Why a child in 2-3 years does not speak -reasons and what should parents do? Treatment, tests, consultationsspeech therapists, classes and games

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education of Russia over the past few years
the number of children with psychoverbal development has increased in 2
times. Usually this problem begins to manifest itself between the ages of 2 and 3.
years old. Watching your kid’s peers no longer just chatting
in an incomprehensible language, but moms and dads please, remembering more and more
new words difficult to keep calm. I feel like it
to panic and run around the doctors asking how to speed up
child speech development. The main thing in this situation is not to panic and not
give free rein to negative emotions. Experts say that
some inhibition of speech development is not a cause for concern.
Usually the delay is due to certain reasons, identifying and
eliminating that, you will hear the long-awaited first words of his
crumbs. The main thing is to turn to specialists in time. Ideal option
Appeal to the doctor when the baby is 2 – 3 years old. Over adult
age of speech development delay will inhibit the development
child’s thinking. Consider the main criteria by which can
delay the development of speech crumbs, and how to overcome them.

The content of the article

  • 1 Нормы речевого развития для ребенка 2 – 3 лет: тест на
    child’s speech

    • 1.1 Detailed norms of speech development from 0 to 3 years (speech therapist
      Tatyana Lanskaya)
  • 2 Withчины «неразговорчивости» 2-3 летнего ребенка
  • 3 Treatment of speech delay in a child 2 – 3 years
    • 3.1 Which doctor to contact?
    • 3.2 The main methods of treatment
    • 3.3 Alternative treatments
    • 3.4 Activities and games with the child at home
    • 3.5 The best exercises for speech muscles – do together with
  • 4 3 life hacking how to develop a child’s speech. Develop speech child.
    Лайфхаки от логопеда Ольги Сахаровской
  • 5 How to play to develop speech (speech therapist Tatyana

ребенок 2 года не говорит

Нормы речевого развития для ребенка 2 – 3 лет: тест на
child’s speech

First you need to figure out whether the child
is inhibited psychoverbal development, or is it a fetus
the imaginations of the adults around him. It happens that parents are too
They expect a lot from their baby, although his skills are the norm for
this age. We offer to pass the simplest test to
determine if your
child. For each positive answer, put a plus sign, for
negative – minus.

  1. Comments (accompanies, pronounces) the actions of others.
    objects and people with the help of characteristic sounds: bi-bi (about traveling
    car), tu-tu (about the train), tsok-tsok (about the horse).
  2. Truly pronounces basic sounds, with the exception of sonorous (“p”,
    �“L”) and sizzling (“g”, “sh”, “h”, “n”).
  3. Lexicon in size about 1300 words. To “measure” you can
    use the test from the Internet, for example, www.myvocab.info.
    It is important to mark only those words that are regularly used.
    your child.
  4. Able to construct meaningful sentences from words.
  5. Able to call the items depicted in the picture (as
    test offer the kid an image containing at least 12 – 15
    objects and phenomena).
  6. Actively uses the main parts of speech: Nouns (mom,
    dad, mouse); Withлагательные (красный, хороший, добрый); Verbs
    (drank, eat, went for a walk); Pronouns (me, you, we).
  7. Пока не использует: Withчастия (обиженный, накормленный);
    Correspondence (approaching, telling).
  8. Able to call the object, its quality and the action:
    �”Red cat drinking milk.”
  9. Able to tell a little fairy tale, an episode of life or
  10. Inquisitive – the child is interested in the names, actions,
    characteristics and properties of the objects and phenomena surrounding it.
  11. Feels melodies, their rhythm.
  12. Able to copy words and small sentences pronounced
    by adults.
  13. It has a leisurely speech without swallowing the endings.
  14. The child does not have excessive salivation.
  15. Asks about unfamiliar objects.

If you have noted more than 5 minuses, we recommend as soon as possible.
consult a pediatrician. Than более продолжительное время
the child is lagging behind in his speech development from peers, the stronger
delayed his mental and mental development.

If the minuses are less than 3 – 4, then you do not need a doctor, you can
be calm, with the development of the child’s speech, everything is in order.

Detailed norms of speech development from 0 to 3 years (speech therapist Tatiana

Withчины «неразговорчивости» 2-3 летнего ребенка

All factors that the child does not own by the age of 3
necessary speech skills can be divided into
physiological and psychological.

Physiological include:

  • Заикание – довольно частое нарушение речи,
    which usually appears after the child is scared of something.
    May occur due to unhealthy atmosphere in the family. For
    problem solvers need to contact a neurologist (in detail about
    stuttering and causes);
  • Генетическая предрасположенность – в некоторых
    случаях имеет место, но не стоит оправдывать задержку речи
    by the fact that “our dad started talking too late”. If by 3 years
    baby not possesses the necessary speech skills, should refer to
    a specialist;
  • Нарушение слуха – при данной особенности все
    difficulties come down to the fact that the baby is not good enough
    воспринимает окружающую речь, чтобы ее воспроизвести, а при
    deafness completely distorts the words / sounds;
  • Алалия – серьезное неврологическое
    a disease that requires prompt medical correction.
    May cause partial speech impairment or complete speech dysfunction.
    due to damage to parts of the brain;
  • Дислалия – сложности воспроизведения одного
    or several sounds. Requires the help of a speech therapist. Corrects
    usually from 4 years old.
  • Дизартрия – это нарушение — результат
    malfunctions of the central nervous system. The disease is peculiar to children with a diagnosis
    Cerebral Palsy, which can only be delivered by a speech therapist after a long
    patient monitoring. The disease is characterized by limited
    mobility of the articulation apparatus, speech unclear, problems with
    fine motor skills in a child;
  • Серьезные травмы и инфекции в анамнезе,
    caused a violation of brain function;
  • Гипоксия плода (кислородное голодание) во
    pregnancy time;
  • Diseases of the mother during the childbearing period
    (infectious diseases, injuries);
  • Тяжелые роды (стремительные, с обвитием
    umbilical cord), child injuries received during childbirth (perinatal
    encephalopathy, damage to the cervical vertebrae);
  • ДЦП – серьезнейшее заболевание центральной
    a nervous system characterized by a lesion of one or
    several parts of the brain. Delayed psychoverbal development
    – one of the main signs of the disease;
  • Гидроцефалия – нарушения развития головного
    brain caused by the accumulation of fluid in it;
  • Ишемия головного мозга – заболевание, для
    which is characterized by a violation of the normal circulation of the head
  • Эпилепсия – тяжелое неврологическое
    disease characterized by the appearance in the cerebral cortex
    special focus of excitation causing convulsive activity and how
    consequence of convulsive seizures with loss of consciousness;
  • Other congenital and acquired anomalies of areas
    и central nervous system.

Psychological causes of speech delay

  • Individual feature. Every child
    individual in its development, which often does not correspond
    generally accepted standards. Если других причин задержки речи не
    can detect, it is likely that the crumb will master
    necessary skills, but a bit later than their peers;
  • Bilingualism and polylingualism. In the family where
    everyday communication is carried out in two or more languages
    it is quite difficult for a child to master them simultaneously. therefore
    some delays in speech development in this case are
    the norm;
  • No need for speech. Baby
    need live communication to a greater extent than an adult. Speech
    it is necessary to develop – to read fairy tales and poems; retell
    small pieces; call the surrounding objects, their properties,
    quality and action; ask the kid questions. In the family where родители
    prefer silently buried in a smartphone or computer, the child does not
    feels the need for speech and does not speak;
  • Stress. This is referred to as cruel treatment.
    with a child, and excessive custody and deprivation of its independence.
    Children from antisocial families are delayed in speech development in
    first of all;
  • Severe mental injury in early
    It may be like a seemingly small scare
    from the barking of the dog, and the screams, and scandals of adults, the reception of parents
    drugs and alcohol, leaving the child permanently alone, in
    darkness without the help of adults.

Treatment of speech delay in a child 2 – 3 years

So, if you have determined that the development of your speech skills
baby below the stated standards, you must contact a specialist.
Independently remedy the situation without having the necessary
professional skills will fail. Doubtful techniques
Unknown pseudo-specialists from the Internet will not help either.

It is important to understand that speech delay is directly affected.
on the formation of human mental abilities, therefore
you need as quickly as possible to contact a good doctor. Than
The sooner this is done, the lower the chance of complications in
further development of the baby. By postponing the problem until later, you
you risk dooming the child to developmental delays, difficulties
schooling, and as a result – transfer to correctional
the school.

Which doctor to contact?

  1. Педиатр – в первую очередь стоит посетить
    a pediatrician watching your baby. He will inspect the baby and
    determine which specialist you need
    turn to.
  2. Сурдолог – специалист, занимающийся
    diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with organs
  3. Оториноларинголог или, проще говоря, лор
    medical specialty aimed at treatment and prevention
    diseases of the ear – throat – nose – head – neck. When
    problems with speech the doctor will help to establish whether there is a connection with
    disorders in the articulation apparatus. For example, short
    Sublingual bridle significantly complicates pronunciation in children
    many sounds. After examination and audiogram the doctor will draw conclusions.
    and, perhaps, will send to another specialist.
  4. Логопед – специалист, напрямую занимающийся
    elimination of speech disorders in children and adults. He will hold
    testing and determine – what level of development and directly
    speech baby. Perhaps, to clarify the diagnosis, he will send you to
    to the neuropsychiatrist.
  5. Логопед-дефектолог – врач, работающий с
    speech problems in children.
  6. Невропатолог – определит, не связана ли
    delayed speech development with impaired brain function or
    central nervous system. Qualified specialist
    After a series of procedures, he quickly determines if there are any problems with his
  7. Детский психолог – специалист, оказывающий
    psychological assistance to parents and children. If all others
    the options have already “disappeared”, and the reason has not been found, then they send and
    to this specialist (or psychiatrist). It is possible that all
    much easier than a panicked mother thinks.

В  комплексную диагностику обычно входит осмотр и
age testing (note – on the Bailey scale, early speech
development, Denver test), determination of facial motility,
check of understanding / reproduction of speech, as well as ECG and MRI,
cardiogram, etc.

The main methods of treatment

  • Микротоковая рефлексотерапия – разрешена для
    use for children from 6 months. Represents the impact
    weak electrical impulse on neuroreflex zones and areas
    brain associated with the perception and formation of speech (there are
    a number of contraindications);
  • Магнитотерапия – аналогичная методика, при
    which effect is carried out using low-frequency
    permanent or pulsed magnetic fields;
  • Лекарства – назначается неврологом или
    a psychiatrist based on an individualized treatment regimen. In most
    cases use nootropic drugs for nutrition
    neurons of the brain and activation of the areas responsible for speech
    Activity: Lecithin, Cogitum, Neuromultivitis, Cortexin, etc. These
    drugs have many contraindications and side effects
    therefore, their treatment should be coordinated with a narrow specialist;
  • Работа с логопедом-дефектологом
    focused on the development of fine motor skills, proper operation
    articulatory apparatus and the development of thinking;
  • Логопедический массаж – весьма эффективная
    procedure during which the effects on specific
    points of earlobes and hands, cheeks and lips, and the baby’s tongue that
    helps to facilitate pronunciation. Most effective
    Massage techniques according to Dyakova, Krause and Prikhodko are considered.

Alternative treatments

  • Остеопатия – нетрадиционный метод воздействия
    on biologically active points on the body of the child, aims to
    regeneration of the central nervous system and brain
  • Иппотерапия – метод лечения при помощи езды на
    horse riding and petting;
  • Дельфинотерапия – лечение с помощью
    ultrasonic vibrations reproduced by dolphins and beneficially
    acting on the human brain (swimming with dolphins);
  • Музыкотерапия – психотерапевтический метод,
    using music to solve psychological problems;
  • Арт терапия – способ терапии, использующий в
    as a therapeutic agent, creative activity;
  • Работа с детским психологом – необходима в
    cases where speech delay is due to
    unfavorable situation in the family, psychological trauma
  • Домашнее развитие речи – комплекс игр,
    gymnastics and other activities focused on progression
    speech and performed at home.
  • And, of course, the exercises that will need to perform

Activities and games with the child at home

No matter how hard the narrow profile works with the baby
experts, using the most effective techniques, to assign
надежды исключительно на специалистов не стоит и львиная доля
work will fall on the shoulders of parents. Crucial role in eliminating
speech development delays play regular daily activities with
ребенком houses.

The development of fine motor skills

Pediatricians and neurologists tell parents of the utmost importance
development of fine motor skills almost from the very birth of a child.
Fine motor skills are indeed closely related to the development of speech (the center
brain responsible for motor skills, borders the center, which is responsible for
speech). The most effective exercises are sifting and
пересыпанием круп, бисера, поиск игрушек, «утонувших» в крупе
etc.; finger painting; braiding; finger theater;
games with designers, modeling from clay or dough,

Conversations on pictures

Books by age with large and bright images will do.
Or pasted around the house drawings of any size with the image
people, animals, vegetables and fruits, vehicles, toys, fabulous
characters. Encourage your child to speak by asking him questions.
“Who is it?” or “What is it?”, “What is he doing?”, “What is he?” and
etc. We tell the child about each picture SLOWLY (children read
on the lips). Every day find a reason to discuss a few pictures –
tell a funny episode related to the image, suggest
competition, who will quickly find any animal in the picture and
etc. Drawings need to be changed weekly.

Articulation gymnastics

Which one the child does not like to wingle? Organize a competition for
the best scary or funny face, check who will further stretch
lips, tongue to reach the nose. Engage a mirror or camera.
Practice a smile, the wider it is, the easier it is to pronounce the letter
�”S”. The kid will be delighted, without even noticing that he has completed the complex
articulatory gymnastics. Today on this topic is proposed
a lot of books, manuals – choose your own. Gymnastics for the muscles of the face
extremely important!


One of the most important aspects of comprehensive and harmonious development
baby of any age. With delays in the formation of speech skills
It is necessary to actively involve the child in the reading process, to ask
repeat small poems, solve riddles, learn
tongue twisters and tips for the little ones. When reading a fairy tale
stop to ask a few questions
формата «Как зовут главного героя?»,  «Мишка добрый или
злой?», «Почему зайка убежал от волка?» и etc. Try to retell
small episodes of the work or play a mini-play by
roles Read as much as possible, more often and with expression. Kid
should be an active participant in your fairy tale or poem. With
reading short verses let our little one
finish the phrase.

Dances and songs

Music is a great tool for developing brain regions,
responsible for speech. Listen to children’s songs, learn and sing
most loved ones Withдумайте ритуальные песни перед сном, обедом или
walk. When you sleep, be sure to sing a lullaby
dolls, plush toys or toy cars. Be sure to dance with
a child, engaging not only arms and legs, but also moving
fingers and building grimaces.

�”Misunderstanding” of the child’s gestures

If your child speaks to you with gestures gently and
unobtrusively let the child understand that you do not understand him
gestures, requests and ask them to voice their desires.

Teach your baby “ape”

You can arrange competitions at home – for the best face. Let crumb
stretches the lips, clicks the tongue, pulls out the lips with a tube, etc.
Great charging!

Charging for language

We smear sponge crumbs with jam or chocolate (the area should be
wide!), and the baby should lick this sweetness to the ideal

Speech therapy games

Their number and variations are limited only by your imagination.
Mimic the voices of animals and birds, spread around the child
animal toys and talk in their “language”. Great exercise –
mother makes a sound (“ku-ka-d-ku”, “ha-ha-ha”, “meow-meow”), and
the baby guesses what animal it is.

Top 5 games from a speech therapist to help the child
speak and develop your speech

The best exercises for speech muscles – do together with

  • We imitate the voices of animals! We arrange
    plush animals along the wall and get to know each of them. Important
    the requirement is only in their “language”!
  • Learn to smile! Than шире улыбка, чем
    активнее мышцы лица, и тем проще говорить букву �”S”.
  • Берем 4 музыкальных игрушки, по очереди
    �”Turn on” each, so that the child remembers the sounds. Then we hide
    toys in the box and turn on one by one – the kid must guess,
    what instrument or toy sounded.
  • Guess who! Mom makes a sound that
    the child knows (meow, gav-gav, lj, kukareku, etc.), and the baby should
    guess whose voice it was.
  • Put the toys to bed each
     (да и дневной сон куклам тоже не помешает).
    Before bed, be sure to sing the dolls songs.

From a very young age, teach your son or daughter to the right
pronunciation of sounds and words. Do not encourage baby talk, parasitic words
and speech mistakes, no matter how funny they seem to you. Also
it is also necessary to follow the purity of speech by yourself, try not to
use needlessly diminutive suffixes.

Speech development is primarily a result of serious
parental control and interaction with the child. Even enough
strong inhibition of psychoverbal development is quite fixable in
age up to 5 – 6 years, so try to tackle this issue
As soon as possible. After 6 years, the cure rate is
only 0.2%. If you start the process and the child does not speak
up to 7 years, the chances of complete recovery are zero.

3 life hacking how to develop a child’s speech. Develop speech child.
Лайфхаки от логопеда Ольги Сахаровской

How to play to develop speech (speech therapist Tatiana Lanskaya)

If a child does not speak, then you should not just deal with him, but
play actively. В этом видео я расскажу о том, как  лучше
organize a game with the child to bring as much as possible
Not only benefits, but also the joy of both parents and children. Same
you will learn why to play, what games are better to play in order to
develop speech, rules of the game, how to make a game of speech, and why
It is difficult for adults to play with a child. The video will help those who want
play with your child, but does not know how best. And also
parents who force themselves to play with their baby.

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