
grow very slowly. Basically, there is no particular concern.
reasons, but it is quite possible in some small organism some
impaired or wrong care.

Identify the causes and bring the hair back to normal

Causes of poor baby hair growth

  1. Improper nutrition.
  2. Lack of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Metabolic disease.
  4. Stress.
  5. Rickets.
  6. Heredity.

Определив, по какой причине у ребенка медленно
hair grows, it is necessary to eliminate it:

  • balance the nutrition of the baby or mother, if the child is not excommunicated
    from the chest. In the diet must include foods containing protein,
    phosphorus and calcium – dairy products, egg yolk, fish,
    white cabbage, spinach, nuts. (grocery list)
  • to improve the quality of hair, take vitamin
    complexes containing vitamins A, C, B6, B12, E and PP.
  • when a bad metabolism is detected, turn to
  • protect your baby from bad emotions, with strong nervousness
    consult a pediatric neurologist.
  • at the first signs of rickets – excessive sweating, a decrease
    muscle tone, bone deformation – as soon as possible start
    treatment, and for prevention, give the child a solution of vitamin D (See
    article about rachita);
  • genetic predisposition to do nothing
    the only way to strengthen and stimulate hair growth.

Sometimes the cause of dysplasia is wrong
selection of cosmetics for washing the head. In this case, it is necessary
choose another tool and strengthen the baby’s hair:

  • light scalp massage stimulates hair circulation
    bulbs and hair growth;
  • shampoo change for baby soap;
  • once a week wash baby’s head with kefir or egg
  • make a mask of burdock oil, it stimulates hair growth in
    any age;
  • rinse hair with infusion of nettle, train, burdock or

Partial or complete lack of hair

плохо растут волосы у ребенка

The first fluff, leaving the head, can sometimes leave
bald spots. Чаще всего отсутствие волос видно на затылке и
the temporal part. This is due to the fact that the baby basically lies,
and hair falls out faster in places where friction is more common. To avoid
bald patches can be regularly turning the baby in the crib.

A common cause of lack of hair growth is
gneiss. This is a type of seborrheic dermatitis, which is a crust of
fat scales. Removal of such a crust is necessary, as it
prevents hair growth. The process is simple:

  1. an hour before washing your hair gently rub into the affected areas
    warm boiled sunflower, burdock or special baby
  2. to warm the child’s head with a handkerchief;
  3. comb the scales before bathing with a soft brush;
  4. wash your hair

We read about the crusts on the baby’s head

In girls with early braiding tight braids, use
эластичных резинок могут образоваться залысины на висках.
Hair from breaking break, fall out and further hair growth
at this place it slows down or stops altogether. Therefore,
little beauties up to three years is better to do a haircut.

Что делать если волосяной покров не появляется, а
baldness only expands and hair falls out more and more.

As an independent disease in children, alopecia (alopecia) does not
is found. Causes are skin disorders.
diseases and malfunctions of the internal organs.

Mostly alopecia in children occurs when the following

  1. Trichotillomania – neurosis, manifested in torsion and twitching
    hair baby. The hair shafts become thinner, which leads to
    their falling out.
  2. Trauma of the hair shaft – manifests itself in tight weaving
  3. Fungal diseases – for example, ringworm.
  4. Alopecia areata – refers to autoimmune diseases.
    Hair follicles are attacked by the body’s immune system, and

After determining the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate

Если у ребенка очень плохо растут волосы, а иногда совсем
missing after three years you need to undergo a thorough examination
specialists. First turn to a pediatrician who can
then refer to a narrow specialist: a dermatologist,
Neurologist or trichologist. Self-treatment and “folk methods” can
so harm the baby that he will remain without hair for life.

Proper care – a guarantee of beautiful hair

Kids’ hair is very delicate and thin. External aggressive
factors act on them more than on adult hair.
Competent care will avoid hair loss and will be the starting
point to a beautiful hairstyle in the future.

  1. To wash the head, use a special baby shampoo with
    neutral medium (pH 6).
  2. Wash your hair with the use of cosmetics no more than one
    times in 7-10 days. Any top quality means with frequent
    application dries the scalp.
  3. Use warm, separated water for washing the head.
  4. Thoroughly rinse hair from shampoo residue.
  5. After washing the head should not wipe, and promakivat soft
    a towel.
  6. Comb only dry hair.
  7. Daily comb your hair with an individual comb
    natural soft bristles, for older children – from
    natural wood with wide teeth and blunt tips.
  8. Parting to do every time a new place.
  9. Abandon the use of tight rubber bands and pins. It is better
    just choose plastic small hairpins with smooth
    by the surface.

By topic CARE:

  • Daily and weekly child care
  • Baby skin care
  • Newborn hygiene

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