WHO urged all countries not to be limited self-isolation of citizens

The head of WHO called on all countries to go beyond self-isolation of citizens

Head of the World Health Organization Tedros Gebreyesus at a briefing for reporters in Geneva stated that in itself self-isolation of citizens and restrictions on movement will not help permanently eliminate the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, such measures can gain time in the fight against spread of the disease however to save the lives of this not enough. “You created a window of opportunity. But the question is how you use it, “said the head of WHO.

According to him, there are six ways to achieve a breakthrough in fight the spread of the disease. First of all necessary improve the healthcare system and prepare a medical staff ready to work with sick people. It is also necessary to identify all infected and increase the number of tests for coronavirus.


Hebraeusus also announced the need to prepare additional hospitals for receiving patients, track all contacts of patients and transfer all forces precisely to the fight against coronavirus.

“These measures will not only help stop the spread of the virus, but also to prevent the resumption of the epidemic after removing all restrictions, “said the head of WHO.” If you reopen schools and enterprises, only to close them later, “- he said.

“Find, isolate, test, treat, track – that’s a way to avoid further restrictions, “said Gebreyesus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the world’s total coronavirus infected more than 460 thousand people. 20857 died 113.6 thousand recovered. Most dead in Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France.

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