Why a child beats his head on the floor and walls -reasons and how to respond?

With the birth of a child, parents try morally
prepare for all the difficulties that may arise when
bringing up the crumbs. No matter how psychologically prepared
parents, there are times when the baby’s behavior introduces
stupor. One such discouraging case is the moment
when a child for some reason starts to beat on the floor and walls
or alternatively, beat yourself in the head with cams.

ребенок бьется головой о пол

One parent scolds himself and blames the wrong
education, someone scolds the baby and takes to the consultation to the doctor.
The most experienced parents simply ignore such a nursery.

The kid beats his head on the floor and walls: reasons and solutions

At what age would the habit of beating head hard
surface does not appear, it will not cause much harm to the child.
Every baby is born with the instinct of self-preservation. The only thing,
what can annoy parents is the presence of a bruise on the forehead.
So, let’s talk about why a child beats his head and how you can
решить Problems, связанные с таким неадекватным поведением.

Desire to manipulate

Cause. Small children aged one to
three years are peculiar psychologists. Ban your child
take something from the shelf try to make him eat unloved
soup, and you will see how he will try to manipulate you. Kid
start crying with your head against the wall or the floor. And such blows
may not be weak. Older children can put forward verbal
threats scaring parents by beating their heads on the floor.

Decision. Do not let your child manipulate
by you, do not stop it. If necessary, offer the child a pillow.
or another soft item for putting your negatives on it
of emotions.

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A child beats his head against the floor when he is psyched. Tantrums

Cause. Often children beat their foreheads against the floor to
to achieve some kind of selfish purpose. For example, the baby asked
купить игрушку или шоколадку в магазине, а мама отказала (тут
not necessarily in the store, the child may not be at home
). And here the lad will not miss the opportunity to experience
parental patience hysterical. This scene always looks
the same way: a child spread on the floor screams, squeals and
tears in his eyes, beating his head against the floor.

Suppose a child wanted to take a walk, but you can’t go out with him
out at the moment. Here again begins the hysteria and beating about
floor. It is also an attempt to express your insult. Since he can’t
throw out the whole flow of aggression on you, he takes it out on himself.
This phenomenon psychologists call

Decision. If the child committed such a trick in
public place it is recommended not to pay attention to
surrounding and their judgmental views. Your child is not the only one
who does this. Самое лучшее решение этой Problems — не идти
in the wake of his whims, otherwise such antics will not stop.
Just pretend you’re leaving. At some point he will come to
yourself, understand that the hysteria did not work, get up and run after you.
When he is able to listen to your words, discuss with him.
what happened. Say you understand his feelings and still buy
desired you can not him.

If you cannot walk with your child, suggest an alternative.
Do not be categorical in their refusal. Unknown reason for your
Failure can also serve as a reason for hysteria. Offer baby
watch cartoons, draw or play something else.
Cases where such an alternative child is not interested, and he
continued to beat his head on the floor, too, must be ignored or
suggest tearing your anger on soft objects. Can wash
baby face with cold water.

Defend their positions need. The child must understand that he
not all is allowed. But there are times when you can make concessions.
For example, if you prepared one clothes for a kindergarten, and a child
wanted to put on another. Do not deny him such trifles.

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From the forum

My son has 2 g and 3 months .. constantly when he starts
naughty and hysterical begins to beat about everything head to
to get my way, I already tried not to pay him
attention, but the heart can not stand, I do not know what to do, girls who
ever encountered such a problem?

I would advise you to contact a neurologist. Better to
Psychologists comment on this problem as follows
way: the child tries to cause physical damage and cause
pain in cases of lack of attention, care and love from
mother.Try to spend more time with your child
something interesting and useful to him. Over time, everything
get better.

At this age, kids in different ways attract attention
and each in its own way achieves the desired result. Our son when
чего то очень хочет, а мы не даем — падает на floor. I consulted
with a psychologist, she advised during his whims at all
leave the room. No viewers, there will be no tantrums. I am and
did so he cunning rose ran after me into another room and
fell there. And I again left the room, my son again running after me, but
already did not fall, carried away by something. I always do that now
our moods quickly cease. Try it and you.
Good luck !!!

There was such a problem at about the same age.
Neurologists did not find any abnormalities, but I tried not to pay
attention. How difficult it is! She went to another room and waited.
At first the tantrums lasted for 10 minutes, then at 5. And then he immediately
He stopped as soon as he saw that there were no spectators))) This struggle lasted
we have about a month. Now sonny 10 years, any problems with
behavior does not arise, he is my first mate in the house.

You need to contact a neurologist. And I recommend to
professional osteopath, he can determine the presence of a generic
injury in the cervical region, and if there is one to eliminate it. If
child birth injury of this kind, then his behavior may be
inadequate, as it is affected by weather or other
factors. Perhaps in the presence of such an injury,
there is not enough oxygen in the brain because
blood circulation is disturbed, his head starts to hurt and he
behavior can not control. Professional doctor you better
explain what the problem is. In any case, now your child
требуется больше attention. It seems to me in such cases before
all you need to try to calm the child (take him in your arms,
stroke, kiss, say affectionate words), and then together
solve the problem in a relaxed atmosphere, ask what he wants
let him try to express his opinion. At this age they are still
they speak poorly, therefore it is sometimes difficult to understand what the child wants, but
it is necessary to make it clear to the child that his opinion is significant for you. If you
understand what he wants, the situation will be easy to resolve. And if his
desire at the moment can not be fulfilled, then we must offer
альтернативный вариант решения Problems. Gradually baby
learning how to solve a problem in such a way that he and kindergarten will
easier to interact with educators and peers. At least,
I always try to find a compromise with my son, every time he
I explain, I explain five times sometimes.

My beauty arranged similar in the spring on the street: lay down
straight in a puddle, face down and yelling, banging my feet, I just go to myself
further and all, despite the lamentations of grannies (mother – echidna and all
такое :) Потом доча поняла, что в мокром комбезе долго не
погуляешь и у мамы не забалуешь:)Теперь включает «актрису больших и малых», картинно
wringing pens and portraying whimpers, while she herself peeks from behind
ладошек, есть ли реакция :))


To attract attention

Cause. When your child once again
the back of the head will beat against the wall, pay attention
on his expression. Kid не плачет, а спокойно играет со своими
toys. Along with these activities, he can look at
parents and even smile. So he watches the reaction

Decision. In this case, the baby should not be scolded.
Ignore his way to get your attention. His blows are not
have great power and therefore can not harm. Over time he
will understand that this method does not bring results.

And yet do not forget to hug and stroke the child on the head. is he
should feel your need and your love for him.

From the forum

Girls help !!!! Daughter 1.3. Lovely baby in
In some cases, obedient, clever, but there is a big BUT !!!!!
If something is not on her, she falls back and beats her head against the floor,
The asphalt is shorter. No matter what, the main thing. I did not pay
attention, leaving, saying that her aunt will take a couple of times not much
slapped on the pope. And all the confusing, I do not know what to do, she
after all beat off all the brains yourself !!!!!! So also began to cry,
4th day was not able to withstand !!!! Help,
tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The child will check: how can you behave, and how not.
If the child gives “trial” tantrums, i.e. Those who
end as soon as the requirement is met, then give it
understand that you will not fulfill his requirements just because
he lies on the floor. You do not need to get angry, swear. need to
show that you do not intend to give in.
If tantrums
вызваны неконтролируемым взрывом эмоций, тогда need to взять малыша,
hug, explain to him that this is a flash, explain why so
it happened: “you were tired, you were offended” and so on. Watch when
going hysterical. can change the mode, while avoiding noisy
groups and so on.

Trying to relax and fall asleep

Cause. A child can beat his head hard
surge surfaces after a hard day. So he tries
relax before bedtime. On the face of the baby read anger and
voltage. How many parents do not distract the child, it does not bring
results. The reason for this act may be increased
intracranial pressure.

ребенок плачет

Head banging can be a sign that a child wants
sleep. Pay attention to the amplitude of swinging. is he прекрасно
he is aware of what he is doing and therefore cannot harm himself.
Often such swings have a certain rhythm. Such movements
more like a ritual dance that allows a kid to quickly
go to the world of dreams.

Decision. Make your baby warm before bed
bath with the addition of soothing herbs or lavender oil.
Such a procedure will relax him. Do him a massage, tell
a fairy tale or sing a lullaby. This will allow him to fall asleep faster.

Health problems

Cause. A child may bang his head due
unpleasant pain caused by colds
diseases, otitis, teething and others. Such
situations children are capricious a lot, but no longer angry.

Remember how you rocked him, quite a crumb, in his arms,
when he had a tummy ache or teeth cut through. And now he
starts swinging and banging his head to rid himself of
discomfort caused by pain. Another reason
such behavior is child autism.

Decision. If the kid beats his head for a reason
malaise very often, it is already a reason for experiences. In that
If it is better to consult a doctor and be examined. Maybe,
there is a need to give your baby some medicinal

Failures and disappointments

Cause. It often happens that a child playing with
the designer, collecting puzzles, starts shouting, freaking out, beating
his head on the floor or knocking his fists on the head because he has
получается все не так, как need to. He lacks perseverance and

Decision. This case requires a special solution.
Such a reaction of the child means dissatisfaction with himself, bewilderment, he
does not understand why he can not do anything. If this
игнорировать, ребенок не перестанет биться головой об floor. Here
need help parents. We must help the child to build with him
a construction from the designer, to collect with it a puzzle. Soothe him
saying that not everything works out the first time even for you.

Self cognition

Cause. From the first days of life the child will know
yourself and the world around it. At one year old, baby becomes
more conscious. At this time, he has an interest not only
everything that surrounds him, but also an interest in his own feelings.
One of these sensations is pain.

The interest of the child to know their pain can also be
the reason that the child begins to beat his head hard
surface. This children’s experiment begins with fitting rooms.
weak headers. is he может проверять свои ощущения и на более
soft items. After the first few experimental beats
head baby understands that this is not the limit and then the blows are
stronger. �”Loads” increase until the child is
reach its pain threshold.

Decision. Do not scold the kid for what he
beating his head and hurting himself. Experiment with pain
sensations end as soon as the child reaches his
maximum. Then your baby’s interest will be satisfied for
it makes no sense to hurt yourself. And yet look for opportunities.
distract the child from this occupation.

Study carefully all the reasons for this behavior in children.
and ways to solve them. It makes no sense to worry too much about this.
This behavior has been observed in about 20% of children aged 2 to 3.
years old. Most often this affects boys.

In most cases, children begin to beat their heads against the floor or
the walls are already one year old, but after three years
wont stop. If the child continues to behave this way and
up to seven years, therefore, is already a manifestation of spoiledness and
capricious nature. You can only fight this

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Love your children. Communicate more with your little ones,
make secrets, become for your children not only parents, but also
friends. Be attentive to yourself and your kids!

The child beats his head on the floor:

How to be if the child, offended or protesting,
starts hitting himself on the head or trying to hit his head on
wall? How should parents behave in this situation? Aggression
is it or not?

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