Why a child is afraid to walk independently: ashelp baby

Why are children afraid to start walking on their own? How to help
child cope with fear. Tips for parents to help your child.

All parents are happy with the success of their baby. Especially this
It concerns the first, such still uncertain and touching steps. it
greatly pleases all households, the first steps are videotaped in order to
Capture this momentous event. However, it happens that after
quite confident independent “walks” the child again
goes down on all fours.

страх ребенка ходить самостоятельно без руки

The reasons why the child is afraid to walk on their own

  1. Most often, refusal to walk is associated with fear.
    the fall.
    It is possible that during the first attempts the child fell and
    hit hard. Moreover, further attempts were also accompanied
    fall and pain. Baby intuitively comes to a safe and
    familiar method of movement – crawling.
  2. The second most common reason for not moving
    legs, which can be taken for fear, is a childish trick.
    The child begins to walk with pleasure and learn the world in such
    position, explore the surrounding objects. Soon he gets tired of it
    especially if the space for learning does not change with time or
    limitedly (with the baby go for a walk only on the same
    route or limited to a playground). Baby starts
    understand that creeping is less tiring, and much faster and
    returns to movement on all fours.
  3. Parents often used the popular walkers, and baby
    self afraid to walk.
  4. There are no visible reasons for not walking. The child is healthy, did not fall
    and did not hurt, but does not walk.

Video: child refuses to walk

Parenting actions when a child refuses to walk

1. Fear of falling

Finding out that if a child is afraid to walk because of fear of falling, then
Be sure to support him in new attempts. Carefully
follow the movement of the little man and if necessary
gently insure it against falls.

Forcing a child to walk at his categorical refusal
worth it.

It is necessary that the kid forgot his negative experience and then come back
to retry. In this case, it is desirable to start walking under
funny children’s poems or songs when walking on the street. Let be
the child first clings to her mother’s hand, then by the finger and
finally the moment will come when he will go again
on their own.

2. Laziness

причины, по которым дети боятся ходить самостоятельно

Lazy and cunning kids, for whom the movement to
fours faster and easier, it is necessary to answer the same – cunning. On
help will come your favorite toys.

When playing with a child, you need to remove the toy higher, in order to
in order to reach it, the child had to rise on its feet and walk up to
her. The main thing is not to leave attempts to “put” the child on his feet and
repeat the game again and again.


3. Failure to walker

It is worth completely abandoning the use of walkers or
use them to a minimum. Onхождение в этом приспособлении
slows down the motor development of the baby. He just won’t know how
walk without walkers and, as a result, are afraid to move without
of them. (Useful article about the walker: FOR and against the walker –
check out!)

4. Without reason

With an incomprehensible refusal to walk, be patient and
to wait. When upright on the spine of the child begins
be a big load. Maybe your baby is just not
ready physically to move on his feet. It will take some time and
the child will not just go, but run with his little legs.

All children are individual, the most important thing is not to insist and type

Helping the child go: tips

Following a few simple rules will help parents more quickly.
form the skill of upright walking:

  1. Do not show your excitement and fear. Kids are very
    sensitive and begin to experience themselves.
  2. Do not scold the child. Children get
    stress, and fear in walking increases.
  3. Praise your baby as often as possible. Affectionate word gives impetus to
    further success.
  4. Develop the child physically. The children who did the exercises
    massage without fear start walking.
  5. Give your baby space for movement. Children limited
    the arena or walkers are beginning to be afraid to move to large
  6. Show your child positive examples of motor activity –
    walk with him. The child will see children walking and running,
    and he will want to repeat their movements.

учим ребенка ходить

We read a detailed article where we give 10 useful tips as
teach baby to walk
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/kak-nauchit-rebenka-hodit-10-sovetov.html

There are such problems when a child walks on socks, here
we wrote about the reasons.

The main thing in the development and upbringing of the baby is not to indulge him
caprices. It should absolutely refuse to carry the child in her arms. AT
Otherwise, up to three years old, the baby will not get off her warm mother’s hands and
very late start walking. (article on the topic – how to wean a child
at the hands)

We read further on the subject of fears in a child.

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ATидео: как ребенок учится ходить!!! Not for the faint of heart
:) 11 months baby, first steps :)

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