Why a child under one year does not sleep well at night: howto make the baby sleep

The child once again did not sleep at night? Your nerves
strained to the limit, and again you didn’t sleep at all and got lost
out of strength, trying to calm your child? This is so familiar! Analyze
reasons for poor sleep, to find out why children under one year can
sleep bad at night. What exactly is bothering your child and what’s wrong with that
do? Find out the most common sources of nighttime disturbances.
sleep in children, as well as actionable tips in order to fight off
by this.


Why does a baby sleep badly at night?

  • Intestinal colic. This is an unpleasant phenomenon often
    worries newborn babies: there are painful
    abdominal area, bloating and discomfort. Baby restless loud
    cries, jerks hands and presses legs to the body (read about colic
    and how to help a child with colic);
  • Childhood fears. First time they start
    disturb children after the first year of life. The child may be afraid
    stay alone in a dark room, it may scare outsiders
    noises or sounds coming from the street, fear that moms are near
    no, and she may not return;
  • Premature laying in a separate large
    Порой родители слишком торопятся с by this. And baby
    it may be uncomfortable to sleep in a big bed alone, he is to this still
    not ready;
  • Teething. Many children are bad
    tolerate teething stage. The gums are inflamed, sore and
    itch, and at night, when toys and games do not distract the child, these
    the sensations become aggravated and deliver more discomfort
    (read all about teething / pain / and how to help
  • Not comfortable conditions. In the nursery can be
    too hot or cold. It is possible that the mattress on the children’s bed
    too hard or too soft (how to choose a mattress
    for a newborn);
  • Overwork and overstimulation. If a child
    was very excited and active in the evening before bedtime, he will be
    harder to settle down in bed, and sleep will come out intermittent and not
  • Cold, fever or pain. During
    ill children harder to sleep at night. Due to high temperature
    it may unpleasantly hurt the whole body, and a stuffy nose or cough is not
    they allow you to rest normally at night, annoy and bother;
  • Weather sensitivity. Some children are acute
    react to the change of weather, to the impending thunderstorm, the coming
    full moon. With a sharp change in the weather, the child may become lethargic
    passive, sometimes there is a headache and decreases arterial
    pressure. All this interferes with proper night rest;
  • New stages of development. Bad sleep can be
    у ребенка даже после новых достижений! For example, after
    как ребенок начал сидеть или ходить, переворачиваться, ползать
    etc., in general, have mastered something new;
  • The abundance of emotional experiences. Problems with
    sleep can begin on the basis of severe stress, nervous experiences
    or a lot of emotions. Many children are bad спят после
    meet new people, move or even hike in
    Entertainment Center;
  • Fear of losing mom. Small children can
    experience different periods of their first independence.
    Some become very restless, crying and scared, even
    if mother briefly goes to another room or to the kitchen. At night
    it’s hard for a child to fall asleep if mom is not around
  • Babies start to sleep worse at night if mom
    suddenly begins to reduce daily feedings and
    The baby will require longer and more breast
    at night;
  • Something prevents the child from falling asleep. Working
    TV can interfere with the baby to sleep. Included light will not give
    baby normally fall asleep at night.
  • При недостатке в детском организме витамина D.
    Lack of this vitamin can also negatively affect night sleep.
    The necessary analysis can be taken in the children’s clinic, and if
    the study will reveal a deficiency of vitamin D, then the pediatrician will advise
    Give your baby special vitamin drops (usually in their composition for
    better absorption also includes calcium).

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How to establish a peaceful sleep?

We familiarized with the main reasons, and now the most
time to learn valuable tips in order to normalize night sleep
your child:

  • Do not let your child overwork! it
    always a very negative effect on the duration and depth
    night sleep. The child must be tired but not
  • It is very useful to perform the same actions each.
    the day before bedtime.
    Such a kind of ritual
    will help the child to quickly tune in to calm harmony, relax
    psyche. For example, you can include a calming child before bedtime.
    songs, read children’s fairy tales, collect toys with him and
    put them in place. You can choose or
    to come up with an optimal ritual suitable for the child. Important
    observe regularity and perform these actions every time before
    nightly sleep (interesting article about the importance of rituals);
  • Pay attention to how the child behaves after
    evening swim.
    If after washing it becomes vigorous and
    runs immediately play then into the water for evening swim can be added
    soothing herbal teas, aromatic drops and
    essential oils. For example, an infusion of melissa leaves, mint or
    chamomile flowers will help to relax the psyche of the child and remove
    over excitement;
  • Important, чтобы в детской комнате была комфортная
    And shortly before laying costs
    to air the room so that the child has a deep night’s sleep and to him
    breathing fresh air easily (pediatric specialists
    advised to keep the temperature in the room with the child within
    18-22 degrees – more about this here);
  • Use essential micronutrient deficiency prevention
    в организме малыша
    , раз в день давайте ребенку капли с
    vitamin D;
  • Pay attention to the position in which you like
    sleep your baby.
    Some kids love to fall asleep
    solely on the stomach. By the way, this position perfectly helps to reduce
    pain and reduce bloating with intestinal colic!
  • If a small child is worried about pain in the stomach and
    кишечные колики
    , то следует дать ему специальное средство
    at bedtime so that the baby does not suffer at night and does not cry from pain. Us
    perfectly helped baby drops Espumizan, which are effective and
    quickly eliminated bloating (here is a list of colic medicines);
  • it же касается и ситуации с прорезывающимися
    Do not make the child feel discomfort.
    Rid it of unpleasant sensations, anointing the sore gums
    special soothing and cooling gel. For example, Kamistadom
    or Dentinox (still TOP – 7 gels for gums);
  • Watch that the child’s daytime sleep
    достаточную продолжительность
    , чтобы малыш не
  • In some cases (especially if the child is afraid
    dark or sharply reacts to the departure of the mother from the room)
    to offer the kid a joint dream.
    Many children at once
    calm down, feeling the presence of mom’s near, start to sleep
    much calmer;
  • Try to leave the child to fall asleep himself, maybe
    именно Вы его отвлекаете..
    Иногда именно мама отвлекает
    baby, disturbing him sleep soundly!
  • Do not force the child to overeat before bedtime, because
    полный желудок часто мешает процессу засыпания
    , организм
    can not fully relax, if forced to digest food!

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it гениально :)

Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait until the reason
bad sleep will pass by itself. For example, teeth sooner or later.
crawl out, and intestinal colic will pass themselves when the baby reaches
age of three months. You can help your child more easily tolerate such
unpleasant periods, more sympathize with him. Render feasible
help with colic, often laying out the baby on the tummy.

And do not forget that it is very important to always stack children
спать в одно и то же время, соблюдать режим дня!
It is easier and easier for small children to fall asleep in the evening if the time for
bedding every day is the same. The biological clock
baby adapt to your mode. And if you are every night
you send the child to bed at 9 o’clock, then by this time his whole
the body is already beginning to slow down and prepare itself for falling asleep by
imagine, you don’t need any extra tricks.

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A child sleeps badly at night: How to improve a baby’s sleep and sleep?
– Doctor Komarovsky

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